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Full Version: Rain on the Mountains: The Plains of Loch Modan (02-16-2014)
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Date: 02-16-2014

Rain on the Mountains: The Plains of Loch Modan

"Ye' sure ye' want ta' go through with this, General Dawnhammer? Ye' know ye' can always stay here an' hold Thelsamar with us..."

"Nae, I'm sure... We've lost too much an' risked too much in this war. If we stay here too long, Thelsamar will fall. Mark my words, Mountaineer."

"An' what makes ye' think that, General? After yer' recent victory, surely you know tha' Regiment can help us."

"Their leader will stop at nothin' ta' get what he wants. Which is myself dead, along with tha' Regiment, an' Loch Modan falling to tha' Twilight. This decision has not been made so easily, but will allow Thelsamar ta' bolster their defenses. My plan will work."

"What be this plan, General, if I'd be so nosey as ta' ask?"

"March out ta' tha' Excavation Site to tha' East. Bunk down in there an' divert tha' Twilight's attention away from Thelsamar onto our position. Then tha' rest if fer' tha' Light ta' decide."

"But that's suicide, General! Ye' walkin' into a slaughter!"

"Aye, I know. But sacrifices must be made in order fer' our country to be free of invaders once more, lad."

"I understand, General... Light's speed."

[Image: Theregiment-emblem.png]

Rain on the Mountains: The Plains of Loch Modan

Will you answer the call of Khaz Modan?

The men and women of the Regiment have been called by their General, in their time of greatest urgency, to come to a harsh reality. If they stay in Thelsamar, the tow will fall. It is now that the Regiment have decided to march towards the Ironband Excavation Site, claiming it as the location in which these valiant fighters will make one bloody and final stand.

Though their strength and valor have been tested many times, the General rallies the call of arms to any and all Alliance soldiers loyal to Khaz Modan, those willing to give their lives for their beloved mountain ranges and varying peaks...

Out of Character

What Time?: The event will start as usual, at 12 PM Server Time!

Who can come?: Any Alliance soldiers or mercenaries who would die shoulder to shoulder with their beloved Dwarvern comrades!

Where?: The Event will begin in Thelsamar, where the Regiment will be gathering their soldiers for the trek across the plains!

Now I know the whole events have lead to the whole "Death" issue. As with my events, CWs are only issues if you do something insanely stupid! I urge people to come to my events with curiousity as to what is to happen. I will not answer questions about "What will happen" otherwise there is no point doing the events! I hope you enjoy!

If you wish to recap on the current events, here is the link to the main Rain on the Mountains Thread!:
When will this take place ?
As the date states, tomorrow. ^^