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Zarenzell`s Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player.:
Um im kind of casual about my RP but sometimes I can get serious but I like relaxed RP not all tense and too serious. I also joke around quite a bit to lighten the mood and I like to keep things fun and stuff.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?
English, I do beleive thats all.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
Well...About six years ago my dad started playing and then my mother did then I got into it so ive been playing retail for about five-six years now and I got into private RP servers about a year and a half ago, its like a drug to me lol.

What made you seek our server over others? (or How did you find us?):
Well I had played on Celestial then it whent down and I started playing on RelquimWoW and then via Technical Difficulties I cannot play there. So I had heared about your server before and decided to check it out.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I like some good old Tavern RP like running a tavern and such. Also I had a dwarf once that was a master gunsmith and I really enjoyed that aswell. But I also like some Action/Adventure RP sometimes.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Orcish Blademaster-Because they are the best with there blade and most entune to there surroundings and spend there whole life living and dyeing by the blade.
Dwarven Gunsmith-They are the best in the world and strive so hard to make the best guns and inovations to them as possible.
Undead Warlock-Who dosen't like a little cahos in life? I like to have one caractor who is slightly crazy and compleately evil, because lets face it the world needs villans.

What are your expectations of this server?:
That I can come in and kind of hang out and RP and make some good freinds and people that I like to hang out with.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Maturity- I am tired of imature little kids being the love child of dragons that appear as bloodelves and people dressing down there charactor naked and dancing on tables for money...I would like some Mature RP that dose not involve things like this.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
It was night and all was still around the din of the campfire as Gloreme sat and worked on a new rifle for a costumer erlyer that day. As he hummed a tune from his wardays he drank some of the finest ale from Ironforge. He looked over at he ram Baleime then across the snowy medow nearby in the mountains of Dun Morogh. He looked up into the night sky as he had done when he was in Northrend only a coupple months before. As he looked back down he continued to fix the lever and percussion cap peice on the rifle with care and great craftsmenship.

From the tree's a shadowy figure approched trudging throught the snow with its beard hanging from its hood it was clear that he was a dwarf. Gloreme looked up and over at the sound of crunching snow and said, "Oie! Who go's thar?". The figure's head looked up and said back, "Eh? Oh Gloreme is tha' you?". Gloreme looked back an eyebrow pearched high apon his face as he looked at the figure's beard and then realized who it was. "Oh it's you ol' pal. Come on over Barrum I got some ale far' ya."

Darrum the dwarf clad in some plate armor and a dwarven axe on his back and a palladin's book of spell's chained to his silver armor hung from his side as he abliged Gloreme and took a seat next to him. Gloreme looked at him as he stood resting the rifle on the log they sat on and whent to the small cart he had for his goods that his ram towed and grabed a tankard and poured some ale into it. He returned to Darrum with the mug and handed it to him sitting back down repairing the rife once more. Darrum took the tankard and began to drink and a little bit of the ale dripped down his braided black beard. Gloreme stoped for a moment looking puzzled and stroked his long brown beard then returned a moment later to repairing it after grabing a tool from one of his many jacket pockets.

As Gloreme repaired the rifle with Darrum next to him they began to chat for an hour or so. After Gloreme had finished the rifle Darrum thanked Gloreme for his hospitality and moved on through the snow on his way to Ironforge to see more Palladins from his order there. Gloreme began to pack up his camp for his journey the next day and got out a comfortable bear fur bedroll and layed it out next to the fire. He crawled in and fell asleep next to the fire looking at the the star's like he had when he was a young lad.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Nope none at all.
E .· ` ' / ·. F
My war bear runs on gnomes its a green fuel........whats yours run on?
Life should hurt when stupidity eminates from you...

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