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Full Version: Rain on the Mountains: Extinction (04-05-2014)
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Date: 04-05-2014

Rain on the Mountains: Extinction

[Image: Theregiment-emblem.png]

Rain on the Mountains: Extinction

In Character:

Loch Modan grew still in the wake of the war. Ever still. Motionless. The sun blessed what soil had not be struck by foul darkness, radiating in the distance as a brief sunrise would come to view over the Excavation Site. After weeks of waiting, defenses were made, soldiers were healed. The Regiment and their allies were ready for the onslaught to come.

The ground shifted gradually, the soil itself crumbling beneath the weight of something mighty. Something large. The sound of plate, chain, all metal alike clashing together in an intimidating fashion. The General looked to his men, stout and brave in the face of their impending doom. A face of determination upon the General's face. He had waited for this time to come. The time in which they met their end...

In a matter of moments, the horizon would herald the apocalypse itself. The skies gradually morphed into dark, despicable hazes of twilight. Banners of the Hammer raised high, waving in the sudden gusts of wind that roared through the valleys.

This was the time. The time in which the General foresaw. The time in which the Regiment would give their lives for the masses. The time for extinction...

Out of Character

What Time?: The event will start as usual, at 12 PM Server Time!

Who can come?: Any Alliance soldiers or mercenaries who would die shoulder to shoulder with their beloved Dwarvern comrades!

Where?: The Event will begin in Ironband's Excavation Site, to the East of Thelsamar!

Now I know the whole events have lead to the whole "Death" issue. As with my events, CWs are only issues if you do something insanely stupid! I urge people to come to my events with curiousity as to what is to happen. I will not answer questions about "What will happen" otherwise there is no point doing the events! I hope you enjoy!

If you wish to recap on the current events, here is the link to the main Rain on the Mountains Thread!