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Full Version: What's It Got In Its Pocketses? [Game]
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A little joke blossoming from GMI shenanigans with Tatiana, but -- What do your characters have in their pockets? Do they even have pockets?
And totally not asking so that Tatiana can come take your belongings and put them in her bottomless bag, that's so silly how could you think that?

I've discovered that:
Nefelorn has sticks in his pockets.
Remyl has a few coins, some dirty lady!Goblin photographs and a stone wedding ring.
Mahentosh doesn't wear pants.
Taryn: Herbs, lots and lots of herbs. Somewhere deep down, she carries bundles of letters from her family.
Khelynn: Weapons, herbs, dried food and water.
Zaeli: Engineering tools, bullets, spare parts.
Elina: Enough coin to hire herself a few good guards in case she gets lost.
Veracruz: A special pair of glasses and a few stolen coins.
Kate: Joints. Yes, the smoking kind. Also a set of brass knuckles and a flower-print handkerchief with her name embroidered in the corner.
Elara: Some money, house keys, and a small snack in case she gets hungry.
Narina: Nothing. Everything goes in her satchel.
Anera: Money, letters from her sister, small mementos reminding her of her old friends.
Modanna: Bullets and many many sweets.
Celen: A piece of paper, a napkin.. she has more pockets but she doesn't use them.
Tyestus: He's mute, so he has a pencil and a notepad.
Cayia: No pockets.
Valia: A few pebbles.
Who even uses pockets?
  • Elil: A tarnished and worn plain gold band. A mechano-hog key with her name scratched into it. Several vials of what looks to be dried blood.
  • Arlyn: Enough jewelry to deck herself out like an ancient idol. Copious amounts of candy.
  • Kirinal: Not pockets per se - she's a Succubus wearing a thong and corset - but she carries numerous written recipes, archaeological research field notes and small samples of food.
  • Kynra: A small orb of rainbow obsidian. A note in bloodstained parchment.
  • Karak: Has no pockets.
  • Jayani: A rock wrapped over and over again with cloth. The black, obsidian rock is roughly the size of one's fist and seems to have been broken off a much larger rock. The rock glows with a faint purple light, faintly visible in daylight and easily seen in the dark. It is warm to the touch and, on its one smooth side, it is covered in cryptic runes that give one a headache if one stares at them for too long. What does it mean?
  • Taera: A smattering of spiritually-charged elementally-attuned gemstones; Storm-Sapphires, Flame Rubies, Earthliving Emeralds, etc.
Murzush: Sharpening Stones, Wax Tablet and a small rock with a fox carved in it.

Gutla: Tiny vials, Inkwell, small roles of paper and a little bronze key.
Doran: Folded up pictures of people he's close to.

Aendron: Some say it's where he keeps his wealth. Others say it's where he hides his emotions. In reality, it's where he keeps a few scrolls.

Matou: No pockets. Unless you count his hair, in which case it's sticks, mud, leaves, and a dagger made of bone.

Lovar'thil: A notebook, pen, and a vial of felblood.

Nefelorn: Various sticks and stones.

Leron: Notes for his next play and a picture of his family.
Geoni: Fountain pen and paper.
Ce: Fountain pen and paper.
Dakx: Fountain pen and paper.
Vol'fon: Fountain pen and paper.
Dailuu: Fountain pen and paper.
Troovo: Fountain pen and paper.
Pleasant: Teeth.

I have two kinds of characters.
Aidan - 126 Champion's Seals and one bar of Argent ration-chocolate.

Vaela - Hand-drawn portraits of Siara and Aurion, three locks of Siara's hair tied with string, and

Aurion - A large signet-ring, crumpled handwritten notes, and dried plant samples.