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Yunlek [Troll][Priest]
Player: Valandil

Character Full Name: Yunlek

Character In-Game Name: Yunlek

Nickname(s): Yun

Association(s): Darkspear Tribe

Race: Jungle Troll

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities:
Alchemy & Potions - Mixing and messing with various potions of sorts. Yunlek has had much time to devote to her duty as well as to learn this skill. Herbalism ties into this with the ability to enhance and add additional effects into potions through additional salves.

Age: 38

Sex: Female

Hair: A darkening blue, usually tied into some sort of braid or topknot.

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 225lbs.

Height: 7'0"

Usual Garments/Armor: Yunlek can usually be seen wearing some sort of ritualistic garb, pledged to her Loa with various markings and trollish sigils marking it, ranging from black colors orange hues and blue highlights which are similar to her hair and eye color. A small bag of various herbs and such can be seen grasped in one of her hands or tied to a small belt on her robe.

Personality: Through worship, Yunlek can be seen as quite devoted to her loa of choice. Yet, in normal speaking. She can seem a bit cold and dark, from the directness of her inherent ability to Bwomsamdi's shadow. Yet still, she still shows wisdom in her words, preferring to be more reclusive on what she chooses to reveal. She prefers to speak in tongues.

Born in the Darkspear Islands to two of the Darkspear tribe, Yunlek led a very simple early childhood. She grew up in the standard traditions of her society, in which her father had a few wives rather than just one. Being in the care of more than a single figure made it quite a difficult task to get into anything too deep or dark. Yet, she still idolized the witch doctors and priests in the society. A burning curiosity and a fascination with the various Loa.

After the few early years of her life, she would be finally able to begin her utter devotion to the Loa by becoming a priest. It came with much hesitation and doubt though, as women were seen as more of objects and trophies than a capable force. Still, with threats of the naga looming daily, her determination would pay off when she was finally accepted, albeit as a lesser to the other priests. Young Yunlek felt a greater calling towards one Loa in particular. The lesser worshiped Bwomsamdi. This would grow more evident as the Kul Tiras navy began to lay siege upon her home island. A lot of her friends and brethren didn't exactly survive the first few assaults, and it left a sour taste. It strengthened her bond to worshiping the Loa of Death, manifesting her power into shadow magic and foul rituals to continue her devotion, yet in somewhat secrecy, for the ships of Thrall came along to rescue the Darkspear trolls and lead them to Kalimdor.

Yet... life wasn't what Yunlek had expected. She and the other females in her tribe recieved many equal rights and such, but the Echo Isles were not a home for her. Loathing that she was not able to live for her homeland was sunken. Her rituals would continue, appeasing to the Loa so that her strength in shadow would grow more prominent, being able to use the various abilities and mind-boggling spells of that school of magic. Her prayers were always focused on the somewhat forgotten Bwomsamdi, for loss in her life was prominent, and made her darker and more brooding. She spent her days through the next few years scavenging and gathering her own herbs to assist in her rituals. Yunlek didn't enjoy the company of others, simply from her own misguided thoughts and jealousy. She wanted to show that Bwomsamdi was truly who the drums rang for, yet her voice was unheard. She had effectively made herself into a hermit, living on the coast of Durotar.
Characters: To be added.
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  • Torches
Short'n sweet. Just as it should be.

But. "rather than what would normally could be heard." is grammatically incorrect. Read through the text a couple more times with an eye for mistakes. Content-wise, it's nice'n good, but you might want to explain just why she'd be allowed to become a Priestess of the Loa in the first place, since women were more or less in disfavor in Troll society before Thrall became the Great Equalizer.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Most of this was written at 3am, haha. I fixed up the errors and lore mistakes, first time writing out a troll. Found the history to be quite short, so the idea was to make a nice, short application that could be seen as a way to play a character broadly and develop it more. :) Thanks! Any other mistakes?
Characters: To be added.

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