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WoW crashing everytime I try to open it.
Hello. I've been having some trouble, as I've been trying to get onto the private server. Everytime I try to open up WoW.

Here are some of the parts from the pop-up I received.

"Failed to open required archive Data/wow-update-base-15211.MPQ with error : 5"

"Wow.mfil download error: Failed to parse patch data from server 'http://logon.conquestofthehorde.com'

I have changed the realmlist.wtf and got myself a server account. Can someone please help me out?
What is your realmlist currently set to?

Also, check if the .MPQ files are set to "read-only". If so, untick them.
It is currently the one for the private server.

set realmlist logon.conquestofthehorde.com
set patchlist logon.conquestofthehorde.com
set realmlistbn ""
set portal us
So I just unticked the MPQ files and it seemed to work, no errors so far. But the other problem I have to deal with is the game taking too long to load. Nothing comes up, but I see that it's running on my task manager. Any ideas?

Maybe Kret will have an idea on what's going on. Any screenshots of your wow folder/setup might be helpful so we can see if anything's in an odd spot.
Have you used this same computer for Cata previously? I had a lot of issues with my new Win8 computer and WoW until I reinstalled the drivers, moved the files to a non-system files space and such.
Did you download your Cata client from CotH's Download section or did you have this client previously? If you downloaded it from CotH, which download did you use?
I didn't have this client previously, as my other WoW is MoP.
I didn't download the client from the downloads section on this website either. I got the 4.3.4 Cata client.
Have you tried deleting the Cache and WTF folders?
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