Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: "The Person Above Me" Game Is Back
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Yes, the return of the infamous person above me game! Because we all need a bit of cool off ya?

In the great words of Kretol. "The object is simply to post a reply saying something good about the poster above them. You can post as many times as you want in the thread, but please don't reply to your own posts, because it'd just be silly!"

And the person above me is actually non-excistant, or im jus seeing things! But if the person above me is infact the Blood elf then he seems very happy with his gal at his side. :D
The person above me had me confused until I scrolled up and looked at the banner.
The person above me cracks me up and makes me feel welcome. :)
The person above me should have her Troll star in mummy 3. *Nods*
The person above me deserves a *real* nice thing said, so - she is dedicated to this server and its RP and I admire it.
The person above me just made me *Glee*
The person above me makes a valid point. *snicker* Also, I hope to get the chance to RP with them more often.
The person above me is one of my most favorite people to RP with!
The person above has an ever twitching avi that makes me giggle.
The person above me is an awesome person and deserves much <3's... so *flings much <3's in your general direction*
The person above me was engaged in a never ending tank duel with me.
The person above me's bouncing ducky makes me giggle and try to imitate it.
The person above me has no avatar for me to make fun of o..o
The person above me has an awesome sig :)
The person above me gets showerd in <3 too. *Showers Drel with <3's* ^_^