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Wiki Hints
I've had a few people ask me of late how they can edit/update/delete characters from their wiki entries. It's not as difficult as it sounds, so I'll walk people through the steps, as it's probably easier for people to keep track of their own characters rather than expecting GMs to do it for them

1) Create login - nuff said there really! You'll need to log in each time you want to edit something. I think it goes without saying you should NOT be editing other people's entries or adding your own profiles to the wiki. Let the GMs handle that.

2) When you want to do an edit - it's as simple as clicking the edit button. Try not to mess around with the [[Category]] entries at the bottom as that is what allows you to see your wiki entries in the fist place. If you're in doubt, you can "view source" on another profile (do NOT edit it) and you can see how it works: For example if you're a orc warrior, you type [[Category:Character]] [Category:Orc]] [Category:Warrior]] and it will give the appropriate links down at the bottom. There are spaces between those category brackets, by the way. Just keep editing until it matches up.

3) Do yourself a favour and always always ALWAYS copy and paste your entire profile in a programme like notepad or something similar, then edit it there, THEN copy and paste back before you save. You may end up deleting your information by mistake and GMs can't retrieve old profiles for you.

4) Keep your edits sane. Most GMs don't check profiles again but that doesn't give you the right to suddenly make yourself the King of Lordaeron and award yourself the Uber Sword of Thwapply. Just because you roleplayed doesn't make it okay, and the Wiki is not written in stone.

5) Deleting a page isn't too difficult provided you delete all the links at the bottom which will link to the character creation page. Again, only do this for YOUR characters, and ONLY do this if you're certain you won't play them again. Again, it isn't cool to mess around with someone else's character sheets - and I'd also stress copying and pasting your character sheet somewhere and saving it just in case you change your mind.
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