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Full Version: A simple question...
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Yes, it is only a simple question... Or rather more simple questions.

1. How much is the average waiting time at an introduction?

2. Only administrators can promote appliers to Peon?
Patience is the key. The rules can be read another hundred times if you want, but there is no general waiting time for an introduction. I waited three days, more or less. The best thing to do is chill, wait it out, read some forums. It's all worth it once the they get to your introduction, trust me.

I couldn't answer your second question, sorry.
Depends on how much time the GMs have on their hands. I think GMs and admins can promote.
Sure. Thank you for the answer.

(At least I had some time to go through all the Conquest of the Horde-Wiki... Including rules, again...)

P.S.: I haven't wanted to be offensive, excuse me if it looked like that. According to you, I will get assessed only in the new year... But it is worth of it, right...
Don't worry, I actually threw in my introduction in during the winterbreak. I thought the same thing-- They wouldn't even look at my introduction until the break was over. Although, they suprised me, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Grakor is the main guy doing all the intros at the moment so whenever he gets time to look at your application he will. :) Just wait it out and lurk a bit around the forums. I think it took a week or so for me.
If it's any consolation, I can't remember where but I remember Grakor saying that he worked on the intros in bundles.

Dunno if that helps but, yeah... Just wanted to throw that out there.
As I've said somewhere else with someone else who asked exactly the same questions as you:

A) The GMs are unpaid volunteers. They will get to the introductions when they have time.

B) If your introduction REALLY impresses us (or makes a really bad impression), it'll get approved or denied faster.
Thank you for the information, Qaza. (Maybe I haven't encountered that topic while reading thorugh 1000 other.)


I think the introduction system's slowness is already a test of the contestant. Of the contestant's nerve, and patience. Impatient applicants surely leave the server as soon as possible, and in 90%, these "impatienties" are those players, who you want to evade with this process.

By the way... I had some time (really some :) ), so I rolled through the server lore. The projects like Zul'Senjari and Shatterspear Village sound quite fair. (Maybe I'll betray my allegiance to the Alliance, and create a character on the Horde side.)

I'm looking forward to being assessed.

Seoran (also known as Cyrus)
Sorry to disappoint you but Zul'Senjari and Shatterspear Village were wiped away with the server upgrade, along with all the other custom content like the Azshara Crater stuff and the Qiraji invasion, so we won't be seeing any of those until we get to a point that they can start building the content up again without worrying over the updates and restarts erasing the info once again.
That's no problem. If here is really a real RP haven, then I won't miss any of those custom content.

I just have to wait a bit...
Vrahn Wrote:Grakor is the main guy doing all the intros at the moment so whenever he gets time to look at your application he will. :)

Pretty much. I'm one guy who's also doing other stuff on the server. I think I've RPed a whole twice since the server came up.

Hopefully things will become faster with the new year. I admit I'm not satisfied with how quickly the intros are going, but there's only so much I can do about it. I'm already working quite a bit. I'm hoping to eventually get more GMs working there to make the process faster, so we're not having people wait a week.

Regardless, another eleven approvals today. Enjoy.
Grakor456 Wrote:I think I've RPed a whole twice since the server came up.

We'll have to change that! That would be a rather quiet RP though, but that's off the topic, heh.