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Gaining a Prestige: Feedback.
Oh i agree everyone should be -allowed-, it just shouldnt be easy, to discourage people who just want on for the spur of the moment, and lose interest soon after
It's a good idea, but anything that requires getting online within select windows of time, is going to be incredibly hit and miss. An option to opt out of that part and simply write a story, like others said, would be useful.
Well, Kimee right now is the only active Necromancer around, which surely there'll be more out there, just look at the Catacombs.

I think there should be different tiers of prestige, top ones like Demon Hunter would be tier 3, while a Crusader would be tier 1.

Tier 1 being the 'easiest' to gain, and 3 being the hardest.

By saying easiest, I don't mean easy. It'll still be hard. Food for thought.
Well, I think that it boils down to why people want prestige titles for their characters. In my eyes, they're not for being special or unique; they're fodder for roleplay and character development. Once selecting a prestige, you have a fairly linear path to follow that provides direction in how your character can grow.

I know that not everyone will see things the way that I do, but I feel that if people are approaching any aspect of roleplay with the idea of somehow being a special snowflake they're going to be invariably disappointed.
Does anyone remember that there was another way to get prestige without the posts even through the original system? It's what I used for Saanto...

The original news post that Prestige classes were available said you could also JUST do in-game training with another character if they had the same prestige class already. Since there was another Archmage on the server at the time, Saanto just trained with him in-game. Normal RP. No posts or anything. It helped that this other Archmage was a GM, so the process could still be "regulated" somewhat. Still, that -was- an option in the old system that I think most people didn't know about.

And I have to agree with Piroska. Prestiges shouldn't be for giving yourself a sense of being unique and special, or for getting any kind of perceived entitlement. It's all about creating more roleplay and character development. That's the reason why, in the original system at least, you couldn't make a character with the intention of making him or her prestige. It had to be something you did to change an existing character. Preferably one that had been around for a while already.
For Prestige such as Savagekin, would a trainer be required? RPing that in the game would be difficult and most would rather write a story about becoming feral than go through trying to be on at certain times to RP it.
I think we should have a cap on the number of characters with a particular Prestige class in proportion to the population of the Server. Say, there can't be more than 8 Demon Hunters for 100 characters or something similar.
I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.
Bertrand Russell
Shane Wrote:I think we should have a cap on the number of characters with a particular Prestige class in proportion to the population of the Server. Say, there can't be more than 8 Demon Hunters for 100 characters or something similar.
I feel that this is a unrealistic, unreasonable, and unfair restriction. As I stated before, prestige titles should not be treated as a way to make characters unique, different, or somehow special. They should (hopefully!) be used as a way to develop a character and as a catalyst for growth.

Placing this sort of restriction on specific prestige titles does a couple of things:
  1. It further twists the idea of prestige titles; and
  2. It becomes inaccessible to players who either join late or decide to apply for a prestige title late.

That said, the system that we are utilizing does place restrictions on how easily different types of prestige titles are acquired. While this does have the side effect of limiting the number of people who will apply and successfully complete the training, the intended goal is to ensure that the appropriate effort is taken to undergo and complete training, as well as ensure that the people going for these specific titles can properly play the class.

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