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Full Version: Winter's Veil Gifts! (2013)
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Happy Winter's Veil, everyone! I hope the holidays have been treating everyone well.

As with the past several years, gifts will be handed out tomorrow, December 25th, starting at about 12pm or so server time (Pacific). Greatfather Grakor will be returning to take requests for goodies, but keep in mind there are some guidelines!

Quote:Now, bear in mind that there will be some restriction to items, and depending on what you request you may not be allowed to use it ICly. We will probably state as much when any certain item is requested. Also, no heroic gear (or equivalent-level PvP gear) will be gifted, sorry! Think of something fun to request! Preferably, write up a list of your top three choices in case your first or second choice is declined.

For anyone not able to attend, a separate thread will be started after the event to put requests in. Keep an eye out for it!

For gift ideas or to see what was given last year (or see what folks get this year as it's happening), feel free to visit the spreadsheet!

As mentioned above, while Greatfather Grakor can be quite generous and have a variety of gifts, not everything can be accommodated. So, please be certain to have several choices in case the first one or two cannot be given.

Again, a separate thread will be created later for those that are unable to attend and receive their gifts tomorrow. Also as a note, historically title requests in the subsequent thread have been a challenge to accommodate because it required me giving it. However, with Lox and Reigen able to fulfill such requests it should not be as much of an issue.
I'll be standing outside Greatfather Grakor's Grotto, telling children he doesn't exist and it's just a human wearing green skin.
…My first ever Christmas on CoTH. IT'S BEEN WONDERFUL!
You know what I want, pookie. ;D
My only wish is that Cressy's signatures would stop scaring me ._.
…More cats?
It's already Christmas! You people live in the past!
This is America.

…Let's change the subject…
Merry Christmas, :3
Now I'm scared.
Can Grandfather Grak grant me a small goblin house in Org?

If not, coal will do! Or a gob helicopter. Or WoW Gold! Or Kretol's head!
Umm... umm... I guess I'll share my character's requests towards Greatfather Grakor, why not?

So - Therese would absolutely love the title "Loremaster".
- Ithillan dreams about "Invincible's Reins"
- Mal'Taxian claims he has everything but the title "Salty"

Hope that one of them would have a better Christmas by making their wish come true! :D

Thanks! (I hope I didn't post this too late)
You don't even have to post it! Just sit down on Greatfather Grakor's lap and tell him what you want when the time comes.
Might be worth mentioning that you only get ONE gift per PLAYER. If it didn't change..
I might not be on tomorrow, I can't make it later today, and while I know this isn't the place for it, I'll be damned If I miss another Winter's Viel gift here. I've never gotten a thingie before, and Ive been here for years. ;-;

So, what I'd like is:
1. the Ghastly Charger for Flora
2. the Vial of the Sands for Flora, because that horse is cool, but OoC shenanigans are fun if its not available
3. the Picnic basket TCG item, again, for Flora.
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