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Was unsure where to put this, if you think it fits better somewhere else do tell.

Very well, thought we could complie a small (or not so small) list of useful links, things that can help creating characters or reading lore. Role-play related and such things. If you got something feel free to post the link and a short description of the site.
As the name says, it´s a wiki, managed by players so it can be wrong. Very useful for initial research so to speak.

RP Archives.
Basicly another compilation of links etc.
A fresh blog about Warcraft lore, only a few weeks old but seems that in the future it will be a great source for some Role-play. Keep in mind that what you read is not canon.

Travels through Azeroth and Outland
I think it´s easier to just read the introduction, this is pure amazing. I think I´ve posted it before somewhere around here.

Character Development 101
Something worth looking at when creating characters, both for those new to Role-play and the veterans.

Mannovan´s Guide: Storytelling Roleplaying Method
A useful read for new role-players and old ones alike.
"As I´m writing this introduction, I´m sitting in a small and insignificant cavern in the deep woods of Sweden. There isn't much to do here without Internet connection if you're not used to be outside of civilization, so I thought I might as well write something creative. And what's not more creative than a guide of extremely advanced roleplaying in the World of Warcraft? You might wonder what kind of sick, twisted and sinful activities I`m doing out here in the woods. To tell you the truth, I… "

This is what I could find after digging around in my brain, hopefully -you- have some links to add in here.

Updated; found some stuff lying around.

The Price of a Pact.
For the warlocks, this was made for D&D but much of the tips could be adopted to WoW. Just make sure to remember some of the most important tips "As long as the flavor does not change the mechanical abilities of the power or provide a great advantage".

Poisons of the Realm.
A list of different poisons, toxins and venoms. Make sure to check that the substance you wish to use is elligable for the Warcraft universe. Some of these poisons does not exactly fit in. It is great for tips though (I´ve used it myself for a certain character).

Name Generator
What the title says, please avoid some of the "insult" and "specialised" names.

Dice Games
Sitting in a tavern with nothing to do? Time to bring out a die and start gamin´.


Dramatis Personae
I thought this site was dead, but it seems it has been ressurected! A great site to find help with creating a character and find lore. Also, those playing the Retail servers can use it to find good role-players.


WoW Roleplaying Advice & Commentary
This place got everything, seriously, it is a really good source of any kind of lore for all races. Topics like; How To Run: A Wedding, Romance: The Undead, Character descriptions (I recomend this one if you need some advice). They also have Theme Weeks, so far I´ve seen Tauren, Orcs, Blood elves, Night elves, Human, Gnome, Dwarves, Draenei and even pirates! Awesome site for... anything! (I´m just waiting for the Undead theme month now.)

WoW Insider [roleplaying-lore-guides]
Some more awesome lore bits, quick and easy places to find information on different topcis such as Races, "Know Your Lore: The Ashbringer" and much much more just a search away!

The Netherbane
Even though it is a guild-site it does cover and explain a lot about Demon Hunters, a great place to find info on these mysterious and feared warriors.


The RP Survival Guide
-VERY- useful, takes up many different subjects and you can definatly find something interesting even if you are a veteran! I´d check out the Death Knight articles at the very least, especailly if you plan to play one.


Orcs Orcs Orcs
A website dedicated to... yeah, you guessed right, ORCS!
Mostly Tolkien stuff it seems but I am sure you can find something in there.
Very nice, I might have to read that travellogue thingy.
Moved to Articles and Guides for being useful.
Made a small update, if you have anything you think could be vaguely useful feel free to say so, either here, in a PM or in-game.
Made another small update.

Remember, the Server wants you(r links)!
Another update!

Check out the RP survival guide, the Death Knight articles are very good!
Ho! Another update!
I'm not sure if this has already been posted somewhere, but here's an interesting thread on how to roleplay Death Knights.
That was actually a fairly interesting read, thank you!

(I chuckled at the section concerning Orc death knights)
I consider it to be a more than awesome and perfect guide. Thanks, Krev!