Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Recipe for disaster.
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"I'm just a baker..." Valerie muttered to herself as the knife slid across her throat, spilling her life. She was falling into water... And before anything, darkness came upon her. The last thing she saw was Matthew, the human she was trapped with clenching his fists in anger. And then... Nothing.

Valerie was taken from her home in Shattarath three days prior to that, to act as a simple sacrifice in a twisted game. She wasn't sure why... But that didn't really seem to matter. Valerie wasn't in pain... Nor in leisure. She was floating purposely in water... It felt like water at least. She tried calling out to someone, anyone, but no sound came... Her mouth opened wide and soundlessly as the calm dark washed over her, like a blanket. She just wanted to bury herself in it... To just close her eyes and go to sleep...

When suddenly, she heard a voice. At start it was too faint to even hear, but rapidly, it grew... "Damnit you weak Elf! You're not dying on me! I am -not- breaking my promise for an Elf!" It called out as suddenly her eyes hit wide open, and the darkness was replaced by a sheer blinding light. Slowly, her sight regained... And soon, she felt a burning pain in her throat which caused her to clutch at her throat... She gasped for air and sight as she panted heavily at her bead. Sweat dripping from her forehead.

She looked around her, to see she was in a room within Shattarath city... It was late night, and the streets have all died out. She looked to her right to find a half folded note. She slowly, and with trembling hands took it at her grip as she opened it. Inside it was a crude, yet simple writing style. "I'll get you the best doctor I can."

A few moments pass as Valerie falls back at her pillow, sleep waving ever closer. She tries speaking, but the pain is far too great for any sound to come out. Silently, she closes her eyes and let her thoughts wander to the events. "I owe you... And I intend to repay you, Matthew." She thought in her head. A thousand thoughts racing at dizzying speeds... As finally, she managed to find sleep.

Killer: Lazurus.
Ressurector: Matthew.

Short term effects:
Nausea. Valerie doesn't have a strong stomach, and it'll take a bit before she could be back to her best.

Short sight. Due to the blinding light of her Resurrection, Valerie can't see that well in bright lights.
Long term effects:

Valerie can not breath properly, and will not be able to tolerate vile fumes such as smoke.
Permanent effects:

Extreme fear of undeads. Due to the whole experience, Valerie can no longer keep her calm around undead and the like. Death Knights included.

Problems with raising her voice. Valerie can no longer speak beyond a soft manner, lest she threatens injury or worse.

Valerie can no longer use her lungs to their full capacity,
Valerie is being created! This post is for a none-existing character, who will be played from now on.

First resurrection post-restart. *Pride*