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a problem with my .wtf connecting
Ok, first forgive me if I am not the best with explaining this stuff but I went into the wiki for CoTH and did the step by step changing up the .WTF file in the command area of C:programfiles/worldofwarcraft folder I downloaded the .wtf file and even checked it to make sure it had the following in there.
set realmlist coth.game-host.org
set patchlist coth.game-host.org
and my first question is in the folder wtf do I have to change that as well? (doesn't say in the wiki)

but moving on I made my account for the game in here as it said I went in and started up the game and all it did was state I couldn't connect to world of warcraft severs with this error via pic down blow.

[Image: error1.jpg]

EDIT: I may have found the problem going to update to server patch version: 2.4.3 and I hope that fixes the error.
Yes, having the correct game version will help! I see you have 2.4.2, so after patching it should work.
Don't forget to recheck your realmlist.wtf file after the patch, as patching will reset it back to normal.
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im kinda having the same problem.
but mine says disconecting to the server.
like it is accepting the .wtf file.
but it wont say welcome to conquest of the horde or anything like that
On it sir, thank you very much and hope to see you ingame some time in the future!
I did the same thing... took me 2 days to figure out I was on an update that was... well.. out of date with the server's version.

Nothing big, just get the update patch file, update, and whammy you're in and flailing about with all of us.
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Problem fixed I'm now live and see you all on horde side! :mrgreen:

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