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WotLK The Temple of Kurettrath [Custom Patch]
“Farseer Drokul, High Anchorite Heran, my friends it is good to meet with you once more.”

The sun sat high in the sky, breaking in through the temple’s broad opening. A woman of tall stature though frail form walked her way into the structure with a hardwood cane keeping her upright. Two figures stand within the shadows, both of their heads tipping in respect as the uttered in unison.

“Greatmother Isana.”

The aged draenei centered herself before the small altar, tipping her head to both of the men beside before clearing her throat.

“I’m sure you both are aware by now why we’ve called this meeting... It’s not often that we face such a dilemma but it has come to us whether we like it or not. Shattrath, as you two remember, has become a host for refugees of all kinds from all wars. However this great city is not what it once was... Even it’s massive walls overflow with the poor and unfortunate of all backgrounds. So they have come to us.”

Before the woman could continue the robed anchorite interjected with a mild-mannered voice.

“We have a number of delegates sitting just within the temple gates. People from worlds beyond are arriving now and they are sick and tired of war just as the rest of us are.”

“However...” Began the Farseer with his gravel-like voice. Before continuing he made an idle swirl in the air with his hand. “These... these... Shattered sun, Mag’har, Dalaran, Alliance, Horde, all of them.. Do you two not remember the wars fought? The orcs and their demons have compromised us once before. I can not say for sure that they will not do so again. Plus I cannot trust these outlanders to keep their -war- out of our temple.”

“While it is true we can not trust every refugee, this place was crafted as a haven. It would put us to a shame and them through a hell to keep our door closed to these needing people.” Quiped the Greatmother as she idly shifted her weight.

“I’m not going to drag this out. Truth be told I believe we can overall benefit from the influx. It will give us more guardsmen, more business, and it will give them a home. I vote that we allow them to enter.”

“Brave words, Greatmother.” Commented the High Anchorite once more. “If you are so sure of these men and women that you will open our gates, then I have enough trust to follow you. I will cast my vote to open the city.”

Two sets of eyes now turned upon the Broken Farseer, awaiting his words.

“I believe you two know what I wish to say, but I find myself on the failing end. If anything I plead we restrict access to the full temple until we are sure that these... people can keep themselves peaceable.”

“A reasonable request.”

Isana tapped her staff against the stone floor as she stood in contemplative thought.

“Open the Commons Quarter and the Residential Quarter. This will allow access to all of the necessities and shops while still keeping what we keep dear closed. Is that a fair compromise Farseer?”

“Fair enough, I suppose.”

“Then let us bring in the delegates. We’re going to need to get much of this city in order. Hopefully the Shattered Sun from Shattrath will be able to provide some organization to all of this.”

[Image: ScreenShot2012-12-24at85601PM_zpseb30bb1d.png]

The Temple of Kurettrath

Set upon the shattered lands of Draenor, the Temple of Kurettrath manages to find peace upon a large section of land floating along Nagrand. Founded originally in pursuit of peace from the slaughter Kurettrath now has bore witness to darkness and tragedy. Both the Temple’s founder and it’s shamanistic leadership had been struck down in the war against the demons, but the founder’s mate, Isana, has lived on to take the honorable title of Greatmother. At her side are Farseer Drokul and High Anchorite Heran and together they are the trio that oversee the leadership of the Temple and it’s people.

The Temple has a diverse offering for those that pay visit. Among many other things the Temple can offer:

-A Temple proper where sermons of the Light can be viewed
-An open and interactive planetarium which holds records of vast knowledge
-A Trade District with various professions represented
-A Residential District
-Various meditation Grounds
-Both Large and Small buildings useable for housing and business.



The Temple itself is open to outsiders of any race or faction, making it a home for many refugees. Thusly this zone will be available to both factions of players. However it is to be kept in mind that factional strife is very much unwelcome in the temple and can lead to banishment.

Claiming buildings

As with everything we ask you use courtesy in regards to ‘claiming’ a building or a house as yours if someone is using it ahead of you. There have been a great deal of houses added, so if one you like is taken there’s most likely an open one nearby.

Almost There

This is a custom patch area, this means that you will need to download the patch in order to access this area from the Custom RP Location Selector. Once there look for the fountain with the little draenei girl next to it. Pretty hard to miss.
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  • Geoni, c0rzilla, flammos200, ImagenAshyun, Rini, CappnRob, Stealthscout, Bingles, Spiralin
This is definitely my favorite RP location so far. Ever.

Great work, guys. /hug
See when you guys make it open to everyone I'll never get around to rolling a Draenei.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
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After last night's restart the Temple's portal should now be working for both factions. Enjoy you lot.
I protest your use of long names that I'll never remember how to spell.

Otherwise, just accept your fate of being called 'That space city' forever. Looks cool though, EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN'T LIKE MY BRIDGE.

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