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Full Version: War in the Highlands - Rallying the Wildhammer
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The Plan

The Dragonmaw threat was for the most part suppressed by the Alliance, and Highbank now turns its eyes on the rest of the Highlands. But what the soldiers of the Alliance saw in their battle against Dragonmaw Port and the Krazzworks was a fraction of what's to come on the mainland.

While the portal connecting Highbank to Stormwind City is a crucial boost to supply and reinforcements, the Alliance forces lack the basic knowledge of the Highlands and its make-up. Even the Wildhammer advisers among Alliance Command are not enough compared to on-hand experience.

Kurdran Wildhammer has devised a plan that will not only ensure that Alliance Command has its full intel but also supply the Alliance forces with a formidable amount of Wildhammer firepower. The struggle here, however, is that not all Wildhammer families are overly loyal to the Alliance, and are too busy with their own threats and troubles to aid the Alliance.

While High Commander Kurdran rallies the incoming reinforcements from Stormwind and Ironforge, Commander Dalikan Godford rallies his battalion of brave men and women to face their first fights on the dreaded mainland of the Twilight Highlands. Before a true foothold can be made in the mainland, the Wildhammer families must be united under Highbank's command.

The call to arms is not yet called, but the Highlands grow silent... A calm before the Wildhammer's storm.



The men and women of the Alliance in the Twilight Highlands shake with eagerness or true fear as the waves of the ocean crash on the shores of the dreaded mainland in this region. A gryphon rider has returned with dire news that many already suspected; the Wildhammer families aren't in a good position across the entirety of the Highlands. However, there is hope. One family sent the gryphon rider along with very good news.

The Wildhammer Dwarves that call themselves the Firebeard Clan will stand with the Alliance.

High Commander Kurdran Wildhammer's plan begins to take effect as Commander Dalikan Godford is tasked with gathering Highbank's forces to ensure that the Firebeard Clan is given its fair protection and will be able to advise Alliance Command on which clans to seek out.

The call to arms is sounded across all lands of the Alliance. Heroes, adventurers, mercenaries are needed to wrest control of the Twilight Highlands back to the Alliance and the Highlands' rightful rulers, the Wildhammer Dwarves. Will you risk your life and limb to take back what rightfully belongs to the Wildhammer Clan? Will you answer the call?

Men and women of the Alliance steel themselves. The true battle for the Highlands has yet to come.

Phase Two: Rallying the Wildhammer

The first event of five in this action-packed mid-phase of the War in the Highlands storyline is coming up. The objective of this mission will be mostly revealed as the event progresses, but it will contain small amounts of combat and MANY dwarves.

Bring your dwarves or dwarf-supporters, people! The Highlands are rank with war. The event will be taking place on Saturday, May 24th at 2:00 PM Server Time

Any race or class is welcome (Alliance only, sadly). Hope to see a good return to this chain. See you there!
Due to time constraints, the event has been postponed to next Sunday, June 1st at the same time of day.
I shall try to attend.
Sooooooooooo... Guess what.

My friend IRL gave me his old harddrive (which has a crapton more space than my old one) and I installed it into my computer a few days ago, but it didn't register with me that I'd have to completely re-torrent the WoW files until about an hour ago, and it's going to take four hours to re-torrent and I don't have time later today to postpone it for today... So... Yeah. In other words, the event today is going to be postponed. Again. Next Sunday, this time! Same time of day and all that!


With the arrival of the men and women of Highbank, the base of the Firebeard Clan has stabilized. Lieutenant Fawkes is overseeing the incoming Wildhammer forces, but the day is good. Alliance Command has won over support of one of the major Wildhammer families, so it is only a matter of time before the support of all other Wildhammer families is swayed to the Alliance's favor.

In the meantime, more is needed to be done. While Kurdran oversees the campaign against the Twilights in the mainland, where most of Highbank's forces are now focused, Commander Godford has been tasked with bringing more of the families to Highbank. Keegan Firebeard has advised that the Alliance seek out the Doyle and Mullan clans before any else, and so the objective is clear.

Adventurers, heroes, and mercenaries are once again called to the cause of the Alliance. The first major family in sights is the Mullan clan. The Mullans are a trusty people, good on their word, but hard to sway, so any that choose to accompany Commander Godford on this mission should keep in mind that whatever they task the Alliance's envoys with will likely be dangerous.

Will you help bring the Mullan Clan under the Alliance's banner? Will you risk life and limb to see that the Twilight's Hammer is vanquished at the heart of their operations?

Men and women of the Alliance steel yourselves! The Battle of the Twilight Highlands is just now beginning!

Phase Two: Rallying the Wildhammer

The second event of five in this dwarf-packed chain will involve a little less combat (it's still there, of course), and a bit more of good old fashioned dwarven stubbornness. So bring your dwarves or dwarf-supporters and fight for the dwarves!

This second event of phase two will be going down on Sunday, June 15th, at 2:00 PM Server Time. Be there!

Any race or class is welcome (The Alliance doesn't care as long as it happens on the battlefield). See you there!
Wow, I make a habit of postponing stuff! I completely spaced that tomorrow (for me, at least) is Father's Day!

On that note, Next Sunday, June 22nd, at the same server time will be the day
So far, I'll be able to attend! You'll have my dwarf.
... And this is why I hate my selective memory.

So, since I was busy the day of the event and completely forgot about this thread!

Saturday, July 12th, at 2 PM Server Time will be the new time of the event!
Postponed again due to low server population on the day of. Saturday, July 19th, at 2:00 PM Server Time is the new time.
.. Herp, forgot all about it; Got D&D planned saturday so won't be able to make it, our sessions drag on for like.. six to eight hours. *_*

Oh well. Hope it works out! I enjoyed the first event!
Due to the sudden happening of a job interview that 2 PM would be cutting really close to, I'm pulling the start time back two hours, so it's today at noon server time (in two hours!) Be there!


The Mullan Clan has pledged their support to the Alliance forces at Highbank, sending their best gryphon riders to aid in the greater fight. The acquisition of these forces was an interesting affair, involving a Twilight ambush and a very bloody conflict afterwards which ended simply with the Mullan Clan's representative shouting with glee 'That was awesome!' However, for this good news, bad news also has come. Lieutenant Fawkes, accompanied by Corporal Mayes, was sent to investigate and gain the support of the Doyle Clan. When they arrived, the entire Doyle Clan had already been slaughtered, and the battalion of Alliance soldiers was ambushed on all sides by the Hammer's forces. The only known survivors initially were Corporal Mayes, who was sent with this news to Commander Godford, Lieutenant Fawkes, and three of his men. While the occasional survivor of the ambush is finding their way back to Highbank, there cannot be anymore than twenty still alive from the ambush out of near two hundred men.

While many letters are being sent home today, the Wildhammer families are still at risk of their demise. What happened to the Doyle Clan cannot happen again, and so the Alliance is pushing for immediate action to secure and reinforce all of the other Wildhammer families. Lieutenant Fawkes will be sent to the home of the Moore Clan, where Keegan Firebeard says the honorable gryphon riders of that family are known throughout the land. Meanwhile, Commander Godford will be leading a small team of mercenaries and adventurers to secure the aid of the Dunwald Clan, one which Keegan says is a relatively peaceful family of grains and seeds, but a battle-hardened one as well.

The Alliance sends out the call for all mercenaries, heroes, and adventurers. Will you risk your life in the Twilight Highlands? Will you fight for a greater cause, or for the gold promised?

Men and women of the Alliance steele themselves! The true battle for the Twilight Highlands is now.

Phase Two: Rallying the Wildhammer

The third event of five in this dwarf-packed chain will involve little combat (of course, always there) and more intrigue and running this time. You'll never know what will happen next! Bring your dwarves, your dwarf supporters, or just about anybody!

The third event of phase two will be Wednesday, July 23rd, at 1:00 PM Server Time.

See you there!


Commander Godford led a party of adventurers and soldiers to the home of the Dunwald Clan while Lieutenant Fawkes led his men to the Moore Clan. When the party arrived, they found nothing but dead bodies littering the streets of the Dunwald's home, dwarf and Twilight alike. Beckoned by the roar of dragons, they ran for shelter, stumbling into the Dunwald Holdout, where they found survivors. The five surviving dwarves, all part of the Dunwald family itself, told them that they were the only survivors, but the attackers were still present in the ruins. Refusing to leave for Highbank until their brethren were avenged, the Dunwald dwarves told the party of a passage that would allow them to take the Twilights by surprise.

Using the passage to their advantage, Commander Godford and the adventurers slew what was left of the attacking Twilight party, and through a very lengthy encounter also slew the Ettin that had led them. However, just as victory neared, dragon roars could be heard... Followed by the clap of thunder produced by stormhammers. Lieutenant Fawkes, triumphant, led his men alongside a force of Moore Clan gryphon riders to relieve the Commander's group and take them back to Highbank. At Highbank, the Alliance soldiers and Wildhammer dwarves celebrate. All of the major families have been accounted for...

All except one. The Thundermar Clan, the largest Wildhammer family in the entirety of the Twilight Highlands. Keegan Firebeard has warned, alongside Kurdran, that these dwarves make all other dwarves look agreeable to everything with their immense stubbornness. They have refused the multiple Alliance envoys that have been sent, but they are the last family standing alone. It's time for the Alliance to send another envoy, this time possibly more convincing. An envoy led by Commander Godford, his companions, Lieutenant Fawkes, and an army of three hundred of Highbank's best.

The Alliance sends out the call for mercenaries, heroes, and adventurers. Will you answer the call? Will you fight for the Alliance and your fellow dwarves?

Men and women of the Alliance steele themselves. The Battle of the Twilight Highlands is on... The battle to defeat the Twilights is still far away.

Phase Two: Rallying the Wildhammer

The fourth event of five in this dwarf-packed chain will be completely focused on combat - the Thundermar Clan will be in trouble, and we'll be there to help them.

The fourth event of phase two will be Sunday, July 27th, at 1:00 PM Server Time.

See you there!


Arriving via portal to the Thundermar home town, Alliance forces found that the Thundermar Clan was already under attack by the Dragonmaw Orcs. Sending Lieutenant Fawkes and the primary Alliance infantry down to the ruined lower edges of the Thundermar Town, Commander Godford and the adventurers helped stop the invasion by using stormbolt crossbows to give the gryphon riders up above an advantage they exploited to kill the drake-riders of the Dragonmaw. When the battle was all said and done, a representative of the Thundermar Clan leader congratulated them on their victory, but also said that the leader would not pledge his support to the Alliance.

Unable to force the Thundermars into the Alliance without angering the rest of the Wildhammer families, Alliance Command was forced to draw their forces back from Thundermar and debate long and hard on what's to be done. After all options were brought up and then shot down, Kurdran Wildhammer himself came up with a solution. One that he knew Keegan Firebeard would not like.

In order to secure an alliance between the Thundermar Clan and Alliance Command, an old Wildhammer traditional marriage must be instituted. Keegan Firebeard would be the one being wed, to the Thundermar Clan Leader's sister. Once they are wed, Keegan would be able to, by traditional default, call on the Thundermar Clan to assist his cause in whatever he asks. This, thankfully, would be to bring the Thundermar Clan into the folds of the Alliance.

The newly announced wedding of Keegan Firebeard and Fanny Thundermar will finally seal the pledges of support between the Wildhammer dwarves and the Alliance. It will occur in Kirthaven, the religious sanctum of the Wildhammer Clan, and because of Kirthaven's proximity to the Maw of Madness, armed guards will be required. While the Thundermar Clan sends its own guards, Alliance Command has entrusted the task of Firebeard's 'guards' with Commander Dalikan Godford and whatever adventurers or soldiers he manages to bring under him.

The Alliance sends out the call for adventurers, mercenaries, and heroes. Will you come and ensure this final alliance is forged and see the Wildhammers to greatness again? Will you answer the call?

Men and women of the Alliance steele themselves. The battle to defeat the Twilight's Hammer once and for all is steadily approaching.

Phase Two: Rallying the Wildhammer

The fifth and final event of phase two in this dwarf-packed chain will involve a Wild, Wild, Wildhammer Wedding followed by a teeny bit of big-boss combat.

This event will be taking place on Sunday, August 17th at Noon-time Server Time.

See you there!
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