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Full Version: "Is the CotH Forum Still Up...?"
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This is for those groovy cats who asked themselves that question. This is the special club for people who care to check back. Who knows if I'll respond, or if anyone will respond. Consider it a guestbook of sorts, you oldies who look back here now and then.
Heh. Heheh.
I remember playing this growing up, it was so fun. Thanks for the CotH staff, the Administration...
Wow what a bunch of NERDS.
*Still waiting for the new Skin Thieves event or Northwind2...*
(01-19-2017, 01:41 AM)Aethon Wrote: [ -> ]*Still waiting for the new Skin Thieves event or Northwind2...*
I wish there was a way to Kick start this thing again....
who remembers me
Hey, beauties! <3
o/ .
I will never forget the community that made me who I am today. Be well, my friends.

I actually miss CotH quite a lot... is there another game that CotHers play en masse right now?
There's a few of us on Freedom RP server. Sorry for the late reply!
I still miss this server so much! :(
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