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Full Version: War in the Highlands - Highbank and the Horde
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Nearly one and a half months ago, one thousand men and women of the Kingdom of Stormwind and its territories set sail for the Twilight Highlands. Nearly one and a half months ago, one thousand men and women placed their ultimate trust - the trust to live - in not only their King's banner but also their commander. A fleet of five ships, packed to the brim with the battle-ready recruits and veterans of past conflicts, are a mere two days from their landing point. The calm before the storm begins.

Intelligence is at an all-time minimum. Vague references to locations are given in ever vaguer reports, which come very infrequently. No information comes from the Highlands except that it's a living hell. Birds bearing messages of ultimate terror and rumors of the very earth crumbling and rising to fight the soldiers of the Alliance come daily. More recently, troubled reports have come amongst the men - the Dragonmaw orcs are in a frenzy, and they're targeting the Alliance stronghold of Highbank.

With intelligence at such a low point, it is unknown what exactly the troops will walk into as they sail for Highbank's harbor. Whether or not Highbank is already under siege is the debatable issue. However, the officers amongst the men on the ships have agreed that as soon as landfall is made, a portal system with Stormwind would be made. With the help of mercenaries entering through these portals, whatever challenges Highbank may need to care for will be culled.

The Call to Arms is out. The Twilight Highlands are ready to shatter with war.

Phase One: Highbank and the Horde

The eagerly prepped-for storyline in the Twilight Highlands, War in the Highlands, is approaching its official kick-off outside of the Operation Homefront events. The events of War in the Highlands will include a massive-scale battle against both the Dragonmaw orcs, their Horde masters, and the infamous Twilight's Hammer cult. Split into three phases of events, the first phase will focus on the protection of Highbank and the securing of the surrounding region.

Phase One of War in the Highlands will be made up of three events, the first of which will be going down at 3:00 PM Server Time on Sunday, September 29th. There is no limit to participants, as opposed to Operation Homefront, and all Alliance characters are welcome to attend - be you soldier, mercenary, or hero!

I hope to see some faces turn up for the event, as it will involve intense counter-siege combat. Good day to you all.


One thousand men and women of the Alliance had sailed from Stormwind Harbor for one destination - the Twilight Highlands. Rumored to be naught but ruin and death for the Alliance's brave soldiers, the sailing army was prepared for the worst. Two weeks ago, those fears were horridly confirmed. As soon as the five ships neared the harbors of Highbank, smoke and flame were already spreading across the famed fortress - the famed stand of the Alliance, a bright spot in this dark land before them.

Gathering the aid of mercenaries and using the newly arrived soldiers, Commander Dalikan Godford repelled the crazed Dragonmaw orc invaders. Through the majority of the deadly conflict for Highbank's grounds, it seemed as if the orcs would win, Highbank would be taken, and the Alliance's only major stand within the Highlands severed. However, through a great struggle, the men and women of the Alliance were able to successfully repel the Dragonmaw invaders from the walls of Highbank.

For two weeks, Highbank has been rebuilding, while the majority of its ground forces have been making way onto the shore, where lies the next objective in the campaign to secure Highbank. The Dragonmaw Clan can easily simply attack the fortress again, placing it under another deadly siege, and so the Alliance must take the first attack. The Dragonmaw Clan holds the beachhead between Highbank and Dragonmaw Port, and the Alliance plans to secure it so that they can pin the Dragonmaw siege away from the shores of Highbank itself.

The Siege of Highbank continues just as a war two decades old remains fresh within the minds of the Dragonmaw orcs. The Call to Arms sounds once again as the Alliance prepares for a further push to this campaign. Will you risk your life so that the Twilight Highlands will know the meaning of a shattering war?

Phase One: Highbank and the Horde

It's been a while since I've posted for this, but I have no intention on letting this plan rot away. So, before I get afraid and don't post anything, I'm tossing this up.

The second event of three in the first phase of the eagerly prepped-for storyline, War in the Highlands, is going to be going down at 3:00 PM Server Time on Sunday, October 20th. All Alliance characters are welcome to attend - be you hero, mercenary, soldier, or even moderately evil person.

This second event will feature another intense combat scene with this being the Alliance's counterattack of sorts against the Dragonmaw orcs of Dragonmaw Port. I hope to see some faces old and new show up!
After reviewing the time sheet for the competition this saturday (which carries over into sunday), it seems I'm out of luck as far as running this at a reasonable time this weekend. Postponing a week. Sorry, all.
Second event's in two hours! Be there or be square!
I have absolutely no intention on letting this chain rot. I will definitely be picking this chain back up after winter break! Until then!
You have Farina's claymore!


Despite the temperate temperatures of the home of the Wildhammer Clan, the Twilight Highlands faced a hard winter. The Alliance's forces rebuilt Highbank's defenses and successfully made it through the heavy snows from the western mountains. With the winter's snows calming as the second month of the year approaches, the Alliance is prepared to strike out again at its stalemating opponent, the Dragonmaw Clan.

Tossing aside their fur coats and woodcutters axes, the men and women of Highbank now prepare sword and shield again to defend the honor of the Alliance. The Dragonmaw also have noticed the change in the weather, and both sides are eager to once again combat with each other.

Highbank cannot be taken by the new and sudden who-attacks-first attitude. The Dragonmaw still hold the beach, and it is the will of High Commander Kurdran Wildhammer that it be taken once and for all. With the Dragonmaw once more alive and axes up, the Siege of Highbank begins once again.

The call to arms reaches once silent mouths as heralds all across the lands call for mercenaries and adventurers alike to make their way to the Twilight Highlands, to aid the push against the Dragonmaw Clan! Will you risk your entire life in Azeroth to push these vile orcs back and keep them silent?

Phase One: Highbank and the Horde

I told you I wasn't going to let it die, and I don't plan on letting it rot. War in the Highlands is definitely back!

The re-do of the second event in the War in the Highlands chain will be on Sunday, January 26th, at 3:00 PM Server Time.

This part of phase one will feature a counterattack against the Dragonmaw orcs of Dragonmaw Port, and a taking of the beachhead between Highbank and Dragonmaw Port.


The stalwart fortress and steadfast symbol of the Alliance within the Twilight Highlands, Highbank, stands strong and proud today. The Siege of Highbank has been, for the moment, lifted. However, there is a new and looming threat. While Highbank has been welcomed with several of Kurdran Wildhammer's kin on gryphons informing them of their efforts against the Dragonmaw across the Highlands, there also comes grim news. Dragonmaw Port is flourishing with new and advanced technology. Far more advanced than the orcish spears and bows they wielded barely weeks ago.

Examination of the technology has revealed that it is goblin in nature, and the source was unknown until recently when a freelance scout report was sent to the officers at Highbank. The report bore disturbing news; an entire facility devoted to supplying the region with goblin tech for a Horde invasion has been established on a spire not far east off the northern coasts of the Highlands. To prevent the Dragonmaw from gaining the upper hand in the fighting again, the Alliance must stage a sabotage strike on the Krazzworks.

The team of mercenaries and a few soldiers will be going in on gryphonback while a squadron of Wildhammer gryphon riders cause enough of a diversion for them to land and sabotage the production of the Krazzworks, at least buying Highbank the time to acquire safety measures against a goblin attack. If the plan succeeds, then the Alliance will determine the orcs of Dragonmaw Port no longer a major threat, and can begin incursions into the actual Highlands against the Twilight's Hammer.

Will you risk your life in the air and on rickety, goblin platforms for the Alliance? The call to arms goes out, and all hands are given the day.

Phase One: Highbank and the Horde

The final event of three in phase one of War in the Highlands is coming up, guys! This will be a bit different than the other events in that killing people (woo combat) won't be the only objective. Sabotage is key!

Any race and class of the Alliance is welcome to attend these events. Hope to see a decent turnout!

Sunday, February 23rd at 2:00 PM Server Time is the day to play. Come on in and finish off the first phase of War in the Highlands!

Phase One: Highbank and the Horde


The Siege of Highbank was broken two weeks ago, and the daring sabotage against the Krazzworks has paid off. With the majority of its machines destroyed, it will take the goblin facility a while to rebuild. In this time, the walls of Highbank will be fitted with measures to counter goblin technology thanks largely in part to the gnomes of Tinkertown.

With the goblins crippled, Highbank will see brighter days. But there is still a war to fight, and the darkness of the Twilight Highlands awaits. Brave heroes and adventurers are needed to fight back the Twilight's Hammer and any who support them. With the Dragonmaw no longer a serious threat to Highbank, the forces of the Alliance can now turn to the mainland and begin doing battle with the Twilight's Hammer.

For now, however, a small victory can be celebrated, and a long-needed respite for the men and women of Highbank.

For the King! For the Alliance!

Phase One, Highbank and the Horde, of War in the Highlands has concluded. Phase Two will be coming eventually.