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Full Version: Shaaaring sooongs.
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Kretol Edit: Fixed for easy one-click linkage!
Thanks for the edit, Kretol! Forgot the url thingy.

Earth Intruders!
Well then, here's what I was listining to when you posted this
Totally off-topic, but I keep reading mrsmarsh and MrMarsh as "Mr Smash". *snickers*

Uh, uhhhhh... and now I bring you good, silly music.
The Lord of the Dance -Warrior
This is a song that makes me cry and I don't really know why.

Suffice to say, towards the end of the song when she really lets it all out, her voice hits me like a truck. :)

Nikka Costa - Push & Pull
A truck? Ow....

Random youtube/music I likes. Animated blood >.>
The Video is Rather ... Freaky but I love this song
This is a well done WoW vid! ice for teh halloween times as well. ^^
*giggles and applauds* That was really cute!

In return: My favorite music video.

And! Capoeira (source of the male troll dance), 'cos it's lovely:
I loled for reasons unknown there. Very nice! And now I know where that dance came from!

Here's some nice music, from Tomb Raider! I find this rather sootheing *nod nod*
Just thought I'd like to share a song that is one of my favorites at the moment by one of my favorite artists of all time. I.E Common

Warning: This may not be your kind of music... It is Hip-hop... but just give it a shot and listen to the message behind the words :)

It truely is a beautiful song ^___^
Ee, thank you Drelgaar! That song made me happy. <3 *dances* And the video is cute, too!