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Character Workshops
Have a character that you don't know what to do with? One that you have some ideas for but hasn't been fully realized? Or perhaps an old character that needs something fresh or new? Then look no further than

...In-Game Character Workshops!

[Image: 18dbd0fa4bc55de3536d8c13effc7819.png]
itt: a terrible screenshot of the workshop. Umbrellas not provided.

What are they?

In-game character workshops will be held occasionally depending on interest, and as of right now will be sporadic due to them being test runs. A member of the staff team (Overseer/GM/Trial-GM/FH) can host the workshop when they're available to do so, and it will take place somewhere on that new island extending off GMI (a lovely job by Reigen). Each player that wants to attend will bring the character they want feedback on along with a general idea of what it is they want to do with the character or where they want to go with him/her, and the host and other attendees will provide ideas/suggestions on how they can make that character work the way the player wants him/her to work. And so, the in-game character workshops function as a more active and immediate version of the different forum workshops. Another unintended...or maybe intended purpose of the workshop is to facilitate in bringing players together and making RP connections with other players.

How will the workshop be run? Any general rules? Suggestions?

The host will stand in the middle of the circle of attendees. Each attendee will have a turn to present their character and what they want to improve or do about them, and then other attendees will take turns making suggestions. The order of the workshop should be worked out between attendees before it begins. When a person presents their character they'll stand in the spotlight.

There's only two general rules, really. When the host and players make suggestions, they are not allowed to tell the player how they themselves would improve the character or where they would go with it, but instead only give them feedback based on what the player wants to do with the character or is trying to do. Much like in a creative writing workshop, you wouldn't tell another person what their story/poem should be about because it's their vision, not yours.

The second rule is don't dualbox. Bring one character to these, please.

As for suggestions, there are just a few for hosts and attendees:

Host suggestions

  1. Announce the workshop on the forum at least a day before hosting it.
  2. Impose player limits for these. Quality over quantity needs to be emphasized, giving every attendee plenty of time without making the workshop last too long. If there's not enough room for attendees, host another workshop. From what I've seen so far, each character takes about 15-30 minutes, depending.
  3. Hosts of the workshop are also participants, so they need to follow the same rules the attendees do.
  4. A host can participate with their own character as well, but go last since you're hosting!
  5. Implement a code of silence. What is a code of silence? It has to do with the person presenting their character. After they present the character and the problems they're having with it they have to remain silent until everyone is done making suggestions. After everyone is done they can give some responses, and more discussion can take place from there. Similar to a creative writing or dramaturgy workshop.
  6. Co-hosting! If you can work it out, having a co-host is always helpful, especially if you have to go all of a sudden, or want somebody else who can lead certain parts of the workshop alongside you. Co-hosts still need to be staff members.

Attendee suggestions

  1. Try your best to follow the two rules - it won't look good if you break one, and a host might deny you from their next workshop if you do.
  2. If you're familiar with meet and greets, the 'raise your hand' system will be used here. That is, when you want to make a suggestion or comment you will raise your hand and the host will allow everyone to speak in the order they raised their hands.
  3. Be respectful and non-judgmental. Don't speak over others, and don't criticize people for what they're doing with their characters or what they want to do. If you don't get to attend the workshop because its limit is reached, please be patient and remind the host of the next one that you were in a sense 'wait-listed', so they can give you priority.*
  4. If you want to get a better result out of the workshop, don't just come with 'I don't know what to do with him', but instead more specific ideas. Also, use the elephant addon! This will allow you to retrieve logs and record suggestions people made so you don't forget.
  5. Try to refrain from praising what a person is doing with a character and nothing else. If they're doing something well, explain why. If not, give them constructive criticism.

*If this becomes a problem for a host they can make sign-ups mandatory for their workshop.

When will these workshops take place?

A schedule can be found here.

Special Topics!

For all intents and purposes, when a host schedules a workshop it is by default considered one you can bring any character to. However, if a host chooses to and there seems to be enough interest, they can host a special topic workshop. This means that they can make it something such as an Orc only workshop, or a Warlock only workshop. Or more inclusive, something such as a 'character goals/motivations' workshop or a 'personality' workshop. Special topics are meant to narrow down discussion and focus on certain elements of characters.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
As a new note, the first one was a success and I thank everyone for coming! It lasted 3 hours and focused on 6 characters, so that means 30 minutes per character. Therefore I'm not kidding about player limitations in those host suggestions!
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I added something I forgot to add in the original post and concept: co-hosting. Naturally it's an acceptable thing to do given the sometimes long-running nature of the workshops, but they still need to be other staff members.
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