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Full Version: Failtastical!
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I've already reported this in the bug reporting section (Under 3.1.3 bugs), buuut I've decided to re-post it in Technical Support since it seems like I'm the only one having the problem.

Please note before reading:
-Cache has been purged on multiple occasions.
-Video settings are irrelevant. I'm been fiddling around with them for about a day now and I've found no option that fixes the problem. The problem also doesn't change whether settings are set to the lowest or the highest.
-This is not caused by any of my addons (I'm pretty sure).
-Relogging, restarting the game, or restarting the computer does not help.
-This does not happen before 3.1.0. After patching to 3.1.0 I tried logging on before patching the rest to see if this made a difference. It didn't. (I could tell despite not being able to log on because the frostwyrm on the login screen is fudged up, too.)

[Image: wowscrnshot072209111422.jpg]
[Image: wowscrnshot072109192254.jpg]
[Image: wowscrnshot072109192322.jpg]

The good news is that I can finally roleplay as the headless horseman. The bad news is... Well, everything else. This is preeeetty game-breaking for me. It's hard to roleplay when most of your face is missing, you know?

Now, I'll post the specs of the crappiest computer in existence so that we can compare it with my computer's specs:

Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)
System Model: OptiPlex GX110
Processor: Intel Pentium III, ~860MHz
Memory: 510MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

(Video Card) Device Name: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500
Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6177 (English
Driver Date: 7/15/2004 12:42:00
Driver DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled
AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled
Oshi-... That's mine. Welp, aside from my computer being the shittiest in existence, does anyone know what the hell's going on here?

Also, I've browsed tech support on the official WoW forums to see if this is a retail bug, too. From what I've gathered, it's likely that some files were corrupted. But I've tried both running repair.exe and re-patching, but no dice.
Since the repair tool didn't work, all I can suggest is to try a complete reinstall... unless it's just an issue due to an old computer or video card. *boggles* Odd as it may sound, I'm not exactly surprised that problems can just crop up after a major patch.
Alright, I'll try a complete reinstall then. But I'm fairly certain it's not due to my video card since it's loading more or less the same models as it was pre-patch. I haven't updated gear or anything, and running the settings on ultra works fine (besides the framerate drop) for everything except my and a few other people's character models.

Wish me luck with the reinstalling.
Good luck!
Kretol Wrote:Good luck!

What he said!
. . .


Have you tried deleting your addons? I know you are pretty sure it isn't the source, but I had once had this problem on retail, I deleted all my addons and it went away. It could just be corrupting the other files. . .

Butt! It is atleast worth a try.
Yeah go for the deletion of addons first. "Pretty sure" doesn't work, be absolutely sure before you go reinstalling it from scratch.
Although that's my recommendation as well, a clean reinstall.

Lulz at Tyralei, she looks like a dwarf. xD xD
Sorry if I wasn't clear with the 'pretty sure' part. The bug first happened on my copied version - I had two copies of WoW and the copied one was patched up for testing, but there were no addons on the copied version. Not sure if the repair.exe deleted them or if they didn't copy over, but none of my addons were enabled when it first happened.

But, the addons that Blizzard had put in were still running when my others were not, so it could have been Blizzard's. I'm already reinstalling and all addons have been trashed, though, so we'll see.
Well, I did a full, clean reinstall and the same problem is still there. I'm at wit's end here. Addons are fully disabled, too, even Blizzard's. Damn you, 3.1.3!

I'll bite. Does anyone have any clue what's going on?
Not a clue, then, I usually don't. Maybe foraging some in the Blizzard forums could help you?
Chances are this is your video card. It may seem odd enough, but it might just be getting too old. The FX 5500 wasn't the top of the line even when it was released, and in this day and age it's not getting any better. Something isn't drawing bits of the model and the texture, so it's either insufficient power on your GPU side or corrpution on the game side.

Edit: AND UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS!!!! Seeing a driver date from 2004 makes me shiver in my boots.
Update: The model issue has been resolved. I got some help from "Blamblaster" ingame (not sure of his forum name), he's been a big help.

Here's how to fix the issue, in case anyone has this problem in the future. Credit goes to Blamblaster:

-Open WTF folder
-Open in notepad (Make sure to have a backup of the original just in case.)
-Scroll past all the gibberish and start a new line. In this new line, type EXACTLY this, captialize perfectly and do not ignore quotes:
SET gxApi "opengl"
-Save and open WoW again and the problem should be fixed.

But, there is a drawback to doing this. Since logging on with OpenGL, my framerate has plummeted. From a previous record of 10, it's now 1, even with all my video settings at the lowest. I'm going to try finding some new drivers for it, though, maybe that will help.
Chances are that Blizz implemented the use of the new OpenGL revision. You had your config tell the application to use OpenGL to render everything, instead of Direct3D which is much lighter on resources but a lot less powerful, which is why i'm thinking that it can't draw up everything at once. I suggest upgrading to a new card, a good one can be around $100USD, pretty much two or three weeks of work on a biweekly paycheck. Some cards just can't handle all of it, and OpenGL renders everything with a higher limit than D3D, and upgrading a card is always nice.
This is where the name of the thread comes in on my part. I just got finished updating my drivers, and the models run fine with Direct3D now. Don't ask me why I didn't just do it the first time it was pointed out that the drivers were old as hell, I don't know either.

*Waits for ensuing noggin-bonks*

This is no reason I shouldn't get a new video card anyways, though. :mrgreen:
You shouldn't have to tweak your config settings to get things to work correctly, it's good the updates work, experimental updates also work sometimes... and other times.. they make it so you can't run period...