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WotLK Alliance Estate [Alliance - Custom Patch]
Alliance Noble Estate

[Image: Estate1-1.png]

Hello hello!

So, to compliment the Blood Elven estate that was created I'm releasing my Alliance-oriented estate! This area is meant to be a representation of a large fortified noble similar in styling to that of Caer Darrow. This was made due to the relatively small locale of the actual manors furnished with the OOC portal. The manor is bare of any NPCs save a small detail of royal guardsmen assigned to the land, as well as a handler for horses. These NPCs will be covered below.

The manor is somewhat open to interpretation; you can state it's a family keep, or a newly refurbished abode. You can explain the decor as patriotism, or as nothing more than patriotic fluff to fool the visiting officials. A generic backstory for the area is that it is a remote Arathi estate which has been refurbished for nobility by the crown of Stormwind, who has employed some soldiers to the area to ensure the safety of those on the premises. Of course, as mentioned above you can change this as you need.

There are also planned extensions which have yet to be included (and will be added if demand and interest is great enough). Below I'll give a full detail of what I've added and what can be added:

Current Features:

-A small garden, both for the alchemists among you and the ordinary gardener.

-A residential castle, housing one main bedroom, an informal dining room, a study, a kitchen, and two bedrooms for your family.

-A guard house with a bell to ring in the new day (or signal intruders), complete with a bunkroom below.

-Four small servant's homes, including the top floor of the dining hall (inn), which can serve as a resting place for visiting dignitaries' assistants.

-A dining hall (inn) with a grand banquet table, including a basement and kitchen.

-A blacksmith and training yard.

-Three homes for your more esteemed colleagues (knights or visiting nobles, etc).

-A stable.

Possible Additions:

-Graveyard and chapel (completed, not added).

-Mausoleum (conjoined to graveyard).

-A mage's and warlock's tower; the mage tower added to the garden (gate is visible currently), and the warlock's tower added to the mausoleum.

The possible additions require custom objects to be made by Kretol, which is why I'm awaiting to see if they're worth including. If the area gets use, I'll add them!

Using the Area:

First off, some rules.
-As with all areas, first-come, first-serve.

-That being said, only nobles of Alliance races may inhabit the residential keep. If you wish to RP there otherwise, you may use the other areas with an unspecified noble, but actual noble houses take precedence to others. If you must use the area while other RP is going on, you may wish to work out a compromise (a la, one group using one part while the other is in another section).

-NPC rules: All visible NPCs are wards provided by Stormwind for the benefit of the nobility in good standing with them. Because of this they follow Stormwind's law -in general-.

To this effect, the NPC guards will not do dirty work for you. They will turn a blind eye to most wrongdoings (you can explain this as furnishing them with a pretty penny if need be), and only will truly react to outright murder on the premises. They will not use lethal force to remove an offending guest unless the guest chooses to battle it out-- however, be aware that the amount of guardsmen spawned -are- the only amount of Stormwind furnished guardsmen by default.

Guardsmen will again ignore or can be bribed to disregard Horde players, but may testify to their presence if the noble is ever brought before a court.

-You may have servants be NPC'd by your own emotes. However, I'd urge you not to do it in the capacity where you have a small army at your behest.

[To steal a bit from Reigen:]

Accessing the Area:

This area requires the custom patch for you to be able to visit it. To get to the location, find an OOC portal and click the 'RP Locations [PATCH NEEDED]' option then the 'RP Location Selector' option. This will take you to a platform floating about Tanaris. If you fall through the platform, this means either you do not have the patch, or you loaded in too quickly. If you can see the platform above you, find the OOC portal on the island and try again. Once on the platform, look for the area marked with a plain white flag, near that will be a portal (Stormwind portal in appearance) which serves as a teleporter to the area.

Coming next (once I'm back from break): Forsaken Manor.
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Awesome! A question!: Only Nobles can RP there?
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
Only Nobles can have control of the residential castle. Others can RP there, though it would be assumed there is some noble living on the premises which has allowed them entry for some reason or another.
I wandered around there for a little bit, and boy have you folks gotten good at this. I feel like I'd need to turn down my graphics settings a little to RP there for an extended amount of time, but it's real eye-candy.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
Forsaken manor huh? That's gonna be cool.

Any plans for a warrior or hunter lodge type thing? That would be awesome.
(12-21-2012, 02:48 PM)alpharius Wrote: Forsaken manor huh? That's gonna be cool.

Any plans for a warrior or hunter lodge type thing? That would be awesome.

I did have an -idea- concerning such a thing, but I've yet to check it out with others.
Rigley your awesome... make something Hordey though >.<
In darkness we are born, in shadows we are raised

(12-21-2012, 09:07 PM)Ormica Wrote: Rigley your awesome... make something Hordey though >.<

(12-21-2012, 12:04 PM)Rigley Wrote: Coming next (once I'm back from break): Forsaken Manor.

Ho ho ho.
[-] The following 2 users Like Rigley's post:
  • Loxmardin, Ormica
Sorry I'm trying to learn all that's happened been awhile sence I've even been on my own forum :P How about after the manor; Troll place xD Still awesome though
In darkness we are born, in shadows we are raised

Any noble house that plans to RP here; Send me a PM alright. I can bring my lass Scarlett till she's send to other places.

Place looks absolutely fantastic. <3 I want to like your post twice- No three times. *_*

Edit; Somebody set up a noble guild to RP actively here before I end up doing it. You got a week. :3 I can roll anything from a new noble to a lowly servant in case Scarlett gets busy.

Edit2: Had my first RP here. Was absolutely fantastic. ^.^

I'm totally gonna use this for a Flashback RP location.

Lordaeron's Silver Hand training grounds.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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