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We're trying to get the wiki a little more organized, and here's how you can help!

If you aren't playing an approved character that has been listed in the wiki anymore, please tell us so! You can use this thread to do it.

Dead characters will be moved to the "Deceased"category, and characters that haven't died but are simply retired (gone off wandering the woods, player isn't playing anymore, player has too many alts to keep track of, etc.) will be moved to the "MIA (Missing In Action)" category.

Neither of these types of profiles will be deleted--your information is still safe and intact, and if you choose to bring back a MIA character, just say so in this thread!


Quote:Joe - Deceased
Maryanne - MIA
Larry - Back from the Bermuda Triangle, please remove from MIA

Edit: Updated with links to the categories so you can see who is listed there.
Hmm my character isnt in a any of the links....
All right, I've made all the transfers. BUT! PLEASE CHECK MY WORK.

Check out the Deceased and MIA sections to make sure I haven't put your character in there accidentally (I'm sure I don't see certain people on ever simply because of time zone differences).

Also, PLEASE check out the actual Character Profiles wiki and REPLY TO THIS THREAD if there is an inactive character there.

Think of it this way: The Character Profiles wiki is kind of like the RP Yellow Pages. Players who are just getting started, and want to know what characters they may run into, or who they may want to seek out, will likely go to the wiki first (heck, we encourage them to do so). We owe it to them to keep that page up-to-date, so they aren't disappointed when they start asking about a character, only to find that someone got them approved, played them for a week, and it's been months since anyone's seen them.
mike1liles Wrote:Hmm my character isnt in a any of the links....

Which character? Check the Character Profiles section here in the forums if you're still waiting for a character to be approved.
My dwarf Borin Stoutgrime.
I love the text you put in the deceased character page on the wiki. Qaza how many phrases for dead can you think of?
Off the top of my head, or with a bit of effort?

Off the top of my head:
Fully retired, condition non-conducive to life, blinking for an excessively long amount of time, dead as a door nail, plant fertilizer, pushing up daisies, singing with the choir, dead, iced, sleeping with the fishes, curtains, kicked it, kicked the bucket, cashed in their chips, gone to God/Jesus/deity of your choice, in their final resting place, six feet deep, sleeping with their boots on, belly up, tits up, passed away, passed on, deceased, no more, enjoying eternal rest.

With effort?
I point you to these gentlemen. And if that's not enough, there's always this.

So! Let's keep on the subject: If any of these apply to your character, or if you simply aren't playing them any more, say so here! There's no shame in saying that you've decided to focus on other characters!
You can add Gyntaru to the M.I.A. section. She isn't dead... but she isn't active either. I might pick her up way down the road... but as for now, she's a dusty, unread book on a clean shelf.
She's now safely tucked away!
I'm kickin' Malrah.
My character Cossintaner Beasthorn, is dead.
Jonathan has left Stormwind and is MIA ICly. I haven't got the energy to focus on him right now.
Noted and noted, the profiles have been filed accordingly.
I'd like to move my character, Shodan, back onto the active list.

Do I need to make another intro post? I can't seem to find mine on the board.
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