Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: A re-introduction!
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Hello and salutations!

It's been quite awhile since I've pondered about these forums. I seem to have missed quite a lot in the passed half decade. It's unfortunate to see that our beloved RP server has finally been met with the dreaded DMCA. I still have fond memories of days long gone now. No matter, I hope that everyone will still stick around in hopes that we can keep this community alive regardless of the loss. On that note...Hello again to the familiar ones and hello for the first time to the newer folks that I have not met yet. I look forward to getting to know you. Beer
Welcome back, Kainue! Good to see ya, even in such circumstances. Most folks have moved elsewhere, though I've noticed some still lurk around here occasionally. If you still seek WoW RP, I'd suggest to check out WoW Freedom, as that's where most have gone.
Other plans for here were to try out other games or worlds, but that wasn't really successful. There just didn't seem to be enough motivation, inspiration, or interest.