Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: An Arathorian Sunrise [RC]
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Doyle was never too bright a Paladin, and the last light he has seen in his life.. Was not the one he hoped to see. Fighting an assassin [ThePharoah] sent to kill his friend by the Ridaken family, he was caught in a blast from fireworks the assassin set ablaze in her attempt to escape. Failing to cast a protective shell of light around him, Doyle was indeed consumed by light.

Cast out of the explosion with a hole in his gut, a missing leg, and one big mess where his face was, Doyle's death was something no one dared question.

He was burried in the Lion Hearted's command, as appropriate to his rank, he lied there for a good while, as his ressurection was being planned. After all, can't just drop everything because someone died.

Somewhere about a month after his death, Commander Dalikan Godford [Zenethen] decided to take action, and with help of the fact Doyle was burried on holy ground, he ressurected him. The ressurection took heavy tolls from the weary old paladin, and Doyle may have been given his life back, but at a cost.

Whatever weak grasp of the Light Doyle had so far, the shock of the death caused by the failure to call it to protect him has left him without any ability as a paladin.

Doyle has a long road ahead of him before he can face full physical recovery, remaining weaker than he could ever wish he would've been.

Doyle just grew a leg, a stomach, and a face. Consequently, these three areas are most affected currently. It will take weeks if not months until he could calmly look at an open flame, and exposure to bright lights for long durations of time gives him one heck of a headache. At times he seems completely out of it, unable to focus. He will be often found just staring at something for long durations of time, as if he cannot shake himself from it.

His ability to consume alcohol is severely affected, as his digestion, making him have to be very strict with his lifestyle for the near future. At times you would find him limping, aswell, his left leg proving to be troublesome.

Weak after being dead for a month, Doyle will have to relearn to fight with heavy armour, forcing him to wear lighter armour for the near future, and limit his weapon size.

Over all, Doyle is weaker, psychologically and physically, but is on a slow, long journey to recovery. Will he ever recover fully? Highly unlikely, we have to remember that he -is-, after all, in his 40s.