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The Real Plotting Page
58 :: Trade Coalition/Horde :: Professional Thief

Character Background
  • Born and raised in the streets of Bilgewater Port in Kezan to a corporate wage slave father and a street-smart mother.
  • Got mixed up in with the bad kind of people and eventually ended up being a for-hire thief and spy for the different Bilgewater bosses and employees.
  • Eventually caught by Bilgewater Overseers, he was saved from death by a Steamwheedle friend who eventually put his talents to use. He participated in the Second War for the Steamwheedles and the Horde.
  • After the war, he returned to Kezan and enjoyed a better reputation and his own crew, doing heists, robberies and corporate espionage for big names.
Raw Material
  • Corporate Nuisance - Many would want to see this goblin dead, but his uses and talents have often outweighed his death.
  • Jack of Diamonds - Riggs has always enjoyed a good gamble, even to the point of having the dice decide what to do with his day.
  • Old Man - Riggs is quite unabashed and prone to side-comments or complaining; one of the perks of living long compared to other goblins in his line of work.
  • Horde Friend - His history with the Horde during the Second War and during the Cataclysm have garnered him several friends within the Horde. Perhaps when he gets tired of the Trade Coalition's games, he would settle down and live a life out in true service to the Horde...or not.
Plot Ideas
  • Murder Spree? - There have been a couple of sensationalized and hired deaths that have been springing up across Azeroth. A game is being played across the shady underground and lives are at stake. Is he somehow involved?
Existing Relationships
  • Skoll - Skoll is an old unaffiliated goblin businessman who is looking to expand his own empire. He is a good friend of Riggs
  • Hekley - Hekley is a Steamwheedle Boss in charge of the Thunderdome Arena of Gadgetzan. He and Riggs have a good business venture going on.
Current Plots
  • Thunderdome - Riggs has recently been seen squandering his winter savings down in Gadgetzan, watching and helping out with the pit fights under Steamwheedle Boss Hekley.
  • High Seas - Riggs is looking to expand his ventures towards the great sea, and bootlegging and pirating is quite in-season.
[Image: 2r3hym9.png]
Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular
30 :: Forsaken :: Bard

Character Background
  • Born in Silverpine and given the name Gregory Marshall, son of a wealthy merchant.
  • Sick throughout most of his life, he was confined to his room. Eventually met a bard and decided to let his imagination run wild as he wrote stories about what -could- exist outside, with a character named Garridan Devine, based on the bard he met.
  • When he was 20, he was well enough to start traveling. Died two weeks later and forced to join the Scourge.
  • He suffered from amnesia once he was freed and acted as a courier for a few years, eventually finding an old manor and a book titled 'Garridan Devine'. With no identity of his own, he decided to become this bard.
Raw Material
  • My book! - He carries the 'Garridan Devine' book around, claiming it's his journal.
  • What character are you? - He categorizes everyone as either a main character, side character, or background character.
  • What was I... never mind. - Garridan is starting to lose his memories again.
  • They aren't gone. - Garridan's two favorite main characters, Kagrune Shatterfist and Jared Richter, have gone missing. They'll return one day. Right?
Plot Ideas
  • Who am I? - Garridan Devine knows that he isn't actually Garridan Devine, but considers it pointless to try and find his past when he remembers nothing.
  • Main character. - Maybe you might be worthy of story. Don't mind the dead guy, he's following you for story research.
  • Dreadmarch. - Garridan Devine is ready to follow the Black Harvest/Dreadmarch whenever he is needed, and so long as Sir Jared might be there.
Existing Relationships
  • Kagrune Shatterfist - One of Garridan's first main characters once he was finished 'training' for his role as a bard. Shame about his disappearance.
  • Jared Richter - At first just a man deemed a side character, his campaign in the Silverpine region convinced Garridan that Jared was a main character, and possibly a hero that the new Forsaken culture needed.
  • Maeia di Silvio - Possibly one of the few that tolerates the bard as he does bard things.
Current Plots
  • Currently none, as Garridan has not been touched since the move to Cata.
60 :: Lordaeron/Forsaken/Forgotten Shadow :: Priestess

Character Background
Profile! (Needs Updating!)
  • Born several decades before the Age of Chaos to a family of lower-class fishermen in Lordaeron City. As a teenager she aspired for an education by working in the Church of Holy Light.
  • While working for a local chapel, she became friends with the Tirasian immigrant Atilio di Silvio. After a few years, the two were married and had a single son.
  • Atilio perished in the Draenor invasion that followed the Second War. Widowed, Maeia raised her son alone until adulthood. Unfortunately, she perished when Arthas unleashed the Scourge on the city.
  • Assisted in the retaking of Lordaeron from the dreadlords as a savage ghoul, but after the fury wore off she fell into a malaise for the next decade. Only recently has she come out of it under the spiritual teachings of the Shadow.

Raw Material
  • Undeath is Merely a Condition - Despite being undead, Maeia obsesses over trying to live as normally as she can, and adamantly opposes opinions to the contrary.
  • Not a Monster - In relation to the above, Maeia sees herself as any other person in the world and not a monster or aberration. In spite of that, dark impulses still creep in the back of her mind.
  • Shadow Mother - Maeia holds a significant amount of compassion for the weaker members of Forsaken society, particularly those succumbing to mindrot. She wishes to help them find their own strength in Shadow.
  • Old Maid - Maeia's an old woman of a Lordaeron long past. She holds tightly to her traditions, culture, and biases because of this and can be quite hard-headed.

Plot Ideas
  • Monster After All - Despite all Maeia's efforts, she's still a cursed and monstrous ghoul at her core. Will she hold strong or eventually snap?
  • Filthy Greenskins - Maeia -really- dislikes orcs, trolls, and goblins, so feel encouraged to harass her with your own.
  • Embrace the Shadow - Have an undead character at a loss in this world, or a shadow user in need of companions? Maeia invites you to her family...
  • The Matter of Lordaeron - Maeia supports the forsaken nation, but does not like the war being waged over it, nor does she support the plague. Progressive pacifist, or wishy-washy traitor?

Existing Relationships
  • Jared Richter - The former executor of the Black Harvest and an idol of Maeia's. He helped her become strong, reunited her with her son, and was as righteous a hero Lordaeron could have.
  • Malachai - The former right hand of the Harvest, Malachai is a respected knight in Maeia's eyes but they hold a very tense relationship.
  • Garridan Devine - A wandering bard and storyteller, as well as one of Maeia's closest friends.
  • Lector Atius Nicholas Mardonius - One of Maeia's mentors in the Shadow and another good friend of hers from the Harvest.
  • Bastius - An ex-Auchenai necromancer who has become a cryptic prophet for the Shadow. Another of Maeia's mentors and claims to know the cure for mindrot.
  • Arnaldo "Gallows" - A depressed, self-absorbed alcoholic who can't overcome his past, which Maeia wishes to help him with.
  • Cristovao di Silvio - Her still-living paladin son.
    Stefano Ricci - Her nephew, an Argent Crusade captain.
  • Nicolaus Fisher - The only "surviving" member of her maiden family, now a footsoldier in the Queen's army.

Current Plots
  • Shadow and Light - Maeia is an undead Shadow priest, and her son is a still-living paladin of the Light. While neither of them have a problem accepting the other, the very nature of their relationship is a source of massive controversy.
  • The Void - Under the wisdom of the mad priest Bastius, Maeia wishes to comprehend the nature of the Void from which Light and Shadow come from.
  • Tarnished Silver - Atilio di Silvio died over two decades ago on the alien world of Draenor. Recently, his badge was returned to Maeia as a memento, but has she truly moved past the loss?
  • Lessons in Shadow - Maeia has found Arnaldo to be utterly pitiful and wishes to show him the true power the Shadow can provide him like it did for her, as well as any others who may come her way in need.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
21 :: Darkspear/Horde/Love Exchange :: Matchmaker

Character Background
  • Just another son to a powerful Darkspear warrior and his four mates (Jof'waz did not know which one was his mother).
  • Adopted by an orc after the Third War after it seemed his father and his mates vanished.
  • Taught engineering by a Norell Rocketpunch (not the PC Norell), and traveled the land with his step-father and step-brother.
  • New family died due to a Fel Reaver. Went on his own for awhile. Eventually joined the Love Exchange.
Raw Material
  • True Troll - Jof'waz is not. While he remembers some of the Loa and fears a few, he is rather purposely ignorant of his own culture, wanting to be an orc instead once he was adopted. His death has made him want to be more respectful to his culture, sensing that being ignorant will screw him over.
  • Love Exchange - Jof'waz is a matchmaker for The Love Exchange, giving himself the title of "Best Matchmaker Ever". You want love? Jof'waz will help you.
  • What it means to be Horde - Garrosh's recent policies and decisions involving the Darkspear has Jof'waz worried. He's wary of serving the Horde, especially a Horde that might give him no respect.
  • Cursed! - Jof'waz thinks he is cursed by the Loa of Love. Don't ask (or do, you know, RP and all).
Plot Ideas
  • Love Exchange! - Jof'waz will help you find a man or lady, don't you worry.
  • Embrace your troll side - Friendly trolls help Jof'waz rejoin his culture.
  • A change in profession - Jof'waz will never leave The Love Exchange, but he used to help the Horde as a warrior. After his death, he was weakened, being unable to wear his plate armor. Perhaps its time to find a new way to fight.
Existing Relationships
  • Kapre - The boss man! Well, he was the boss man. He kept Jof'waz around for some reason.
  • Xanthe - Kapre's wife! Sweet girl that Jof'waz couldn't hate even if he tried with all his might.
  • Aria - Kapre's daughter. Unca Pop'waz will protect her no matter what!
  • Other TLE folks - They are still important!
  • Voragh - An orc that Jof'waz became bros with during... something possibly TLE-related.
Current Plots
  • Love Exchange - Love never dies.
Emmit Theodore Tassel
32 :: Lordaeron/Forsaken :: N/A

Character Background
Profile (Meh)
  • Born and raised Lordaeronian, became a priest of the Holy Light.
  • Married a fellow priest by the name of Melody, moved to Stormwind shortly after during its reconstruction.
  • Was slain and raised as a undead servant to the Lich King until freedom came in the form of the Banshee Queen.
  • Joined with the Argent Dawn and fought during the reopening of the Dark Portal, quit soon after.
Raw Material
  • Forsake, Accept, Embrace - Emmit has never really come to terms with his undeath, besides the want to 'cure' it.
  • Unworthy - Emmit views himself as unworthy to wield the Light and has never experienced the pain of using it.
  • Cursed - Undeath is merely a curse to Emmit, a disease. He is constantly searching for a way to cure his condition, usually in the form of books and tomes, most weathered with time.
  • Still Human? - Despite the fact that he is dead, Emmit still eats, drinks, pretends to sleep, and seeks warmth from the cold, he tries to be human in every way he possibly can.
  • Forsaken Be Damned - Emmit does not like his fellow undeaders, most are vile, hateful things. He does not accept the Banshee Queen and most likely never will. His stigma against the Frosaken rivals his hatred of the Scourge, more so with their acts at Wrathgate and Southshore.
Plot Ideas
  • The Cure - Emmit searches for a cure, but if it is possible that remains to be seen. After all his years of searching he has no where to start, and most likely there will never be a place to start, unless it be a false hope. Is there a cure, or is the only cure a second death, or should he embrace undeath for what it is?
  • Worthy Is He - He has never used the Light since he was raised, and he may have the ability to still use it, but he would not. Maybe there is a way to change his mind, enough to ignore the pain he might suffer when he tries?
  • A Cause Worth Joining - After fighting at the Dark Portal he vowed to never raise a sword again, he is no fighter. Yet there could be something that needs to be fought, or a group that could use his help.
Existing Relationships
  • Melody Tassel - Emmit's wife, another priest of the Light that is still living. She has disappeared during the time of the Cataclysm and has not returned.
Current Plots
  • None.
[Image: dean2s.png]
As if this guy -needs- a plotting page.

46 :: Stormwind/Alliance/Varian Wrynn Fanclub :: Soldier

Character Background
  • Born in the area that would later be called Old Town, Matthew was the youngest of seven children, all boys.
  • Practically a carefree life, if we don't count the work, sickness due to being poor, and other various things.
  • After the First War, Matthew joined the army. He fought in the Second War, Third War, and assisted at the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, eventually reaching Knight-Captain in the Alliance military.
  • Left the army on year 29 ADP. Continued to assist the Alliance army anyway.
  • Until recently thought he was the last living member of his family.
Raw Material
  • Just a little racist - Matthew just has a -small- amount of hate for Horde and wishes to throw them back on the dying world of Draenor and close the portal permanently. He -kinda- has a problem with every race in the Horde and can easily find a mean thing to say about all them. He's -sorta- racist.
  • Varian's biggest supporter - Matthew supports Varian Wrynn, and he supports the war against the Horde, considering Varian Wrynn as being one of the few that know what threat the Horde posses while they stay on Azeroth.
  • I'm right! - Matthew has a problem. When he wants to debate about something, he will debate. You think orcs are kind souls? No, you're wrong, here's why, stop being an idiot.
  • Loneliness. - Even with the recent return of family and good fortune, Matthew still fears that one day he'll be as alone as he was after the Second War.
  • Workaholic - Mo' work? After the Second War, Matthew tried to distract himself by taking as much work for the Alliance as he could (and later the Silver Hand when he was being trained).
  • Why did I say that? - Matthew is terribly hard on those who try to be his friend.
Plot Ideas
  • Alliance Shenanigans - From fighting the Horde to talking in an Alliance town. If you're Alliance, Matthew will talk to you, even if you're some filthy Horde apologist.
  • Barely Even Human - Though he has learned to tolerate one worgen, he still worries about the future of the human race and how long the 'worgen cure' can last.
  • Secure Our Border - While Cristovao focuses on fixing Stormwind's lands, Matthew plans to keep the Horde and "probably Horde-aligned" forces from Stormwind. He has an eye on the Swamps of Sorrow.
  • Filthy Horde - What kind of Alliance man would Matthew be if he wasn't willing to tell a Blood Elf or an Orc -why- they are terrible?
Existing Relationships
  • Victoria Feranos - Matthew's girlfriend and woman he still has no proposed to for reasons unknown.
  • Cristovao di Silvio - An idealistic young man. Matthew sees a bit of his younger self in the man, as well as seeing the type of paladin he should be. Also feels the need to bring him down to realism.
  • Dalikan Godford - An old war veteran like Matthew. Rather than a respected Commander, Matthew sees a gloryhound (hurk hurk worgen) and someone desperate wanting a place beside heroes like Lothar and Uther.
  • The Hunter-Colemann Family - Famerry. Oh, and there's someone named Gunther, too.
  • Royal Hastings - A young paladin from Stratholme. Someone Matthew would teach if A) Matthew has confidence in training and B) Royal even wanted training.
  • Scarlet Hunter - Kogan's wife. Worgen. A proud supporter of the Alliance. Matthew's want to hate and want to befriend are fighting each other.
  • Gregg Anders - Old friend of Matthew's that seems to have disappeared.
  • Roux Blackwood - Definitely not some girl Matthew sees as a daughter he always wanted/never had. He still doesn't like the worgen part!
  • Carter Shinygizmo - A gnome that helped Matthew find his family and is easy to talk to.
Current Plots
  • Restoring Stormwind - Fixing Stormwind one piece at a time! On break as Cristovao cries over Defias.
  • Hunter-Colemann - Famerry does famerry things.
  • Eagle's Valor - Wasn't Matthew in charge of something at one point?
  • Argent Crusade - Helping his friend Cristovao with the Argent Crusade, even if they favor the Horde nine times out of ten!
3,153 :: Night Elf :: Druid of the Grove

Character Background
  • Born in a quaint corner of Moonglade, and raised on the lifeblood of books.
  • Spend a lot of time in the library, having more books than friends. While this vastly expanded his knowledge, it made his socializing skills a little rusty.

Raw Material
  • Green is Good - Enconius is often on a wandering quest to nourish and document all these new sorts of plant life around him. Who knows how far out of Ashenvale the pursuit of knowledge could lead him?
  • Keeping an Eye Out - Enconius doesn't have many friends, but when he has them, he often looks out for them. This extends to (but is not limited to) healing them, traveling with them, following them (not stalking of course), etc. This also can take him into some unknown lands-- where, of course, there are plants to study.
  • Don't Hate - Due to his lack of socializing, Enconius has less of a split between ally/enemy, and better regards everybody as a neutral associate. Because of this, he could be bound to stumble into some thoughtful encounter with some of the opposite faction.
  • Pleasing to Please - Enconius, in his quest for good will, is eager to do kindness and help out whoever may be in need of aid. This, universally, can lead him almost anywhere for any reason. And I bet there are herbs there to study, too.

Plot Ideas
  • Plants! - Plants. If they are in the area, anywhere about, then Enconius can be there. He's just cuckoo for.. plants. (What were you expecting?)
  • So That's What That Looks Like - Enconius has begun to travel, and he loves it. While he likes to stay in one place to gather new information, he relishes in the new sights of new lands he hasn't yet seen. Travel imminent.

Existing Relationships

Current Plots
None to list.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
1,097 :: Krokul Draenei/Independent :: Hunter

Character Background
  • Born just before the Draenei's arrival to Draenor and matured knowing the open wilderness of the planet as his home more than the confines of the Oshu'gun.
  • Had a single daughter from his mate, who sadly died in childbirth. This loss provoked Oraeon to be exceptionally protective and stern over his child.
  • Oversaw the village of Liwa'nag, a Draenei-Orc cohabited settlement which was promptly destroyed when the Bloodlust began.
  • Sacrificed himself at Shattrath so his daughter and family may escape to Telredor. He survived and became a Broken, and vanished into isolation at the initial rejection the Draenei gave Broken Ones.

Raw Material
  • Spirits of the Wild - Oraeon matured in the fantastic wilderness of Draenor, giving him a strong spiritual connection with the planet.
  • Bitter Hatred - Oraeon is simply unpleasant to be around. He holds a violent loathing for the orcs due to their genocide, and a resentful one towards the Draenei for turning him and other Broken Ones away. All other races are viewed in some measure or another of xenophobic contempt.
  • Long Lost Family - Oraeon had a single daughter who lived with him in Liwa'nag. This daughter had a husband, and together they had a son, and all of them survived the Bloodlust alongside a few others. Who were they and where are they now? He's yet to find out.
  • Failure of a Father - Much of Oraeon's hatred is internal as well as external. He was appointed as the elder overseer of Liwa'nag, and sees its annihilation as much his own fault as he does the orcs's.

Plot Ideas
  • Bad Company's Better than No Company - Despite his bad attitude, Oraeon still holds some of the Draenei's values to heart. If you're lost in the wilds or in need of a hunter's assistance, he will begrudgingly help you.
  • Blood for Blood! - The two-faced orcs destroyed everything he loved and made him into a monster. What makes -you- any different?
  • I Remember You - Before Liwa'nag, Oraeon lived in the settlement of Telaar and was a well-respected hunter and tracker. Maybe some old friends survived... or old enemies. (Can apply to orcs in Liwa'nag as well!)
  • Broken After All - Underneath all the bile, profanity, and hatred lies a very unhappy and unfulfilled soul. Who can bring the beauty out of the beast?

Existing Relationships
  • Uyendu - A fellow Krokul and shaman who occasionally travels with Oraeon across the wilderness. They're rather argumentative.
  • Miya - A weak and frightful Draenei child which Oraeon sees both his missing family in, as well as a weakling in need of strength.
  • Orvisha Lorewolf - An orc shaman who has managed to endure Oraeon's bitterness on repeat occasions. Interested in the full story of Liwa'nag.
  • Ganrithor - One of Oraeon's friends and his captain during the Draenei's asylum within Shattrath City, though now hated for his hypocrisy and cowardice.
  • Oraeon's daughter, her husband, their child, and extended family. They've never been seen since the exodus to Telredor, and if you want to learn who they are you'll have to find out personally!

Current Plots
  • The Lost Village of Liwa'nag - Towards the end of the Thousand Years of Peace, a joint Draenei/Orc village was founded in the foothills of Nagrand on the Terrokar border by a collection of youths who wanted to challenge the status quo of their people. Decimated by the Bloodlust and Draenor's destruction, echoes of its existence still creeps across Outland as well as Azeroth.
  • Family Values - Oraeon's surviving family are out there, somewhere. Will he ever see them again?
  • The Weeping Woman - The ghost of a Lost One haunts the wilderness of Outland, and Oraeon is wary of it.

Finally, a character who -needed- a plotting page.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Ithildess Pyrefeather
532 :: Sin'Dorei/Argent Crusade :: Priest/Demonic Researcher

Character Background
  • Grew up in a typical middle class mage-y family, preferring fire magic.
  • Joined the army in the Second War
  • Followed Kael'thas to Outland
  • Became a fel-sworn in Outland, though ended up fighting her shivarra mistress in a suicide bid. Sha'tar forces struck the fatal blow, took Ithildess for questioning. Thus started her path of redemption.

Raw Material
  • Fel-Sworn She is one, despite her mistress (far as she knows) being nebulous.
  • New Priest Most of her priestly power comes from drawing on the Sunwell. Previously being a pyromancer, she hasn't yet mastered this whole faith thing.
  • Daemonology She is highly proficient in demonic knowledge from her time in Kael'thas' forces in Outland, and again, being a fel-sworn.

Plot Ideas
  • Old Demons Maybe someone she knew in Kael'thas' forces is still about and doesn't appreciate Ithildess' chosen path. Maybe they have darker ties and seek to bring Ithildess back into the fold.
  • New Beginnings Ithildess lacks a priest mentor, despite being in the Argent Crusade.
  • Old Dogs Can't Learn New Tricks Maybe someone thinks she is too far gone for redemption, and seeks to cleanse the Crusade of this stain. This can go the route of spreading rumors, bad mouthing, tripping her endeavors up, or in the worst case, outright trying to kill her.

Existing Relationships
  • Pretty much anyone in the current Argent Crusade guild.

Current Plots
  • Names Have Power She is currently seeking the True Name of her shivarra mistress in order to bind or put her down for good.
  • Redemption Whatever she does, her overall plot is her seeking of redemption. Is it hopeless?
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
This thread feels neglected. Bump!
[Image: anim_500.gif]
15,000+ :: Ebon Blade/Undercity :: Ebon Knight/Huskarl

Character Background
Basic profile found here. I am working on a new one, though.
  • Born and raised in Jotunheim
  • Found a wife, had a weak child. In grief, his wife went to join the Hyldnir, and he eventually went to the Ymirjar
  • Eventually went to sleep with the rest of the Vrykul
  • Joined up with the Ebon Blade after the LK's death.
Raw Material
  • Ydir considers himself first and foremost a member of the Ebon Blade, but still does hold allegiance to the Undercity when it suits him.
  • He's a Vrykul. Anyone interested in the Vrykul might be happy to bother him about his culture.
  • Ydir's fairly autonomous, and often spends a good deal of his time traveling. As long as it's not too hot, he could be in many places.
  • He's quickly developing a heavy dislike of the Church of the Holy Light, and those who spread it's word.
Plot Ideas
  • Ydir's rather fond of the cold in all it's forms, and prefers areas such as Winterspring, Alterac Mountains and Storm Peaks.
  • Ydir's always looking for new things to make a carving of. If anyone has any ideas, he'd love to hear them.
  • Ydir could be swayed by one knowledgeable in the Vrykul Gods (or even just knowledgeable in what the Gods represent) to acting more in line with how that God would prefer. He'd have to like and respect them first, though.
  • Ydir was a Carpenter, before he became a Ymirjar. He is still decent at building, as well as making carvings of wood.
Existing Relationships
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade -- Ydir knows quite a few Knights of the Ebon Blade from his time as one of them. Your Knight could easily be one.
  • Rosehaven -- Ydir's been to Rosehaven a fair amount of times, and knows most of the regulars of the village.
  • Hyjal -- Ydir's been fighting in Hyjal for a bit longer than the current host of Knights, and knows a handful of the regulars more than he might desire.
Current Plots
  • Ydir's main conflict is his being dead. Original, right? Well, he doesn't mind it as much as many other Death Knights, as he lost the whole raising a family deal a while back. So, his conflict isn't as large as many other Knights. He does occasionally question if him being dead is for the best, or if he'd be better off alive.
  • Ydir's a Frost Vrykul, and has a bit of issue fighting fire. Seeing as he's on Hyjal, this causes more trouble than he would like to admit. Currently, he's looking for a more effective way of fighting Fire Elementals beyond smashing them before he melts.
  • He's a part of the Forsaken, but isn't really all too connected to them. If this is for good or bad is debatable. However, among people who might dislike it, he keeps it quiet.
Roux Blackwood
20 :: Gilnean/Alliance/Worgen :: Witch

Character Background
  • Born into the traditions of Harvest Witchery. She didn't grow up in the deepest woods, but was surrounded by others of the Order.
  • Her father fled a zealotous Light family that had close ties to the church. He never picked up the Old Ways himself. She doesn't know every detail of his past.
  • Spent some time working with a Gilnean noble as a maid.
  • Was born after or around when the wall was being built. The closed in peninsula is all she's known until the Cataclysm.

Raw Material
  • Death Feeds Life - Roux's burgeoning druidism has a focus on natural "wholesome" death and decay. Returning things to the soil so new life can grow.
  • Getting Her Wings - She's attained the flight form of a carrion crow, and bear form. Still, she's a novice druid looking for balance.
  • While she's fairly alright with the Light, she dislikes the church. She holds the history of the church's crushing of the Old Ways close.
  • She has very few female friends.
  • She hates Forsaken.
  • She hates Twilights.

Plot Ideas
  • Witch hunting! I've had fun before with more zealotous Light users confronting Roux about her Old faith. I want more! Possibly with shedding blood.
  • Roux is a noob druid. She needs to master her forms, and other magic. While she has a shan'do, she's opening to learning from others as well.
  • A Witch needs a coven. While I do have Thornsong Coven up, it's not very populous.
  • Perhaps other worgen consider her too weak and advise embracing more of her savagery?
  • Twilight corruption/brainwashing. Come at m--...well, Roux.
  • Looking for a cure to undeath.
  • Conflict with Forsaken.

Existing Relationships
  • Cristovao diSilvio A paladin and one of Roux's better friends. She gets into tiffs sometimes with him about the church, Light, and his naive mercy.
  • Paulton Cooper Roux's ex-husband, and the epitome of opposites (used to) attract. The two developed feelings as they argued and threw barbs at each other. A Stormwindian, traditional priest.
  • Aidan Medren Roux's current...well, "lover" may not be the right word for a Death Knight. A Lordaeronian ex-paladin, the two developed feelings in adventuring and battle. He's currently seeking to cure undeath and overcome mental trauma.
  • Matthew Hunter The patriot of Stormwind patriots. Has emotionally adopted Roux as something of a daughter. Don't tell anyone Matthew has a heart.
  • Percival Pavo A paladin the same age as Roux, one of her good friends.
  • Gunther and Elsamina Colemann and sons Friends!
  • Faelan Cathasach Another good friend, and an even more dedicated follower of the Old Ways than she.
  • Aroes Blackstone A friend, she's engaged in mental training with him.
  • Ninde Moonwhisper A kal'dorei friend she's known for a good number of months.
  • Kantado Starseer A kal'dorei friend, and Ninde's mate.
  • Keeper Buhayos She's been fighting under him in Hyjal.
  • Ydir of the Icy Storm While it's hard to say if they're friends or not, she is quite interested in Vrykul culture and its connection to the Old Ways.
  • Nytamuur Twilight priest, draenei. She hates him, and the fact she's yet to prove he's one.

Current Plots
  • Learning how to druid.
  • Discovering the world outside the wall.
  • Trying to gather other Old Ways fellows.
  • Developing in Hyjal.
  • Aiding Aidan in his own quests.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Aidan Medren
37 :: Lordaeronian/Ebon Blade :: Knight Errant

Character Background
  • Born in Stratholme to a lower-class family. His early years were rowdy, and he was involved with youth gangs and a lot of rough people.
  • Apprenticed as a Paladin when he turned 16 in the hopes of starting a new life. He developed a true devotion to the Light because the Church gave him that chance.
  • Fought in the Third War as a Knight-Captain of the Silver Hand, and was killed after the fall of Lordaeron City but before the creation of the Crusade.
  • Spent a great deal of time adrift after becoming a Death Knight, and was involved in hunting rogue Death Knights and dangerous undead. Has been around, and might have crossed peoples' paths in good or bad ways.
Raw Material
For an account of his previous and ongoing adventures look here.
  • The Knight's Tale: Like Chaucer's tale of the same name, Aidan's archetype confirms (and sometimes subverts) the idea of the chivalric knight. Challenge his virtues and vices, or send him on an allegorical quest if you think that's a fun type of story to tell.
  • Actions Speak Louder: Hoping to erase his regrets through penitent work, Aidan takes part in most Alliance-focused do-gooding he can find. He's currently in Hyjal but may wander during lulls in the conflict.
  • He needs more close friends to help him feel human again.
  • He doesn't like the Horde much, especially Forsaken (this doesn't count for Death Knights, who are all brothers and sisters in his eyes).
  • Plenty of his fellow Paladins were killed during the war, but enough still live that he relishes the chance to get into contact with them.
Plot Ideas
  • Meeting long-lost friends and comrades from Lordaeron. Now-Forsaken friends might challenge his understanding of the world!
  • Helping Death Knights with returning to the world or engaging in their own personal quests - he'd never turn down another Knight in need.
  • Finding a cure for his undeath.
  • Dealing with problematic undead in the world. Busting ghouls was his livelihood, and he's quite good at it.
  • Aidan has some ghosts, both literal and figurative, in his past that he needs to deal with. People with spiritual experience could help him put his past to rest.
  • Interacting with clergy of the Light and living Paladins is always fun. He's a penitent and Light-worshipping Death Knight and that could throw anyone for a loop.
Existing Relationships
  • Roux Blackwood - Aidan's current... Well, "lover" may not be the right word for a- Oh no wait, wrong post... She's his closest companion, and one of the people most responsible for helping him regain his sense of humanity.
  • Ydir of the Icy Storm - A fellow Death Knight and to some extent a friend. His cynicism keeps Aidan's pride grounded. A Green Knight sort of character, in some ways.
  • Paulton Cooper - One of Aidan's close friends, and one of the other people most responsible for restoring his faith in himself. Aidan felt guilty for harboring feelings for Roux due to their friendship.
  • The Red Dragonflight - Aidan swore to give the Red Dragonflight any favor he could accomplish after Agronastrasz saved Roux's life. They haven't collected yet, but they very well could in the future.
  • Sorley of None - First friends and then fellow commanders in Hyjal, Aidan likes the Druid but doesn't trust his leadership abilities.
  • Seldszyne Rubysong - Comrades in arms and much more alike than he would like to admit, Aidan still does not know the truth of her allegiance to the Twilights.
  • Araeviss - Aidan sees a lot of his own struggle in Araeviss' desire to be broguth back into Elune's light. He wants to talk to her more, but has only just met her.
  • Buhayos - He's the leader of the Guardians of Hyjal, or at least the only one who isn't a dragon. Aidan trusts his leadership slightly more than Sorley's.
  • Nytamuur - The man who broke Aidan's mind during his imprisonment. Aidan is aware he's a double-agent now, but seems to sympathize with the anchorite's sadness.
  • Grel'ka - Poised to become a recurring nemesis, Grel'ka is responsible in part for Aidan's capture. Aidan's hate for her borders on frothing rage.
  • The Ebon Blade - Aidan is a Knight-Captain, and he's currently in charge of the Knight contingent in Hyjal. He's willing to lead his men anywhere they can do the most good, even if it's dangerous. That makes him a terrible friend and he should stop doing it.
Current Plots
  • Defending Hyjal! Aidan is working with the Defenders of Hyjal to destroy the Twilight's Hammer. Most of his plot development has come through meeting people here.
  • Aidan is working to undo his curse and return to true life again. He's not too far on that one right now.
  • He's dealing with some mental trauma from his capture and mind-melting by the Twilight's Hammer. His confidence is shaken and it's going to take some time to set him right.
  • Sometimes Aidan helps the Argent Crusade fight in the Plaguelands. Now that he's free again he'll be involved there a bit more.
  • Aidan can often be found helping Roux or another one of his friends with their stories.

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