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Full Version: "Years of Service" Awards
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Many of you have noticed that we have the neat numbered "years of service" awards. was hard at work handing them out to people before, but I figured I'd open a thread here so people can give us a poke if they want one and we didn't get around to giving them before.

There's really no function to it beyond having this big flashy number to your name. It's a neat function!
The numbers are going to be made smaller, as a note!
Right. I've been here since '08. Gimmie gimmie gimmie.
But your join date says Jun 2010!

Ask any Vet, Lox. Kret himself can attest to my likeness to the proud American Cockroach. I used to go by the name "Glain123", but that was years ago.
Fixed, then. Even I (EVEN IIIIII) remember Glain123, so. :P Didn't know it was you, though.
Again. I am the Proud American Cockroach. I will never truly be gone. Flush me down the toilet and I will swim back up.
I signed up in 1983. I want this fixed.
Sorry! Our medals only go 7 years back.
Well, as of May this year (in a few months), I finally hit 5 years. (There is an issue with my join date due to account edits and problems.)

Technically you can say I already hit 5 years, because my account first was made then - however, I was not really active at all until May.
That's preposterous! You'll hear from my lawyers!
(01-10-2014, 11:48 AM)Roxas65 Wrote: [ -> ]I signed up in 1983. I want this fixed.

wasn't even born yet! You must be from the future.

(I don't want an award, I just had to point out Roxas' time wizardry...)
I'm a Time Lord. My TARDIS console picks up internet from all eras up until 2070 when it was destroyed to prevent Skynet for the fifth time. It's alright if you don't have a 20 year medal. Just give me three 7 year medals. I can grow into it.
Since... 2011, though joined in the last month of said year so one year!
How do we remove the awards from our flesh profile?
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