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Xinda Anderson (Knight Captian)

'''Player:''' Kage

'''Character Full Name:''' Xinda Anderson

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Xinda

'''Nickname(s):''' The Unforgiving, The Cruel, Drill Sargent

'''Association(s):''' Stormwind, Stormwind Army, The Alliance, Stormwind's Royal Hussars

'''Race:''' [[Human]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior|Knight Captian]]

'''Age:''' 45

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Blackish Silver

'''Eyes:''' Blue

'''Scale:''' 1.1


Xinda is a strong, broad shouldered woman. She stands taller then the average male. Her face is worn with creases from her years as a soldier, and her hair can visibly be seen going white. But despite her age she can still knock the recruits flat on their butts when prompted to. She wears full plate, covering all but her head. She likes people to see her face. Whether friend or foe. She carries a variety of weapons, from a dirk to a long sword, and a shield to a lance. All weapons of knight. She also carries with her a heavy crossbow for the stubborn or airborne enemies.


Xinda is a hardy woman built to train and discipline other soldiers. She is not shy about publicly humiliation, bashing, or insulting another soldier her rank or lower during training. Outside of training she is calm and collected, talking to everyone with the same respect she would talk to the king with if she ever got the chance. Off duty she keeps to herself, traveling the gardens of Stormwind or reading a book. It is rare to anger her.

Due to how she was captured and imprisoned by the orc she hates them. She wants to slaughter all of them. But deeper down she fears them. Orcs terrify her. And due to this fear she hates. She kills. She will never feel safe until all the orcs are gone or dead.

'''Alignment:''' Good.


Xinda was born neither into a poor family or a rich family. She was born in a commoners family, bakers. She lived in Stormwind for her early years and was one of three children, and the middle of them all. Once she was able to walk and talk, she was put to work, helping to mix and shape the loaves of bread they made each and every day. Due to this she learned the value of hard work and labor intensive work. The life of a baker was not an easy one. A lot of heavy lifting and constant movement was a necessity.

But it was in her teens that she was sent from Stormwind to live in Lordaeron with her aunt. Months later, she learned that Stormwind had been attacked by orcs and taken, and her parents were killed. Xinda forced her aunt to allow her to join the military at that point, hate in her heart. During her training she learned much and her determination helped her survive boot camp. By the time the orcs attacked, she still wasn't ready for war. It was here she learned that her determination meant nothing against a raging orc, that all she had learned meant little if she couldn't keep her center. And at first she lost it. A new soldier who had never seen an orc, she lost her senses and almost ran. But another soldier kept her in the fight.

The boy was strong. He was only a couple of years older then her and could fight like a true champion. He felled orc after orc with her close behind, finishing off those still alive and keeping his back clear of an attack. But the boy was rash, arrogant. His life ended when an orcish axe slammed into his skull. She watched helplessly as the boy who calmed her died instantly. And then she snapped into a rage. The orc was unlucky to have buried his axe so deep and was unable to get it free when she got to him. She cleaved his arms clean off, followed by his head. All around her the orcs started to pull back. The day was won.

She remained in Lordaeron after this for many months, living almost exclusively in the library. She studied arms and armaments, along with what ever could be found on the orcs. Once she felt ready, she returned to active duty, and went back to war. Her studying paid off and she became quite a good fighter on the fields of war, holding her own. She was promoted near the end of the war. She was put in command of a small group of soldiers, only three. At first the three did not trust her. All were men and they all had the idea of woman not being able to command. She proved them wrong.

By the end of the war she had gained complete trust from her men. She followed any order she got to the letter and her men would do the same. But it didn't mean she didn't fail. Her and her platoon were captured by the orcs. They were put in cells and brutally interrogated. Several of the men were killed and torn apart before the rest of them. But even when the orcs did the unthinkable to the remaining she held strong. The orcs got nothing from her, and in turn they got nothing from her remaining soldiers.

But no matter how stubborn you are, there is either a time where you break or you are killed. The orcs were at the point of killing. They tied her to the ground inside of a pen, intending to let loose their wolves to devour her to make the remaining soldiers talk. But the wolves never came. Soldiers poured in, killing her captors and freeing her and her men. It wasn't long until many of the soldiers knew what the group had been through and how long they kept their silence. Xinda was given the choice to leave the military with honors, able to go and live peacefully away where ever she chose, but she chose to stay. She wanted nothing more then to kill the orcs.

Due to this she was promoted once more to a Knight and placed in charge of a boot camp outside of Stormwind. There she trained the new soldiers with a heart of ice, ruthlessly punishing them and forming them into the weapons the Stormwind army needed. At first she hated the idea. She hated being kept from the battle, unable to kill those she truly wanted to exterminate. But over time she grew complacent with her new roll. She saw that she could affect the new troops in a way that would allow her to kill all the orcs she ever could have wanted by making these men and women into the weapons needed.

She held this position for many years, even during the third war. She fought in the war against the demons and their undead. She lead another group of soldiers and this time, she and her men were never caught. After all, being caught meant death and rebirth. No matter how much she had hated the orcs, she hated the undead far more. So much more she was able to even put aside her hatred of the orcs to fight with them against the demons.

She fought on the front lines during the battle of Hyjal, leading her platoon against felhounds and abominations. Working together with her men she was able to hold the line with the many other platoons and squads for some time, but it wasn't meant to last. Her and her men were forced to retreat when the demons came in full force.

But even when retreating the demons chased after them. The main forces of the demons pushed upwards to the world tree, but her platoon was chased and hunted by a Doomguard. Her men were weakened from the fighting from before and fighting the demon head on would cost too many lives. So she devised a trap for the demon with her men's help. They successfully trapped the demon long enough for the soldiers to deliver a killing blow and retreat, regrouping with the main forces.

She was promoted to a Knight Captain at that time for not only keeping her men under wraps during the initial fighting, but bringing them back in one piece and killing a Doomguard without seriously threatening the lives of her soldiers. The demon lord Archimonde was killed and the war was over. And soon after so was the peace with the orcs. But she had left to return home to Stormwind after the death of Archimonde and returned to the boot camps. She was placed in charge of three, overseeing them all and occasionally training the soldiers in them herself.

During her off time as a trainer she devoted her skills to horseback combat. A horse was her only friend. She never had any others, nor ever married. Without her horse, her life would have been lonely.

It wasn't until recently that she changed her course of work. She was approached by Kristoff Aeglimar about the Royal Hussars. He needed a cavalry officer. She had spent decades as a drill instructor, but decided it was time for a change. She joined the man and it wasn't long until she became his right hand woman, training new recruits and keeping the older members in line. She assisted with all of the operations they had, from dealing with the kobolds and gnalls to assisting with the Defias threat in Westfall. Now she continues with her assistance of the Hussars, enjoying this new turn in her life.

==Skills and Abilities==

Mounted Combat: Xinda fights from horseback, using each of her weapons from her steed. From charging with a lance to swiping at the foes below her with her sword she has trained hard and long to do it all effectively.

Knight Captian: She holds the rank of Knight Captian

Bump. (Just in case!)

You want a | instead of a /

Quote:She stands almost as tall as the average male.

At 1.1, she would be taller than the average male.

Quote:But it was around her preteens that she was sent from Stormwind to live in Lordaeron with her aunt.
I assume preteens to be around 12 or so, but she would have been 15 when the orcs sacked Stormwind. She is no preteen. To make it easier to understand.

First War: 30 years ago (Xinda was 15)
Second War: 24 years ago (Xinda was 21)
Third War: 10 years ago (Xinda was 35)
Vanilla: 5 years ago (Xinda was 40)

This also means she would have been old enough to join the army before the Second War.

Quote:before pushing the orcs back through the portal.

You can remove this. Can just say she was promoted before the end, and by the end she gain the trust of her men.

Quote:ll were men and they all had the idea of woman not being able commanders.

Not being able to command, you mean? Also in that same paragraph, you had study in the library and then return to war. I'm wondering how long she was studying, because the Second War only lasted one year, according to Blizzard.

Quote:She did not participate in many of the fights but instead went about training the soldiers and making them battle ready to fight the undead.

What battles? Did Stormwind send her to Kalimdor to assist with Jaina's mission?
Edited. And did -not- participate. (Unless that's what you meant. If so I'm lost to your meaning for that last part.
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And noticed a bit of a hiccup in the class! Change to Knight Captain!
Quote: Due to this she was promoted once more to a Major and placed in charge of a boot camp outside of Stormwind

Still list as Major here.

My issue with the profile is with how vague the promotions are and the little reason behind them. Anyone can fight good on the battlefield and anyone can earn the trust of their men. To me, there really should be something more that causes a promotion. Was her dedication unresolved? Did she get captured and hold strong to prove her loyalty? What about her actions made her so trustworthy?

There's also the issue of her age. She would have been 21 at the start of the second war, and 22-23 when it was over. That's an extremely young age to be a Knight-Captain compared to those she might have served with. Why would they put someone who was just wet behind in an officer position?
Er. Lemmi think on that. I'll update it at some point.

Ehhehe. Updated again!
And bumping!
Another day has gone by. Bumping cause I don't want it to be forgotten!
Bumping again!
Please don't bump it every single day. We'll get to it.
I've just got a friend who's waiting for the profile is all. He poked me about it today so I figured I'd give it a bump.

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