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Full Version: The New Slate
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This may be exceedingly "Let's all join hands and sing Kumbaya" of me, but I'll make the thread regardless. Ignore it or not as you like.

I had a surf through the wiki and found myself once again injected with enthusiasm; the idea of training a character to get a title (and maybe not even getting it) has got my creative mind going - just in time as I've been asked to start a writing project and I haven't been able to think of a single thing. Considering I've been having serious creative writing withdrawls of late, I'm looking forward to the opening of the server with anticipation. I've been surfing round other private servers and I can honestly say I am appalled at how people treat one another on these servers, not to mention the rp was largely nonexistent.

So while I look at the server status here and hope, I still have a bit of a qualm; even though the servers have been down and may potentially be opened in the near future, will old grudges remain? Are people going to pick up where they left off after a week and begin the same old arguments and rants all over again? It makes me cringe, but I cannot deny the possibility.

However, possibilities begin and end with ourselves. As a result, here is my own oath and promise.

I hereby apologise to anyone I may have offended either IC or OOC. I am not going to nullify said apology by giving a long-drawn out explanation as to why I do as I do, as it's beside the point. The fact remains there are those who did not appreciate it and it created ill will, which is unacceptable and creates a rather tense environment. I hope I may be forgiven and we can now let it go.

I also wish to make amends with all and sundry, and take the clean slate to heart, starting on a new leaf without harbouring the ill will of the past. Let's not pick up where we left off in arguments and snipe at each other the instant we get back online. I'll be doing my part to attempt to keep a drama-free zone. I thus encourage people who may have had issue with me because of something someone else said to come to ME directly if they must in order to bury the hatchet. Take nothing second-hand to heart as it may have been lost in interpretation.

I ask people to kindly keep me out of their squabbles with other people. I abhor being asked to take sides. I don't want to hear about what a jerk/wench so and so is and how much they pissed you off earlier and why you don't want to speak to them while insinuating why I shouldn't speak to them either. Please deal with your own battles without trying to assemble an army. I'm here for rp. If your character gives me joy to rp with, either comraderie or antagonistic WITHOUT it being dragged OOC, then that's all I care about in the end. Again, let's bury the hatchet on this and deal with our issues ourselves before they fester.

I don't expect anyone else to add their own affirmations. I'm merely adding my own - and accepting my own role in the health of the server as a player, and thus my responsibility to it. I'm wiping the slate clean...and like a writer, I'm staring at the empty page, just waiting for the flash of inspiration which will make the first sentence appear. The first sentence is always the hardest, after all. After that, the story tells itself.