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Full Version: New guild
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Making a new guild in the coming days. Asked for some help from the GMs but they've got a lot going on. Looking for those interested in helping out, PM for details.
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(Does it have to do with elves?)
(11-11-2014, 06:26 AM)Caravan Wrote: [ -> ](Does it have to do with elves?)

Must be. Everyone loves elves.
Open to all races, and classes. More will be discussed privately. Most all the GM staff by now know of it as do those they speak with I'm sure. I only ask you don't ruin the surprise for those who enjoy it. PM me if interested, thanks guys!
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No, no, its fine. I'm not really a GM. Just not cool enough after all to know about the cool Grogloki thing...

OK seriously though, I'm fine being in the dark, but I'll do what I can if you need input/assistance. Go forth and be mysterious!
Those who messaged me have been replied too.
Lol the PM's are on fire! haha thank you all for the vote of confidence I promise to not disappoint. Keep'em coming, so far the roster is looking very interesting :)
Does this have any magical aspect to it? If so, I may be game.
Always my friend, there will be magics abound! You know me lol.
Gimme your skype, then! Or just message me.

Done, and done lol You know I gotta get down with my boy Edgar! Or at least one of your toons.