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I know it's impossible to make one, this isn't about that. Is it possible to make a character who's come in contact with them? Who discovered perhaps a small village of the creatures?
So much for that. Oh well.
Eh, I don't really think that the Pandaren have any settlements, no matter what the size, outside of Pandaria. Hell, are there even enough Pandaren outside of Pandaria to form a settlement? I'm exagerrating a bit, yes, but you get the idea. Apparently, they're scarce enough so that their existence can be dismissed as rumours by anyone outside the Horde or the Steamwheedle Cartel, who probably would have heard about Chen Stormstout and the like.

... Ah, dang. Rensin was inb4 me. *stares at above paragraph with a trembling upper lip*
From Wowwiki:

Quote:Pandaren hail from distant island nation of Pandaria, which no non-pandaren has ever seen. A splinter group of pandaren arrived on Kalimdor in the aftermath of the Third War and has established itself in the Stonetalon region of the Barrens.[9] Pandaren have arrived only recently in the west.

Which is why I thought there could have been /some/ contact.
I stand corrected. Silly me. Well, I'd say that this little splinter group is unique enough to be considered on par with a lore character, perhaps, and you're not allowed to have a character that knows them, so... yeah. Actually visiting this obscure little settlement seems to me like inviting Thrall over to yours for a cuppa and a chat, or something to that effect. : /
Well... No. Not to me, anyway. Surely an explorer could stumble upon something. However, that is a decent analogy. It's a lore thingie, and no contact can be made by players.
Again, as of right now, no.
Monolith Wrote:Well... No. Not to me, anyway. Surely an explorer could stumble upon something. However, that is a decent analogy. It's a lore thingie, and no contact can be made by players.


... Not really, no. :P I do see where you're coming from. A daring explorer could find it, sure, but it seems to me like it's more on the Brann Bronzebeard level of things.

Anyway, yeah. Rensin scares me somewhat, so I'll just pipe down now. /cower
Heh, I'm not saying it to be scary. Right now, there aren't even any actual models in game of Panderan. Thing is, we don't know what the hell Blizz is planning with them... so, in regards to Panderan, the less Blizz involves it, the less -we- involve it.
There is a pandaren brewmaster pet though, hehe.

I doubt it would be possible IC anyway, the Pandaren are supposed to all live on some mystical island no one but them has ever managed find/leave (Pandaria).

As for OOCly, I doubt they will be in game ever, Blizz really wants to get into the Chinese market and they have stated that talking pandas are a definate no for them.
I figure this'd be as good a place as any to add this question.

Would it be possible for some rumor of "Giant, panda people" to be spread around?

Like nothing major, but like, campfire story, Bloody Mary, that kind of thing, where it's more of a "A guy told a guy who told my cousin who told my sister who told my aunt who told me that there was some kinda' panda monster somewhere.... Heard they got funny hats an' stuff!"
Eh. As it stands, even the rumors wouldn't really exist. Very, very, very few people know of their existance. So few that it'd be pretty farfetched for it to even be whispered of.
I don't think, at this point, he's talking about Pandaren. However, Pandas... are the same. Unheard of. Just go for giant bear creature.
No, I was talking about Pandaren. Figured they were probably completely unheard of, but wanted to double check.
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