Conquest of the Horde

Full Version: Mail/Auction House Bug
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Just putting up a report on the mail and Auction House problems. On Hordeside, this might not be getting noticed as my Blood Knight can receive items from the Auction House without trouble, but in Stormwind the Auction House only sends you a letter letting you know what items you purchased, but not actually the items.

The mail itself on Alliance side doesn't appear to be working, as I can't send mail or items through the post to other players on Alliance side. At one time I believe we could even send mail cross-faction, but that is no longer the case.

Bug confirmed. I received no beaded dress for my fifteen silver. ;_;
Mail in general appears to be borked (again :) ), and there are some items on the auction house that should not be there (olllllld school mounts that require, say, kodo riding instead of just riding).
The auction house is fixed, but the mail system is still screwed up.