Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Can't log on but other people are on? D:
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I look at server status and it shows that some people are online, but when I go to log on it logs in and goes to the realmlist page and i click COTH and hit okay then it goes back to realmlist.

Anyone else having this or is it just me? Cause I see some people are online..or it seems that way. :oops:
It's usually like that. The server saves all the characters and it says that people are online when they're not. For now, yeah. Server's down.
I would like to die now. D:
i have 2 hours and 30 minutes. Maybe 3 Hours. Damn! I must play the game!!!!!!!!
On the brightside... Plenty of time to work on other characters!
Me sees no light! Me sees no bright! Me sees shadow dark than black!!!
The server is down. Deal with it.