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Full Version: Ryuu the Dragon Spirit
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Chapter 1:
The world of Istah is divided into three factions of people. The Eastern Shinobi Villages, The central Monks, and the Western Kingdoms. The Shinobi villages are split into seperate villages that are linked to the spirit they represent: the fire village represents The Dragon Spirit, the water village represents The Serpent and so on and so forth. The Monks have remained peaceful and neutral throughout ages. Being the faction that resides between the two, they receive much influence to both countries. The Western Kingdoms is a more modernized place, run by a King and his samurai army. They have a more industrially powered economy, and their massive cities are divided into districts. Each district represented the Clan that ran them, the strongest belonging to the Chi clan, who are the descendants of the King himself. Something unexpected is going to happen in this world that will plunge everything into chaos, unbeknownst to all who dwell in it.

------------------------------------------------End of Intro

"Shira, what's the verdict?" A man shrouded in ragged clothes asked. Not much could be seen of his features, other than a white beard that hung out of the linen hood that covered the rest of his face. The man stood looking down off a cliff to a small monastery not far off in the distance.

"Well, they have twenty guards on patrol and only five inside the temple," Shira replied. Shira was a tall, thin female elf. The elf kind is very scarce if not extinct, but Shira was still there. Her hair was a bright full red, and so was her eyes, as was the normal of elves. Her ears were pointed and she wore clothes that looked more belonging to a warrior princess than to a hitman. Her armor was made of mithril, which was hard to find. Elven mithril was among the toughest metals to break, yet acts like cloth, which is very flexible and breathable. It was a very fine white with gold trim, showing the rank of a elven Dragon Knight, as was written in old books.

The shrouded man turned his neck until it popped, and then chuckled as he though of something maniacal, "Shira, you distract the guards up front, I'll go for the old man. I will get my sword back."

Shira shrugged and responded with a bored tone, "You always get the fun guy to play with." Shira folded her arms and gave a rebellious look.

"Listen, this is my burden, why don't you keep one as a pet, like you normally do?" The man asked in attempt to convince the elf. He felt discomfort that she would not fulfill this job.

Shira walked towards the edge of the cliff, "They aren't fun enough for me, this sword of your better be worth it." She jumped off the edge and landed with gracefulness on the ground below.

The shrouded figure began whispering to himself in anger, "You think you could keep the sword I forged with my own soul away from me, old man? I will say, it took me awhile to find it, and you as well."

... To be continued - Tell me if it is worth writing more! I have more already written, but I am taking a break. ^.^

It gets more interesting in Chapter 2 when i introduce the main character. May seem strange now but this part should be shrouded in mystery.
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