Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Game Account
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I made already my Intro and i try making my game account but many times but i keep on getting this

"Your login information doesn't match a user on the forums. Please create an account on the forum and use the same username and email from there. Keep in mind that both the username and email are case-sensitive! They must match your forum account exactly"

I don't know what the problems is. I put in my username and password perfectly everytime. Can anyone help me with this?
Unless you havent allready got help with this, I suggest you to PM Kretol and ask him to make you an game account. He might be possible to help. (And most likely is.)
Make sure that your name, password and e-mail are alphanumerical as well, that has been the problem many a time.
Server account made on request of friend long ago (within about a day of this being posted), not to mention user not being active since Sept 20th.