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lol owned
So. My sister apparently got into a fight. Twice. First time, was at this party. This chick was drunk and jumped her. My sis pwned. She's the one in the camo. They were going to let them fight. Until, that is, my sister started choking her =|


Apparently, the girl ran around saying she lost because she was drunk. Then, at school, she jumped her again. Apparently, she got owned again. The video isn't too great, but it's rather hilarious to see my sis dragging the girl across the floor by her head, then kicking her in the face >_>;


Funny part is, the girl's dad is a police officer, whom came and knocked on my mom's door to file a complaint. Mom apparently told him that "If your daughter starts anything again, I'm more than happily going to tell mine to kick her ass. Again."

I rofl'd when I heard.
Y'all are such rednecks lol
If I ever have a secret service, your sister is gonna be on it
That's pretty funny.
I laughed my ass off. Someone got owned =(

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