Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Harassment Over IC Alignment and Actions
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This has become a disturbing trend in recent times, and so I am yet again forced to lay down the law.

Under no circumstances is someone allowed to harass someone about one's alignment, location, or affiliation. We've been getting an amount of people making comments about people joining "the bad side," which is fairly ridiculous and disrespectful. Remember that it is not your place to criticize others RP.

Similarly, there's NO reason for you to question someone about the above. Sending someone whispers asking "Has X gone over to the bad side?" or "What, Y has joined with Z?" is NOT kosher. Don't do it.

If you feel that you are being subjected to harassment over your RP or your character's alignment: take a screenshot of this, send it to the GMs. We're taking this very seriously.

Behave yourselves.
Or you will make the midget gnome cry.
I have to express my deep disappointment that this even needs to be brought up. You all agreed to the rules when you signed on to the server, and one of the most important rules is that of Respect.

There is more balance than you see just from discussion in Chat. There is more going on behind the scenes than just trying to gather as many characters on one "side" as possible. And there are things that no one should ask about OOCly, especially when the temptation to use said information ICly is so great.

Please stop asking anyone about information that you don't NEED to know. Similarly, stop handing it out. If something is a secret, then it's really, really silly to shout it out in one of the general channels, where muddied memories may turn OOC information into IC information. ("I could have sworn my character overheard your character saying they were going to Deadwind Pass! That's why I came to cut you off!").

As Grakor said, if ANYONE asks you for OOC information about IC events, PLEASE screenshot it and send it to us. The same goes for any harassment involving alignment, faction, race, or class. I'm getting really sick of what I see in Chat.
A Modest Proposal Ending OOC Buggary.

1. Don't flex your IC ego, OOC. Don't shove random victories and accomplishments in other peoples faces. Don't, ever, say "IM SO PWN I'LL MESS YOU UP", in any serious manner OOC. Jokin' around is just fine, but keep it with people who know you're joking.

2. Don't ask people where they are IC if you're hunting them. Maybe a quick, "Mind if I join in?" If they don't respond, they probably arn't AFK.

3. Don't be afraid to tell people to bugger off. We can handle your problems, but so can you. If someone's bugging you for OOC info, kindly ask them to stop. If they don't, screenshot it, and I'll be happy to put it in much more blunt words.