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Some people have trouble converting the height of their character into the in game scale. I am here to help those people. There is either the lazy method or another lazy method.

Don't worry, you won't have to do math, only pushing buttons on the keyboard.

It's rather simple. You convert the height of your character into either inches or into centimeters. Easy enough, right? Either you multiple the amount of foot by twelve and add the inches to that or if you're using the metric system you can simply remove the comma.

For example: 6'11" = Six foot and eleven inches = (6 x 12) + 11 inches = 83 inches.

I assume everyone knows how to convert meters into centimeters.

Now, apply the same technique you used to convert the height of your character to only inches or centimeters and convert the average size of race and gender to only inches and centimeters as well. then we divide our character height by the average height of the chosen race and gender.

For example: Jan is a Male Troll of about seven feet and nine inches. The average size of a Male Troll is seven feet and five inches.

Quote:(7 x 12) + 9 = 93 inches
(7 x 12) + 5 = 89 inches
93 / 89 = 1.0449

So the two most logical scalings to fit Jan the Troll are either 1.04 or 1.05. Simple, isn't it?

Here are some heighttables.

Averages heights

[Image: vqij5e.jpg]

Minumum and maximum in-game heights

[Image: 34xovbs.jpg]

And if you're really lazy, you can download this excel file and just input the height of your character and have it automatically calculate the most appropriate scaling.

Note that this will only work on character heights that lie within the minimum and maximum heights. Else you will just get a scaling that you can not use in game.

This is pretty neat. o.o
I approve of this!

Might move it to articles and guides after letting more people see it. :>
This article/guide/cheatsheet is made of win and epic.

Indeed! This should be quite a useful tool for people! Well done! =)
For some reason this seems... Off. A friend has a character scaled properly to 6'0" as a Blood Elf (Male). If I scale as the chart says to 5' 11" as a human (Female), my character comes out taller. Just an observation...
I downloaded it and my character is 6'3 and it says 1.04, but that only looks like 1 inch taller than 6'0 when I believe 1.07 looks better, but that could just be me.
Heh, this system was purely made for aesthetics, and a general understanding of someone's height. If they're 5'7 and it displays them at 5'7.5, then fussing isn't going to do much. As far as I'm concerned, a character's height out of profile is subject of "short, medium or tall".

One single inch in-game isn't going to cause a giant ****storm. Well, I hope for our sake it doesn't.
I see only 5. Stunted - short - Average - Tall - Giant. I love this cause it let's me get an idea about the kind of characters im playing with :)

Ps. Giant scale tauren = want to hug.
WAit, we can change our size in game?

Amazingly useful. Kudos.
Moving to articles and guides.
This is fantastic work! Nice one!
How long has this been here! This is great!
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