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Zujiya [Troll Druid]
Character Full Name: Zujiya

Character In-Game Name: Zujiya


Association(s): Nature, Trolls, Darkspear.

Race: Troll

Class: Druid

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: High tail

Eyes: Sunset Orange

Scale/Height: 1.1


Zujiya is a tall and feminine figure with hints of strength, making her quite the imposing individual. Despite her imposing stature she always has a aura of calm and peace surrounding her. This reflects in her ever gentle facial expression that she wears as a mask to hide her true motivations. Being quite the prowling warrior she is now as a Druid.

Her regular apparel consists of tribal clothing commonly worn by Trolls.

The armour she wears when going into battle is more consistent of the traditional armours owned by the Trolls. Sturdy Raptor hides with thick layers of Kodo hides to mark her prowess in combat. Her shoulders are adorned with the ancestral battle masks of his mother and father.


Zujiya is best to be described as a gentle volcano, keeping a peace of mind and calm behavior until it is ready to erupt. Often assessing any situation calmly before deciding what to do. If she cant find anything useful to do in it, she quietly goes back in minding her own business.

Since she understood the deeper will of the Loa's she reveres that guide the Trolls alongside her deeper understanding arts of Druidism she accepts most members of the Alliance and Horde with open arms and only attacks when attacked.

She is curious by nature and always shows interest in things she doesn't understand and is always content if she knows how things work half-way. Using some of her own knowledge to fill the missing gaps.


Was born on the ancestral grounds of where her ancestors were born before her, somewhere in a village owned by the Darkspear tribe. During her birth, the local high witch doctor received a sign from the Loa that her parents should help her train to become a witch doctor. When she was old enough her life would consist of training to understand rituals and become a witch doctor by her parents. Unknown to her parents, they taught her the basics of low druidism and quickly recognized the potential their daughter had. At the age of thirteen she performed his first ritual to cure a warrior of a venomous snake bite. Her parents helped her of course and she succeeded in her first attempt at performing a ritual.

Five years later her training was completed and her duties as a witch doctor became part of her daily routine, giving counsel to those who came to seek her wisdom or perform rituals to those who required them. Her skill as a witch doctor earned her a hut within the village and she lived in peace for a while. But then suddenly, the Murlocs grew restless and started to perform numerous raids on the village she lived in. Using the druidic hexes and curses she knew she helped in reinforcing the towns defenses by letting thorny brambles wrap around the stakes before the dirt wall they erected.

This helped them live in relative peace for a while but then the Kul'Tirian assault began and when all was thought to be lost. The Orcs arrived and helped the Darkspear Trolls drive away the invaders. Zujiya wanted to help the Orcs with her knowledge she had gained so far and set out to the city of Ogrimmar once it was founded.

There, many years later after the events of Outland and Northrend. Her abilities were discovered by a Tauren druidess, she was curious in her rituals and she showed them eagerly. Hoping to impress this proud and gentle creature. In the end it worked and to keep Zujiya have her faith in the Loa, she guided her down further to the path of Druidism without stripping her of all the rituals she kept making around some of the new abilities she gained. A year or so later, the druidess found that Zujiya was ready to shapeshift.

Once the druidess taught her the basics of shapeshifting and she worked tirelessly to improve on these new found abilities. With her attunement to druidism growing, the easier she learned new abilities from the druidess. The druidess taught the last she knew before she let Zujiya go find her place in the world while allowing her to keep in touch with the Cenarion Circle to guide her down a safe path.

When the Shattering happened, Zujiya heard about the troubles the lands of Azeroth were facing. Deciding it was time to act, she began traveling to help wherever she could.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
Good, solid profile. However, we have a ruling against child prodigies, and, while Zujiya isn't exactly that, we'd rather not have a 14 year old be in an advisory position to the Darkspear Tribe. Could you edit that bit out, or switch it up to later years? Also, no-one predicted the Cataclysm (or the Spanish Inquisition); what you have is fine, but I'm just clarifying that Zujiya can't have known about Deathwing. Cheers!
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Okay, changed Zhaei.

She now got to it at the age of eighteen and I edited the last bit too.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
There was a small typo in the other section, I updated that too.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...

Right, so, Trolls are rather notorious for their sexism, in pre-Horde times. It's unlikely a female would be allowed into a position of power, or even taught the basics of becoming a Zufli, without some sorta' reason...

Maybe the local Witch Doctor saw what he believed to be a sign from the Loa to train her? Y'know, that sorta' thing.

Now, this all changes when Thrall comes over and enforces equality, but it's a pretty big part of tribal culture pre-Third War.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Thanks for the idea pitch Flammos, I implemented it in the first paragraph.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
You say "She regular apparel" where it should be "Her regular apparel" in her appearance section. I'm also concerned about the fact she has notable fat on her body, as well as tattoos. For the first point, it's said that trolls have almost no fat on their bodies as a rule - if you have something to refute that, please do. The second, trolls have fur; you can't tattoo fur. Sorry!

Finally, after seeing this character in RP I've noticed you play her as being able to confer with the Loa. Though it's not really possible for anyone to actively talk to the Loa, druids have no active connection with them just as warriors don't. The active connection is reserved for priests, shadow hunters, and some shaman variants. Again, please refute this if you have some canon lore to say otherwise!
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Okay Zhaei, I'll quit on it then.
Also dropped the mention of body fat and fixed the typo.
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
[Image: anim_500.gif]

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