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Your minion names?
Sadly all my minions have demon-esque names (Imp named Bandal, etc.). They're not too exciting.
So far, I just have one.

Imp - Alex

Edit - O.O, I apologize, I disregarded the rules of conduct. It will not happen again.
Joo buil' fiyah fo' man, 'e be warm fo' a bit. Joo be settin' man on fiyah, 'e be warm fo' da rest o' his life.
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I am Shaman.

Proud operator of Sil'gin Murktusk, Troll that always goes where he shouldn't!
Ya know, Qaza has said it before. We'd like to think you guys have a -bit- of taste when posting stuff on the forums. C'mon now.
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△Move along.△



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