Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Wine, Mac, and CotH
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Just a quick note in case any Mac users didn't know! I may end up extending this to a short guide in time.

You can use the Custom GObject Patch here so long as you obtain a WoW .exe file and run it in Wine. Yup. Just run it directly in Wine. It shouldn't take any configuration at all. This also works if you use the WoD model patch on Mac.

Just check out the screenshot:
[Image: Rjp8bfm.jpg]
That little lava guy means it works! And no, you're not bugging out. I am playing a Nelf, not a Belf.

If you're not sure on what version of Wine to get, I use WineBottler. It comes with Wine and the app WineBottler to convert a .exe file into a .app for easy use. Though that requires knowledge in WineTricks which I'm not too well versed. If you do know about that flavor of things, though, I'd suggest WineSkin.

I'm sure this will be universal to any WoW patches. Mac and Windows clients are exactly the same, save for the .exe or .app for their respective OSes. That's why WoW is sold on hybrid disks! You can also use the same installer data files from a Windows install on a Mac and vis versa.