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Hello CotH!

As you may know, we introduced the Mentor Program a while back and opened up for people to apply to the position of "Mentor".

It's been a while since we opened up applications, but now we've got a few volunteers lined up and awarded with a fancy Frostwolf forum medal.

[Image: mentor.png]

Thank you , , and for volunteering.

The application forum will still stay open and we will promote more Mentors as there's a demand, so don't be discouraged if you weren't selected this time. And, to note, there's nothing stopping the rest of you from being extra nice to our new players. ;) Don't need a medal for that!

All the Mentors will be assigned Peons out of those who have signed up for the Program as soon as possible. :)

This thread will be used to announced all future Mentor promotions as well, since they will be happening rather frequently, whenever demand rises! (New people join all the time, after all!) All the current Mentors can always be viewed on the Award page.

Thank you again!

The GM Team

This is gonna be my mentoring theme-song. I'm gonna mentor so many fellers your heads are gonna spin.

... Thanks for choosing me!
Should be this, Maul.

That award logo thingy looks threatening and evil.

BUT! I wish you the best, mentors. You're all nice guys.
Those peons will certainly be noticed by these senpai.
, that's the Frostwolf sigil!
(12-01-2013, 09:15 AM)Rowgen Wrote: [ -> ], that's the Frostwolf sigil!

Doesn't make it any less threatening.
Imagine if we used the Black Tooth Grin flag for a sigil that represents adopting peons:

[Image: LastSmile.gif]

It wouldn't be intimidating at all!
But loxxy. How can I be a respectable member of the community without a badge?
I vote for Silver Hand badges, because we're way more noblebright >:C
You will take your Frostwolf badge and you will like it.
Giving this a bump! We're thinking of potentially handing out another badge or two, so if you ever thought of applying for Mentorship, now would be a good time to post an application or update it!
We've selected two new Mentors!

Thank you, and , for volunteering!
I'm very glad to be part of the program. Thank you! :)
Hey, thanks for picking me! I can't wait to get started!
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