Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Tumultuous Demise
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What a tiresome battle this had become, Calin wouldn't fall, she wouldn't drop, no matter what strikes I sent at her....I hesitated. Was it fear or doubt? I did not know but she retaliated without mercy, making me fall on my knees and pinning me down to the soil. I couldn't help but chuckle tiredly. "Light forgive me." I said, incapable of withstanding Calin's grasp. She uttered something I couldn't understand and before I knew it, I felt her cold dagger reach my neck and pressed onto my throat. It was hardly a second till I felt my very own blood dripping down my neck as her dagger slit my throat open.

Time itself began to slow down, my entire body becoming numb as I persistently tried to breath in as much air as I could. I knew that Calin was looking down at me sadistically. What was mostly surprising, was how she pressed her lips against mine. I did not understand why she kissed me but before I knew it...

Everything suddenly turned black...

Visions flew past my conscious, the sound of conflicts enfolding around me, those loyal to the Light succumbing to the darkness which surround the world. Most importantly, my soul felt regret. Regret at being so impulsive, why did I let myself die in vain? I should have been capable of eliminating Calin for her treachery.

My hatred for Calin rapidly developed into fear. Even in my own death, I felt as if she was still preying upon me, laughing, slaughtering others and nothing I could do to stop it. It was all Riel's fault, if only he wasn't so foolish as to bow down to the heretics known as "The Purge". Regardless, he is long gone, Light guide his tainted soul.

But the Light...

I had truly forgotten about the Light, as it had forsaken me not to long ago. Perhaps this is why I fell in battle? This is why I am forced to endure this eternal torment? Yes, it had to be... My own arrogance and lack of faith is what led me into defeat in the first place.

Doubt had clouded my mind as I fought against Calin, doubt about my faith, doubt about my actions, and doubt about the Inquisition.

It was then I felt an odd surge of heat run through me, my visions enlightened by a dim light. My eyes slowly opened up, tears dripping down as light beams down upon them. I tried to groan in pain as I felt pain and soreness all over my body, but I couldn't, pain had also reached my throat. I blinked several times before glancing at those around me, most noticeably Ashaila, an old friend I knew from the Scarlet Crusade. I tried to reflect on what had just occurred but intense pain appeared within my head.

I knew however, that this was no longer the afterlife.

The Light has given me another chance...


Killer: Calin

Resurrectors: Ashaila, Annabelle and Bekkari

Short term effects:

Pyrexia (Fever) and Pharyngitis (Sore Throat).

Cassius will be incapable of swallowing any solid substances due to the pain in his throat.

He will be incapable of speaking in an audible tone, only those who are in close proximity to him will be capable of understanding him.

His body will be too sore and weakened to perform any physical activities.


Long term effects:

Nightmares involving Calin, his killer.

Paranoia: Cassius will often believe Calin will be around watching him, dead or alive.

Permanent effects:

His voice will sound noticeably raspy.

Cautiousness: Cassius will avoid getting involved in the front lines or in combat situations which do not favor his end.

Merciless: As if he wasn't merciless enough, this man shows no more sympathy to those who stand against him.