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Full Version: Sha'kur - Halls of Healing (Lower City, Shattrath) (02-21-2014)
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Date: 02-21-2014

Sha'kur - Halls of Healing (Lower City, Shattrath)

Friday 21/2, 13.00 ST

Infirmary, Shattrath

Pilgrims and comrades.
The sick and injured of Lower City. (Feel free to roll one-time NPCs.)

The Pilgrims aid those at the Infirmary to treat reemerging cases of 'swamphoof' with mysterious origins and have so far proven hard to treat. It will also serve as a re-cap or introduction to the following storyline of the DP.

OBS! Note that these event takes place pre-Cataclysm.
Standard DP guidelines.
Our usual characters are meant to act as the medics during this event, but some will also get to roleplay the sick, injured and hungry.

Yes, this event will be a bit of an experiment and I am asking you, my friends to help me in this. The event revolves around healing and caring for the sick and injured and I want us to roleplay these characters. So I expect a few of us can make NPCs and appear and we can switch who plays the feeble for the duration of the event.
I will be out of town that day.
To my astonishment, I'll actually be able to make it!
(06-09-2013, 08:43 AM)Hawk Wrote: [ -> ]To my astonishment, I'll actually be able to make it!

Woop! And of course, you're almost on my timezone.
This is not what some second-grade citizens would call a shameless bump!
Event postponed until Sunday due to lack of sleep!
If you honestly consider showing up, please let me know and I'll have a chance to plan the event ahead a bit.