Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Can't get the CotH logon to come up, do I have the right realmlist?
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Hi, I've returned after a year and a half. Of course, I made sure to reset my password right away. I've got all of the patches downloaded. I have downloaded the realmlist one of the guides on the forum instructed me to but is it the right realmlist? The file name is I deleted the original and have this in its place. Shouldn't the CotH logon come up instead of the one? Or is the problem completely unrelated to the realmlist file?
Rename it to Also check to ensure you only have one realmlist in both of the locations mentioned in the guide.
Thank you for the reply. I've used multiple guides and each of them have only told me to put the file in the enUS folder. Where is the other location the file should be?
Er, sorry, ensure you only have one in either of the locations, that is. If it's in the enUS folder, that's fine! Just ensure there's not one in the base WoW directory.
Did you actually ensure that you still have a server account? Check Account Management and see if you can log in. If not, you'll have to create another server account.
Kretol, account management has been down for myself and several others for a while now! Thought it'd be appropriate to tag that in now, as it came up.
Oh. I get a redirect loop, so maybe I don't. I know characters go away with a server move but do accounts go away too?
Since 2010, yes, there was an account wipe at some point.
Anyway, go check now!

Aaaw yeah I'm on!

[Image: Duane1.gif]

Thanks Kretol.