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Full Version: Forum Rules! Please Read First!
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Forum Rules! Please Read First! - Grakor456

Time we have a sticky for this!

For the most part, the forum follows the same rules as the game. It therefore goes without saying to respect others, mind language, so on and so forth. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the server rules and policies found on the Wiki. You may find the rules here and the policies here.

Here are a few noteworthy rules for the forums in specific:

1. Keep things in a roughly PG-13 rating here. The forums count as a "public channel" for all rules regarding what content is and is not allowed. Some examples of things not allowed:

a. Pornographic art or stories, including depictions of detailed nudity and overly "fetishized" characters (such as extremely revealing clothing, extraordinarily large sexual attributes, and so on.)
b. Overly gory imagery.
c. Any imagery that can be interpreted as an attack to a specific player or group.

This rule applies to the forums as a whole, for writing done within, images posted within, and avatars or signature. Note that links to such are also not okay. While questions on what is or is not allowed is fine, GMs and the Administrative team have the final say on interpreting a given work. As a general rule of thumb: if you would not want to show something to a ten year-old with his mother standing over his shoulder, you probably shouldn't put it on our forums.

2. While the use of images and YouTube links in posts is allowed, if the picture is particularly large then please put the image in spoiler tags, in order to prevent thread size distortion. Images that are too large can alter the width of the thread, which can make them difficult to read.

3. Please use color in moderation. If you go overboard with it, you may be asked to tone it down. Also, be mindful that we don't allow color in certain boards (such as the character profiles board.)

4. Please keep from hijacking threads with Barrens-worthy level of silliness, outside of the Off-Topic board. While we're a bit relaxed here on the forums, we do want serious threads to be able to be conducted without being derailed by a mass of jokes and comments about Chuck Norris or The Game. Keep such things in Off-Topic, and consider that the "Barrens Chat" of the Forums.

Remember that GMs/Forum Mods have the final say. If you have a problem with the ruling of a Moderator, you are free to PM Grakor (unless the problem is with him, then feel free to PM Kretol.)