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Herastean's thread for old buddies and blablabla/
Hello there.

Just a quick message to round up a few persons that I did RPed with and that could like to contact me again.

You'll find my list of characters in my profile but I'm particulary looking for Jaelara, Tabby and a few others. We did have great RPs and I'd like to get back in touch with you lot, who ever you are, just add to this thread or PM me with your character name and what not so we can chat!
Yorrick Von Ɯberwald - Night-Watch member, Alliance soldier, Worgen hunter, adventurer and cuddly mass of muscles and fangs at times.

All dem alts :
Altaally - Super spacegoat from planet Baaaa with hooves that makes "clip-clop".
Emily Arlendel - "Have you heard about the Light yet?" Missionnary and doctor.
Nilsaanai Silverwhisper - Priestess in training and fully clothed elf.
Julia Torl - "Bar fight!" Brawler, brat and inactive charact-.. Eh, oops.
Eleanor Sunbloom - A mage who has no problem passing through doors.
Chayton Thornhands - George, George, George of the Jungle...

Here lies :
Kalisha Lokar, Deacon of the Church of the Holy Light. Wanna be everybody's friend.

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