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Wrong place at the wrong time
"I was...dead...I...My...my life was -taken from me-...I was...-murdered-...I was KILLED! By all accounts, I should not be here, but...but I am! This is...this is almost too much...

...would I do it again, though? Give my life to protect someone I love, knowing I may very well never see the light of day again? You bet. I was killed for what I am, but I died for a noble cause, and one I still stand by."


Resurrectee; Kepora (now Kepora Frazzletail after discussing it with a few people last night)
Resurrector: Ishani, Kapre

Temporary Drawbacks; Physically weak, occassional pain (both of which Kalisha is aiding in treatment for), bursts of sever coughing as his lungs are ridding him of the dried-up seawater, fairly bad depression.

Permanent Drawbacks;
Rather heavy scarring, hoarseness, slight wheezing/trouble breathing which sometimes come as asthma-like symptoms, trouble swallowing, increased distrust of humans, lingering depression.
A resurrection post needs to be of a bit more substance; namely it should include how the character was resurrected, and by whom (Not just in terms of the two fields, but at least some of that should be reflected in the post itself.

I would suggest to check a few of the other resurrection posts if you require inspiration or the like!

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