Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Thandol Span (06-21-2014)
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Date: 06-21-2014

Thandol Span

Thanol Span is in danger during the old wars with the dark iron the bridge has become damaged on top of the plague of southshore the Alliance fear the Horde (Forsaken) will head to Loch modan next. Holding Thandol Span is a critical point for the alliance.

Captain Louise Armstrong with a small group of alliance soldiers, dwarf Mansions and a handful of adventurers have come to repair the bridge and build a defense at one at the Bridge

The scouts have reported a small Horde (Forsaken) outpost in Arathi highlands that could endanger the mission

((This will also include a pvp event where Each faction rolls the higher roll of faction goes first starting with the commander followed by roll orders of the adventurers/NPC within the event until one faction commander is brought down to force a retreat)

Event plans to start at 7pm EST
This looks interesting. The commander concept seems like it'd be difficult to keep coordinated with players, but I'll try to drop by.