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(This guide was originally compiled by Shademourne, though the author has been changed to Brutal so he can assist with updating it)

Hello everyone, Welcome to Conquest of the Horde. Lately I have noticed that many of you have had a plethera of questions you want answered, and are too lazy to go to the wiki!~ So. I have set out to make a fully comprehensive guide to possibly help you along your way here at Our little piece of internet heaven, CoTH.

First thing is first. No, Literally, Time to cover eveyone's first steps here on Coth, The Introduction system!


My god, I searched Google and found a Private WoW Rp server, how can I get in on this?

First you need an introduction! An Introduction is basically our way of seeing how you are as a player and Roleplayer BEFORE you come and join us, Everyone needs an Introduction, so to get started we need you to write one up.

Of course there is a Wrong way to write an introduction AND a right way. I'm going to give some examples of these!

First, The wrong way.
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Hi! I'm a good player who has Roleplayed forever!

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
US, English.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I opened the package, and loved it since.

What made you seek our server over others?:
It was the first one on Google.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I like fight rps.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I like Nelves 'Cus their Hot.

What are your expectations of this server?:
I want other people to play with me, and RP good.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
No Power gaming, I'm tired of people telling me what I can and Can't do.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
I would but I think I'd do better showin' you in game!

Now, Let's break this down.

First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Hi! I'm a good player who has Roleplayed forever! (Here, you aren't actually giving us any information we don't already probably know by you actually taking the initiative to find us, tell us more about yourself, we want to know YOU.)

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
US, English.(Here, okay, okay you answered the question, but you didn't do it well. Here all you need to do if make it an actual full thought. Not just one sentence that is 'easy' to do.)

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I opened the package, and loved it since. (Here, once again, all you have done is told us you bought the game, we want to know how you got into Roleplay as a WHOLE, tell us what game you started at and what you think of it, we're getting to know you, after all.)

What made you seek our server over others?:
It was the first one on Google.(Alright alright, you are being brash and telling us the truth, but the thing is, we want to know suggestions about what made us stick out, so we can possibly better ourselves by knowing what is wrong with others!)

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I like fight rps.(This is another, you did not answer the full thought type of thing, We want to know why you like this type of RP, what makes it appeal to you, and how you yourself do it!)

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I like Nelves 'Cus their Hot.(Here all you are doing is showing everyone, why yes, you think purple skin is hot. You really don't know much about RP. You need to show us what in the Lore of said race is appealing to you, and how you can portray that race well!)

What are your expectations of this server?:
I want other people to play with me, and RP good.(This is simply another way we are asking you, as the potential player, to tell us how we can possibly improve ourselves as a community to more fit your gaming needs. So please, tell us how we can help you! We will atleast try, I can promise you that much.)

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
No Power gaming, I'm tired of people telling me what I can and Can't do.(Here you have answered our question, but you haven't gone into detail, or even checked your definition for correctness! Our rules are here to ensure you get the best gaming experiance possible, so please tell us why you think the rule you picked is the best.)

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
I would but I think I'd do better showin' you in game!( THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS QUESTION IS TO SHOW US HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT RP! Make sure you know this. You -need- to have this part filled out. Even if it is a 5 line example of RP, it is still an example, you need to show us that you are good at spelling, grammar, imagination, and even immersiveness into rp!)

Now, The way it should look when all steps have been considered and it is said and done!

First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
OOC: I'm what you would call a follower, and someone who would take loads of weight off others. What I mean is that people would be able to tell me to do something, and I would just go and do it. When I got into World of Warcraft, which I just casually found on the shelf of best buy :], I was always the low ranking private in my guild(s). Its not because I'm cruel, or dis mannered, but its because I really never did anything to get my rank higher. Staying in the "lows" was good enough for me, just taking orders and carrying them out :]. When I mentioned guild(s), I was always moving because my other guild I would be in would transfer servers because my server would ALWAYS be over populated, having to wait on que times. When I did began World of Warcraft, I found that role-playing seemed to be the funnest aspect. I loved to be someone who would join an epic adventure, or just the average Joe having fun at the bar! I found retail would only give me limits because I couldn't grab the gear I wanted to role-play with unless I went through some hard and time consuming stuff. Not that I don't like to do that, but because I found Conquest of the Horde before I could make my mind up :]. I hope you will greet me with arms wide open.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I was born in Seoul, Korea in 1989 and came to America in 2000. I can speak English very well and Korean is my primary language.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
If you mean Warcraft 3, then it was my friend lent the game to me. When I played it, I loved it as much as Starcraft, and World of Warcraft made it even better.

What made you seek our server over others?:
Well, of course! The Role-play aspect! :] And when I was browsing Youtube, I found that many players did NOT like your server because things like an application and waiting. This showed that those other RP servers may not have as many patient people like this one you have here. Waiting for a response and an application setup to me, was a great thing to do in order to rule out people who the GM's may not want. (This may include me depending on what you think of my application.)

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I enjoy MANY and I mean MANY types of Role-play. In fact, I would do any that comes across to me, that would allow me to be able to join!

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Well.. That is a very hard choice. I love all the races in World of Warcraft because of their own personal traits. I would see the Draenei as a holy race, who wish the purify the horrid in the world. The Humans as a proud race of people, who would show their spirit no matter where they are, or what they face. The Gnomes as a race of intelligent, yet curious group. The Dwarfs, a group of strong, stout battle ready warriors that are very interested in culture, especially the one they do not know most of... Themselves. The Night elfs as a nature race. They show that they will blend with nature, using the forests as their support and their very deadly weapon to create traps in order destroy any those who wish to destroy their preserved lands. The Orcs as a savage race, but who care for their people showing their determination as a group, and as proud warriors. Trolls as cunning as a cat, showing only their backs after a short, one-sided battle. Tauren as a shamanistic race, believing the nature is the world's power, and the way to follow to become wise, yet powerful all the same. The undead showing hatred for nearly all, yet inside... A strong sense of love that may be reborn through events. And finally, the blood elfs as magic hungry, but take up ways to show that they do not need magic as a drug, but as a helper. This is just what I think though. :]

What are your expectations of this server?:
The feeling of being able to role-play with friendly groups of people, either with inexperienced or experienced group of people.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Definitely the Respect one. Respect is the most important thing in life to me because it shows that you would not go around being so rude to many of people who may want to become your friend, and show that they too have feelings.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
Lief begins to walk out of his house to only realize that their was nothing their for him. Looking out of his front door he sees his decayed crops laying their dead in the lands of Silverpine. He remembered his pain, but could not cry. After splitting away from the grasp of the Scrouage, he regained his thoughts, floods of memory coming back to him. After seeing a woman in this flood, he immediately went to Silverpine, seeing that he remembered that was his home. When he came he saw the house in ruins, and found a journal drenched in blood.. His journal. He read it until, he began to think it was all a dream..

So he slept.

He comes awake and brings us back to where he began. He reads the diary once again and finds a very heart wrenching paragraph.

"My dear wife, my beautiful Adeth,
Forgive me for my wrongs. So far all I've been doing is living a slow and dreary life that one would die of boredom. I know I may have not treated you well during your time, but I tell you this now, I did try my best. When you were here, you would always tell me to do something exciting, but I would always push it off. Well... Now is the time where you would give me a pat on the back. I am going to go and help fight off the scourage, who are soon to come to Lordaeron. I must pack and go now. I believe they will come in 5 days, and I must be there soon! I hope your soul will always guide me. I hope that you will protect me from the coming ev..."

He stops reading not because his heart hurts, but because there are no more lines. He doesn't remember how he died and why he left off like that. But he knows this, Undercity is a salvation for all free undead. He begins to look around to pack things, but knows his only thing to pack is the journal. He begins to walk toward Undercity, the journal tightly clenched in his hand. He speaks to himself as he turns to see the house again.

"I may not know how I died, but I know this for sure. Faith is my weapon, Faith is the cure, and the Light is the only way I will use to help others not feel the pain I just felt. This is my resolve... And I will carry this out. Adeth.. Protect me always with your heart."

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Nope! I hope we have fun!

( This is Heitrusans Introduction, he did an amzing job and I hope to see more like this! And Thank you Heitrusan for allowing me use of it!)

So, as you can see, this is how an Introduction should look once everything is said and done! I hope you all take what I've said into consideration, more guide to come!

Alright, by this point you should have a fully accepted, fully comprehensive Introduction! Now the fun part. Logging into the server.

Getting on the server.

First thing you need to know, the current patch we're on is stated on the front page of the site! Make sure you have this patch before you try to get on, if you don't have that one, you either need to patch up,(Using blizzards patcher, but watch out, it will go over your patch if you aren't actually keeping an eye on it.) Or Patch down, This can be done simply by going into your wow folder and Deleting the files Patch.MPQ and Patch-2.MPQ

You can find both of these files in your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data Directory, unless you put wow somewhere else, that is where they would be.

After deleting both of these files you need to run Repair.exe This can be found in your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft directory. As you run this is will say, World of Warcraft has been significantly damaged, and needs to be reverted to an earlier version. This is what YOU WANT TO SEE This means World of Warcraft will rever to 3.0.2, and it will update from there! Then all you need to do, is watch for our patch to come up, and Bam, your back on the server with your favorite Rp'ers.

Changing your

Next thing you need to do to connect is to go to your friendly WoW folder and change a few things in your This can be found in your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS directory. Open up with Notepad and look over your information there, it should say:

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal us

Here all you have to do is change the first two lines, to our realmlist, all you have to do it type it there instead of it should say, when it is all said in done it should look like this:

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal us

At this point all you need to do is SAVE, then you can get out of the light-forsaken Program files and login to the game!.. Finally.
Alright, I know, I know, You've all wanted to be here from the start, but There is ALOT to be covered here. The evil.. Dreaded..

Character Creation Process

Our old GM, retired, and loved GM friend Rensin also posted a good guide to races and classes. viewtopic.php?f=48&t=11716 as well as

Alright, this should be self-explanatory, Blizzard laid it all out so easily it made it to where 10 year-olds could do it! (If you had a hard time, no offense.) But, this being an Rp server, is ALOT more you need to have in mind.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, GO TO and make sure you understand all of the things there the server admins before me have laid out to you!


I know what your thinking, I'm human, I can play a good one. Well. of course you can! As long as you stick to the personality and lore you put BEHIND your character in the first place. There is a lot behind humans, if you need to find out about this lore, you can ask around, read your books or simply open up another tab on your fancy internet browser and head to This will give you a good introduction to playing a Human in warcraft as well as a decent layout of the history, with timelines available.

A quote from Brutalskars, "The problem with humans is that they are the most varied race in Warcraft. Humans have many skin tones, heights, weights. They all can have very varied ideals and thoughts. Unlike orcs and trolls; Humans have no were near the racial restrictions that the other races have. This leaves humans with a horribly large series of choices."

A few helpful things to know, The average height of a human is anywhere between 5'0 to 6'4, and weigh a minimum of 100 to an absolute maximum of 280lbs. You character should probably fall into those guidelines as well, also realize what classes your human should and has the actual probability of being in the first place.

Another quote from Brutalskars, "Human nationality is the most important part of playing a human; The primary human nations players will come from are Lordearon, Azeroth, Stromgarde and Dalaran. *Not everyone from Dalaran was a mage* Also think of the other nations like Alterac and Gilneas; Kul Tiras is also another nation you can consider. Overall though each nation has different ideals and ways of acting during war, trade, diplomacy and most importantly; Morals and thought patterns."

Now, if there is more you need to know you follow the links I posted here!


As much as you WISH it to be true, your human will never physically be able to overpower a good solid Orc. Orc's are not the stupid brutes you all think they are, they have an immersive culture over many clans, places, warchiefs, religions, and wars. All of which can be found on Make sure you know just how immersive and unique your background, personality, nationality, and beliefs can be.

Orcs can be anywhere from 6'1 to 7'4, but their slouches make them more like human height, They weigh anywhere from the females, being 110lbs, just like humans, to a solid, rock hard maximum of upwards near 400lbs for the heaviest of males, pure muscle.

And again, A quote from Brutalskars, "Orcs; a race of honor and warfare. The problem with orcs is that people to often assume orcs are stupid and war mongering. Orcs have fought to simply -survive-. Orcs are now slowly taking back their own old traditions of shamanism and hunting; this means ORCS ARE NOT STUPID! They are one of the most cunning races in Warcraft. They have won several wars based on pure will power and orcish might."

Another thing people need to realize are the sheer amount of clans your orc can be from, all from different parts of lore and azeroth.

Once again, our friend Brutalskars, "Orcs come from different clans in game; two of the largest clans being the Bleeding Hollow and Warsong Clans; Both clans have forces in the Horde, but by far the Warsong is much more prominant. The Frostwolf clan in Alterac Valley is very shamanistic. The Laughing Skull, a traitorous bunch, they backstabbed the Horde in the Second War twice, their leader faked death, twice and was an ogre. The Shattered Hand has many members. Very few are still members of the Horde. Many are fel orcs. The Blackrock Clan was the largest clan and still is. But hardly any of the dark skinned "gray orcs" have joined the Horde. Almost all of them are bent on destroying the Alliance. The Thunderlord Clan, or what is left of them, has joined the Horde as well as the Mag'har orcs of Outland."


FIRST THING YOU NEED TO KNOW, Gnomes are not an adorable race just for the loving and harassment of other races, they are Geniuses, and have tinkered their way to brutal and effective weaponry from any part of Azeroth. They are powerful wizards, effective rogues, and like some have shown, even for their small stature, can make fierce warriors.

Just like the others, I recommend to find the information you need if it is specific.

A gnome stands anywhere from 2'11 to 3'6, they are not big, but their size allows them to fit into smaller places, make compact tanks and aircraft, use less materails to outfit their warriors, and they easily go overlooked by the other races in battle. Gnomes weigh anywhere from 25 to 70lbs. They are not big, even the tallest gnome cannot be considered big by any means.

A quote from Heitrusan, "Most Gnomes are friendly and a very intellegent race, but there are a few select that are vicious warriors as well as strong tatical leaders. Although small in size, they will create weapons that will help tear their enemies to shreds. They've created most likely over 50% of the technology that the Alliance holds. One example of a strong Gnome warrior is a Gnome Steamwarrior. These are Gnomes that create robots, which they control from on top or from the inside to destroy their enemies with height and better weaponry. Missles, guns, blades, and even just using their machine's feets will bring an able Human warrior to his knees."

Make sure you know that just because you saw a gnome named Cutie fluffly megalove, doesn't mean all gnomes squeak and you and ask for hugs, speak like a little girl.

More from Heitrusan, "As for religion, most Gnomes do not believe in the Light, but mostly in their own technology, what they can wield and use to help them. There may be a VERY SMALL amount of Gnomes that do believe in the light, but there is hardly any that do."

Make sure you keep this in mind when you have put your sights on this small race.


The Tauren, also known as the Shu'Halo, are a beast race very attuned with the Earthmother. They are not an overly violent race, but if they find their way of life threatened, they will be the fiercest opponent you have ever fought. Some of them even wield Trees.

The Tauren range from the modest heights of 7' to 9' and can weigh an ENOURMOUS 300 to 700lbs. Tauren have never EVER been known to look outside their race for love and most of them are nomadic and purely shamanistic.

Other things you need to know about Tauren brough to you by our friendly site,, and our friend Maulbane.

Maulbane had this to say, "The Tauren have many stereotypes. Many think that they are either pacifist to the extreme, or ridiculous beasts of comic-relief that shout "Oogaloog smash mini creature!" The truth is that Tauren are peaceful, but they have the ability to rip you in half if need be. The Tauren have two major "Political" factions. The first being the one almost all Tauren are from, which is composed of all the tribes who joined Cairne after Thrall saved them from the Centaur. The most prominent of these tribes is the Bloodhoof, which the Tauren leader Cairne is from. These Taurens are the ones who are encouraged to kill anything that isn't Tauren, believing all other races, including Orcs, are inferior to them. They are based on brutality, raiding villages and destroying what they can, however they are tolerated in the other Tauren circles for now, which makes them playable.
Most Grimtotem are xenophobic, war-loving and black furred. Keep in mind that if you want to continue being a Grimtotem ICly you have to kill, or your tribesmen will consider you weak and execute you on the spot. The Grimtotem also had relations with the Forsaken before they broke off with the Horde. How far these relations went is unknown as of yet.
They may have even had a shaky friendship with the Scourge.

The Tauren were originally nomadic, so your Tauren you're rolling won't have been in Bloodhoof Village all his life. He would have been moving around the plains of Kalimdor, and yes, I said Kalimdor. The Tauren are spread almost everywhere in the continent, not just Mulgore. In fact, Mulgore is only a small portion of the lands they range, only a few of which are The Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains and Feralas, as well as Thousand Needles. The Tauren have a few static settlements, the most well known of them being Thunder Bluff. When Cairne organised all the Tauren tribes (Except the Grimtotem), he built a gigantic city on the mesas of Mulgore. This city is almost exclusively Tauren, as it is very hard to get there without being one. The only way to reach this city without actually walking is using a Wyvern, which are ICly expensive. The other scattered settlements are Bloodhoof Village, Camp Taurajo in The Barrens, Freewind Post in the Thousand Needles and many more.

Now, what do Tauren think of the other races? First and foremost, the Orcs. If you even know a little bit about lore, you should know they find the Orcs as one of their greatest allies ever, swearing a debt to them and standing by the side in almost everything they do, regardless of how questionable it is. The Trolls are also respected, but their cannibalism raises eyebrows. However, they loathe the Blood Elves and Forsaken, the former for the fact that they use not only the arcane, but fel magic without abandon, and the latter because of not only that, but the fact that they are -dead-. The concept of Undeath is still confusing and challenging to all their previous beliefs, and in their eyes the Deaders are an insult to the Earthmother and life itself. But, the Alliance? They do not know much about the Humans, or the other races of the Alliance, having only really met them in battle. They regard the Humans with hostility, but do not have personal hatred towards them. They dislike the Dwarves extremely due to the way they take everything they can from the earth, ripping it dry and still looking for more. They have even gone so far as to move into Mulgore and begin mining their sacred places. They barely know anything about Gnomes, but are suspicious of them because of how much they use mechanics and metals. Night Elves are their favorite race of the Alliance by far, even going so far as having an unstable peace with them. The Night Elves respect the Tauren as well, as they are even letting them into their towns and teaching them Druidism. Both races share the same beliefs, and as such are friendly to eachother, unless they must fight to help their allies in the Horde. Last of all, the Draenei. They really know nothing of these creatures, but keep them at arm's length because they are unknown.

So, finishing up, the Tauren can be very simple to RP, but very fun in my opinion, and there will always be a place for the fluffy big leviathans in my heart. Peace out, CotH."


The Dwarves are one of the most reclusive races in Warcraft, but they can also be one of the most fun to play, When they are not shut-up inside their mountain, they can be found hunting in the wilderness of Dun Morogh to starting Bar fights in World's End in Shattrath city!

Dwarves are varied, they are anywhere from 4' to 5' tall, a little higher then gnomes, their hunched over and stalky figure allows for them to punch a hole through the enemies defenses with a good hammer, to punching a hole in an enemy with a rifle. They weigh anywhere from 200 to 300lbs which should go to show you that just because they are small, doesn't mean they can't kick your ass.

Our friend Glain123 had all of this to say on Dwarves. "The Dwarves of Warcraft are different and yet alike races. There are three kingdoms of the Dwarves: The Bronzebeard of Ironforge, the Wildhammers of Aerie Peak, and the Dark Irons of Blackrock Mountain. Starting with the Bronzebeard's, They were the ones that won the civil war inside Ironforge, after King Anvilmar died of old age. The Bronzebeard's welcomed their cousins, the Wildhammers and Dark Irons back into Ironforge as a sign of good intentions after the Civil War. Eventually the Dark Irons were so angered by their cousins that they just got up and left Ironforge and Dun Morogh as a whole and moved into the Redridge mountains, there their leader Thassaurian had a city built named after him. The Wildhammers also left for the Wetlands and set up The Great City of Grim Batol. The Three Kingdoms lived peacefully for a few years, Ironforge and Grim Batol had a mutual relationship for trading purposes. The Dark Irons were so bitter towards their cousins at this point they began war.

The War of the Three Hammers soon began. This War was a bloody and hard war for all dwarven towns. The Dark Iron Warmachine marched through the mountains burning and killing any and all Bronzebeard and Wildhammer settlements they came across. Eventually the Dark Irons set up a 2 pronged attack On Grim Batol and Ironforge at the same time. Ironforge closed it's impenetrable gates while the Dark Irons seiged. Grim Batol, however, was not as fortunate. The Dark Irons assaulted and broke through each of the gates to the City Gate. When the Wildhammers closed the gates, Modgud the sorceruos wife of Thassaurian, summoned the shadows to attack the Wildhammers. After many battles the Wildhammers won and the Dark Irons were routed by the Bronzebeard Forces that came to the Wildhammer's When the two Armies went after the the fleeing Dark Irons, a terrible explosion occured in the Redridge mountains which cause both Armies to stop just south of the Loch Modan. This explosion was Thassaurian summoning Ragnaros the Firelord. When the Wildhammer's went home to Grim Batol they found it far too tainted as the foul creatures continue to crawl in the bowels of the city. So they moved north, accross the newly built Thandol Span to the Hinterlands. There they befriended the gryphon And founded the city of Aerie Peak."

The dwarves have an immersive lore, and it is important to know the way the three factions went if you expect to play one well, ONCE AGAIN, if you need more information, go to our firendly

Trolls. Trolls are your friendly race of Voodoo, Cannibalism, and Aloof with Jamaican accents. Or.. are they? Well.

Brutalskars, "Trolls, the Darkspears more importantly are a very commonly misunderstood race. People generally make them into orcs that are Jamaican. Trolls in fact have a very complicated culture that people commonly believe the Horde has kept them from practicing."

Exactly. Trolls also, just like the other races we have seen, have a very immersive culture that needs to be recognized before you make the character. Make sure you do what I have been saying from the start and check out

Alright, First things first, Trolls are anywhere from 5'8 to 7'3, but, once again, unless you are Hawk, you have to realize that trolls are hunched as well. There are many races of trolls and they have many different parts of culture that need to be recognized as well.

Brutalskars, "Trolls practice the arts of voodoo and vicious warfare based around honor and eternal glory in the afterlife. Trolls commonly practice arts of cannibals and collection of body parts. What this means is trolls believe deeply that when you die you head to the afterlife in which you will fight your enemies again. The more you wound and take from your enemies in life, the weaker they are in the afterlife. Scalping, taking fingers, cutting hair, taking teeth, tusks and other body parts will give you strength and power, and weaken your enemy.

If you kill your enemy it is common practice to eat the body, mutilate it and take parts of it. This is to maim and wound your enemy's spirit permanently. The trolls respect power and spiritual power. The trolls are a very xenophobic race and have innate hatred for all elves and humans. Trolls have been on Azeroth as one of the most ancient mortal races in existence and exert their might through vicious battle and loa magiks."

Trolls ARE an aloof race, but they are also the most vicious fighter and cunning magicians you will find on Azeroth, and just like the gnomes, you will often see them played as a joke, please don't!


Draenei can be one of the most fun races to play, when and if you make sure to do them PROPERLY. Draenei have a lore even more immersive then any of the others before them, and blizzard just implemented them not a while back, so ONCE AGAIN, and I know I say this over and over, but I say this to prove a point. Make sure you check out your sources, such as...

Draenei stand between 6'3 and 7'9. They weigh anywhere between 110lbs for their females, such as Human and Orcs, to near 400lbs on the biggest males. They are also the OLDEST race, and it is quite possible that they live forever, the oldest being near 40000 years old. Since.. yes.. WoW Pre-Bc. They, unlike Night Elves, do not have immortaility granted to them, and they do visibly age, and are not stuck in the age of prime maturity.

"More than 25,000 years ago, on the planet of Argus, the eredar race arose. They were extremely intelligent and had a natural affinity for magic in all of its forms. Using their gifts, they developed a vast and wondrous society. At the height of their society, the eredar's three most prominent leaders, Kil'jaeden, Archimonde, and Velen, were approached by Sargeras, the Fallen Titan. Sargeras claimed he was impressed by the work of the eredar: he wanted to supply them with even more power and knowledge, in exchange for their loyalty. But while Kil'jaeden and Archimonde readily accepted the deal, Velen had a vision of the future that filled him with dread. He saw the dark future his people were heading towards: siding with the dark titan Sargeras and transformed into demons. Velen saw the Legion in all its terrible might and witnessed the destruction it would wreak upon all of creation. He hastened to warn Kil'jaeden and Archimonde, but they dismissed his concerns and proceeded to profess loyalty to the Destroyer of Worlds. Together, the latter transformed a majority of their people into an insidious race of warlocks and later allied themselves with the Burning Legion.

Velen nearly despaired, but his prayers for help were answered. A being came to Velen and explained that it was one of the naaru, a race of sapient energy beings bent on stopping the Burning Legion. The naaru offered to take Velen and any other like-minded eredar to safety. Deeply relieved, Velen gathered the other eredar loyal to him. Naming themselves the "draenei", or "exiled ones" in the Eredun language, the renegades barely escaped from Argus in the naaru ship Oshu'gun, with the Burning Legion hot on their heels. Kil'jaeden was furious with what he felt was Velen's betrayal, and the demon vowed to hunt Velen and the rest of the draenei to the ends of the cosmos if need be.

The Legion chased the draenei for many thousands of years. The draenei visited many worlds and explored much of the known cosmos in their quest to find safe harbor. Still the Legion, under the guidance of a hell-bent Kil'jaeden, would not give up its pursuit. Meanwhile, the enigmatic naaru race blessed the draenei with Light-given knowledge and power. The naaru explained that there were other forces in the cosmos that would stand against the Burning Legion. One day the naaru would forge them into a single unstoppable army of the Light. Deeply affected by the naaru's words, the draenei vowed to honor the Light and uphold the naaru's altruistic ideals.

At last Velen and his draenei settled upon a remote and peaceful world that seemed an ideal refuge. They named it Draenor, or "Exiles' Refuge", and there they quietly cultivated their society once again. Ever wary of being discovered again by Kil'jaeden's forces, Velen and his mystics kept their magic hidden.

In time the draenei met and befriended the shamanic orc clans that already lived in the tranquil southern grasslands (later called Nagrand). Aside from engaging in some limited trade, the draenei and orcs regarded one another with respect but kept mostly to themselves."

Make sure you know your lore up's and down's for Draenei, becuase when you work with characters that live a long time, you need a long history to cover that span of years.


The reason I called the 'Undead' Race on the Creator, 'Forsaken' Is because they are. You DO NOT play a mindless undead. You play a Forsaken, freed from the Lich King's hold, when Illidan fought Arthas. You are free of the Lich King's grasp and VERY adamant about staying that way. Your race has perhaps the shortest history of all the others! But your major problem is, all the other races histories are important to making your own. You are an undead 'something' such as human or high elf. Your height will be the same for both of those races as well.

Heitrusan, "The Undead Plague began in Northrend after the Second War. From the depths of the Frozen Throne, Ner'zhul, the Lich King, affected a remote Human village with his will alone. It was a test and when they died, the villagers became zombified corpses and came up, giving their souls and will to Ner'zhul's command. After some more tests and such, Ner'zhul specificly targeted Humans as the Plague target. He only wanted humanity to suffer, but the infection spread to the plants and such, not really Undead, but not controlled by the Lich King. Once Ner'zhul was done with his little tinkering, he sent a message to Dalaran, messaging the famous Kel'Thuzad. He answered by coming to the Frozen Throne. He pledged his alliegiance to him for immortality and Incredible power. Soon he was given cauldrons which had concentrated plague to spread through Lordaeron through his acolytes in the Cult of the Damned. The Dead began to walk and kill the living, serving the Lich King. This was how the Scourage was born. From there, Ner'zhul spread his powers and finally made Prince Arthas follow his ideals, becoming his first Death Knight.

From there Arthas had killed a ranger named Sylvanas Windrunner, the High Elven commander. He raised her as a Banshee and made her follow his command. When the Lich King's powers finally began to weaken, do to the things happening around Frozen Throne. Sylvanas used her hate for Arthas and the Scourge to break free from the terrible grasp. She freed many, many Undead as well, recruiting them into her army, to be freed from the Lich King's grasp. She also recruited powerful allies from the Burning Legion and some Ogre clans. She called her group the Forsaken. They established their main capital in the crypts beneath Lordaeron's capital city. They made this realm into the Undercity, and allying themselves later into the Horde, do to their need for survival. The Forsaken claim to leave their evil ways and help the Horde, letting the Horde accept them, warily. They keep a watchful eye on the Forsaken's tatics and strategies, making sure that they wouldn't back stab them.

The Forsaken are humanoids transformed into the undead, with all the powers associated with the Scourge. They serve the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas, looking to her as their savior for delivering them from the Lich King's mental dominance. Now only recently has Lady Sylvanas trained necromancers into her ranks. Much of the Forsaken were Priests, followers of the light. The Light denies them, making them unable to use it, otherwise they would hurt themselves, nor do they hold the powers to wield it. This is how a Shadow Priest came into play. The Forsaken are humanoids transformed into the undead, with all the powers associated with the Scourge. They serve the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas, looking to her as their savior for delivering them from the Lich King's mental dominance. Now only recently has Lady Sylvanas trained necromancers into her ranks. Much of the Forsaken were Priests, followers of the light. The Light denies them, making them unable to use it, otherwise they would hurt themselves, nor do they hold the powers to wield it. This is how a Shadow Priest came into play.

The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow say that most of the Forsaken are bron from shadow, and many carry a potion of shadow with them. By strengthening their ties in death and Undeath, they use their shadow from the inside, bonding with it until they become a literally, living shadow. As the Forsaken becomes a Shadow Ascendant there skin darkens and shadows cling onto their body, making the blurry. They do become more sensitive to the light and stick to the darkness, but when they arrive the air becomes cold around them, their voices seeming to become like a thought with a voice bonded together. Their emotions grow darker, colder as they become stronger in this form, making them become a true evil. There bodies fade and and their body become weakened, but they gain a perfect Undeath and so powerful as a free soul. This newer form resemble their old form, but they lose their face. The hair and head remain, but the face seems to be shifting around, their eyes are burning eyes of unholy light. The Forsaken still hold their bodies and are not ghosts. They may seem ghostly, but the shadow body does bear some kind of physical substance. Almost like a liquid ink, but so wispy it seems as if it did not exist.

They do not trust anyone, but since they are members of the Horde, they will help their allies. They have less love for the Alliance because they clash constantly against the Scarlet Crusade. The only faction that they only have some trust for is with the Blood Elves. Since Sylvanas is a High Elf from before and because she asked the Horde to accept them, many of the Forsaken have trusted them, but also because of what the common things they went through. Many Forsaken are very cruel. If anything, they would remain with a neutral look, but never with a good or kind Forsaken. They would not be kind toward anyone, but only show politeness to those they may respect. Much of the Forsaken won't do anything unless for personal gain or if it is for the Dark Queen or for the Forsaken. Possibly for the Blood Elves, but they will not help much of anyone else unless they have any personal gain. Even for the Horde, they believe to only help when it is needed, or when they get something."

Obviously, for having just five years on Azeroth, their culture is immersive as the next, and it is up to you to know exactly where YOUR forsaken came from.

Night Elves

Night Elves are another one of those races you wished had a short history; your history and personality, having this type of character will be different, and harder to stick to then almost any other races. The Night elves have been through a lot in their span of years, the older ones ranging nearer to 18000. There is a lot you must know before you make this type of character, and watch for the stereotypes as well.

Night elves are generally 6' to 7'4, they are slender and curvaceous, trapped in their mature form by the magic that was the essence of the Well of Eternity and grown into the massive tree Nordrassil. They weigh anywhere from 140 to 300lbs. And a lot more for those certain druids that transform into beasts of natural fury.

One of the FIRST THINGS you need to know about playing a Night Elf if their cultural History. They are specifically Matriarchal, what does this mean? Matriarch - A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe. That means that yes, the women are the heads of this culture, and the men, in turn, respect their women greatly. This was brought about because most of the Night Elven males were Druids, and the Druids sleep. They have been for centuries and will for more, they commune with the Dragon Ysera in the Emerald Dream, at first it was to speed the growing of Nordrassil, now it is only to protect the nature they have left.

"The night elves are a people who have dedicated their individual lives, as well as the very organization of their entire society, in the pursuit of the protection of the natural world. They are at one with the subtle ebb and flow of the Kalimdor forests they call home. The druids of their people spent ages walking in a spectral realm guarded by the great Green Dragon Ysera the Dreamer known as the Emerald Dream. The night elves were once immortal but after the Third War, they gave up their immortal nature to defeat Archimonde and were forced to fully rejoin the world and fight for its survival. Though the night elves venerate and honor many creatures, Moon Goddess Elune is honored above all others.

Prior to the conclusion of the Third War, night elf society was sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of men being druids and most women serving as warriors, priestesses, or a combination thereof. These gender roles more or less defined the culture of the kaldorei for ten thousand years. In the years since the end of the Third War, this gender division appears to have eased in favor of more practical concerns, setting aside its historical strictures on membership. Women have taken up the mantle of the druids, just as men have begun to choose the path of war and have affiliated with the Sentinels. Although before the Third War there were women night elf druids they weren't let to affiliate the Cenarion Circle."

Their history is also as long as it is important in their development, a few aspects stand out.

"Nordrassil is the original World Tree of the night elves, meaning "crown of the heavens" in their language.

The key point of interest on Hyjal is Nordrassil, the World Tree. It stands thousands of feet high, and its vast canopy almost blocks out the sky. Although the tree suffered much damage in the Third War, it is healing itself. It did not flower or grow leaves the year past the war, but the druids hoped that the coming year it would begin to grow again. Guarded by three dragonflights, the World Tree Nordrassil is slowly regrowing. The bones of Archimonde, the great demon lord who led the invasion of Azeroth in the Third War, still hang from the massive tree's mighty branches. Many speculate that when the tree regrows completely, the night elves will regain their immortality; but that day may never come if they fail to assist the dragons against the continuing threat of the Burning Legion. Even though Nordrassil is healing, it will take another century or two for the World Tree to regain its former glory and power."

Make sure you know your past, as well as what your character should be looking for in the future.

Last, but not least Blood Elves

The Blood Elves are the snooty, preppy, rich, with their noses stuck in the air, people we all know and LOVE. They are few in number, but their pride matches all the other races put together, and that must be remembered.

The Sin'Dorei, as they are known in their own tongue, have a culture they just only salvaged from their broken past, and their numbers are dwindling to the wretched, or those who succumb to the addiction more and more every day.

Once again, from our friend Brutalskars, "Blood elves are a desperate and aloof race; caught up in their hatred for the other races and insatiable thirst for magic they carry a massive grudge against Arthas. 90% of the High Elven race was killed by the Scourge. The handful left now fight tooth and nail to repair their lands after the destruction of their precious Sun Well. Blood Elves carry mistrust and distaste of most other races due to the loss of their home and power. Now they see every other race as traitors to them and uncompassionate for their loss. Now in biding on demonic energy and stealing the power of the light."

The Blood Elves see themselves as a race on the edge of extinction, fighting for survival every day. Make sure your blood elf is in tune with the rest. Have the Pride and personality down. Living on the cutting edge of survival is bound to change a race, they never leave their race for anything, they love their City of Silvermoon and will ALWAYS love their city of Silvermoon.
Now, You have your character created. What's next? The Profile. Maulbane has provided this section of the guide.

Creating a Character Profile.

KEEP IN MIND, all of this is exaggerated. Luckily you can get the tips hidden in it, though. Also, please look at < All the information you need to make a good profile < CotH's naming policy, so you can properly name your character

Player: MisterX


Character Full Name: Commodore Pinky Cutestomp
(Oh no you don't. This name is unnecessary, a Gnome named "Pinky Cutestomp"? Really now, think of something more original, this is supposed to be taken seriously. This also goes for Taurens called "Woogaloo Goopoo" Or something equally ridiculous. Just think your names through properly. I also doubt you're a commodore. Think of a name like "Annabelle Quickpistol")


Character In-Game Name: Pinkypie>:D
(Now this is the kind of name that is for retail, not CotH. People are going to laugh at you when they see "[6. Chat] [Pinkypie>:D] Joined Channel". Make it something like "Pinky" if you have to.


Association(s): The Burning Legion, High Tinker Mekkatorque, America.
(Um, no. You are not associated with the Burning Legion, because that's impossible. Neither are you associated with a lore character, which is not allowed at all. Ever. America doesn't exist in WoW, so you can't be associated with that either. Really, make something realistic, like being associated with Gnomes, Tinker Town, or Dwarves.)


Race: Cyborg Gnome
(You're not a cyborg Gnome. That's just silly. I recommend just making yourself a Gnome, or you'll never be accepted. Just be a race that's allowed, you don't have to be a "Special snowflake" to be unique.)


Class: Master Assassin (No. Assassin is a prestige class, and Master Assassin is pushing it. Please think of something more realistic like "Warrior" "Farmer" "Ranger"
or even
"Bounty Hunter"


Age: 458 (No. That makes no sense, keep your character within your race's lifespan, which are found here.


Sex: F


Hair: Changes with her mood, if she's angry it will set on fire, because since she's a cyborg her hair is robotic. It also has a mind of its own, sometimes attacking people.
(I'll be the first to say this. What? Your hair doesn't change with your mood, not by magic or robotics. Really. Put your hairstyle, color, how long it is here.)


Eyes: Pure black and robotic.
(Nope. Unless you're a Blood Elf, or have special permission, your eyes are normal little spheres in your head that you use to see. They don't shoot lasers, go blue when you're in trouble and then shoot lasers or have X-Ray vision. Really.)


Weight: 2lb (Please, use realistic weight here. You just threw something here. Use this guide:


Height: Her body can grow longer because it's robotic, so she can be at least 2 meters high if she wants to.


(Once again, keep to realistic height. You have no reason to go beyond the norm, and especially not "Because she's robotic/magic/supercool". If you're having trouble, we also have a height guide here:


Usual Garments/Armor: Invincible armor, invented by High Tinker Mekkatorque for her.
(No. You can't have invicible armor because that's the kind of thing little kids write in their stories about half-dragon megarobots. This part is for your character's armor, clothing, what we'll usually see he/she wearing. Also, I doubt you know High Tinker Mekkatorque. That's being a social bunny)


Personality: Her personality shifts between happy and angry, and usually attacks anybody who is mean to her. If you make her too angry she'll grow huge and destroy everything around here, But if you are nice to her she'll be nice to you, and destroy people for you
(This personality so bland and simple it hurts. Where's the depth? She is happy and angry, and attack people who are mean to her. Right. But that's it? You need more, make her personality more deep so that we can actually get a tangible view of her, not just a two dimensional thing. And "Destroy everything around her"? That's just ridiculous, and doesn't work here. Keep it realistic.


History: Pinky was born in America, created by a master scientist. The master scientist created a gigantic portal and sent her through it, so that she was sent to Azeroth, straight into Ogrimmer. Thrall looked at her angrily and told her to leave, or he would call the guards. But then her grabbed him and threw him to the other side of the wall, and she grew wheels (Becas she's a robot) and rode out of Orgrimmar.
Then she was in Stormwind, and has been here ever since.

(This is really bad. It's so short you could put it on a bar napkin, and so thrown together it's unbelievable. First and foremost, keep it in the game's lore. You could have been born in Gnomereganor Ironforge, but not America. Also, really, flying into Orgrimmar and beating up Thrall? That's not just enough to get denied, that's enough to be banned. A history should have where she was born, where she grew up, everything that happened to her, opinions on what happened in her life. Not just "Born in America, beat up Thrall, now is in Stormwind". And remember to keep it realistic!)

And THIS is how it SHOULD look like.

Character Full Name: Isiesi [Ih-s-yes-ee] Ilana Toloni

Character In-Game Name: Isiesi

Association(s): Silvermoon, Sin'sholai

Race: Sin'dorei [Blood Elf]

Class: Priest(ess)

Age: 147

Sex: Female

Hair: Rich Gold

Eyes: Typical Fel tainted Green

Weight: 140 (Approximately)

Height: 6'1'' (Approximately---that is to say, she's known to be over six feet, and under six and a half)

Usual Garments/Armor: Robes, typically of the red or golden persuasion. Occasionally white.

Other: Tends toward ornamentation. Assorted forms of earrings/necklace/bracelet/anklet/armlet and so on are not strange sights on Isiesi. Some being items kept to feed her addiction, some being symbols of her coveted suffering, some just being there to look pretty.

She is lightly scarred, practically everywhere other than her face (which she's preserved for obvious reasons... it is a rather remarkable face, after all). It takes close inspect to see the lighter lines etched over her frame, but they're there. It is also relatively easy to tell the difference between the self inflicted wounds, carefully healed over, and once that may simply be a result of wear and tear on her body. Either way, her healing seems slightly imperfect. Her skin is a largely constant, golden tanned shade---where she has healed it always remains slightly lighter.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Zealous. Anything that catches her attention as a worthy cause for her time is pursued with zeal that members of 'lesser' races often find disconcerting. Perhaps fortunate then that she's found a distraction that will likely endure until the end of her blissfully miserable life.

She is a priestess and at least very good at behaving in a manner that makes her a priestess. Always in whatever it is she's into for the sake of guiding the wills of others to a rightful cause---and that, regardless of what she's doing, is always properly eternal suffering at the end of the day. She is charismatic in a manner that is aimed to draw in learners and converts. Her character and will have a subtly powerful air to them.

This meaning even when she is not outright preaching to her fellow Sin'dorei to lead them to the suffering that will cleanse them, if one is not careful there is a decidedly steamroller-esque capacity to interacting with her. One may very well not intend to agree with her, until they agreed with her.

History: Before Blood Elves were Blood Elves, there was Isiesi. There was Isiesi, there was her status as a priestess of light, and their was the world volatile. Her youth is of little to no regard---essentially, she grew as and to-be-Blood-Elf did. Showing talent necessary to priestesshood, she grew as and High Elf priestess would. Then the 'issues' began.

Isiesi is a rather stark example of just why the Sin'dorei deserved, karma style, what they got. Isiesi exhibited properties either necessary or tandem with being a priestess---as leaders of faith, their wills seem to typically outstrip others in certain ways. They have the necessary charisma and force of will to stay those who would hear them on a particular path. Be it praise of a deity, smiting of some evilness, or some other cause requiring leaders of faith rather than force.

Isiesi was very into the Light as a guide. More into the Light itself than perhaps the sort of things the Light might teach---rather, the fact that the Light responded was proof enough that a course of action was justifiable. This, at the time, was not entirely flawed. And she was rather appreciated as a zealous up-and-coming, especially since she constantly demonstrated that her abilities lie more in the guidance of beings than in calling the light to her in any way. Nothing was wrong, just yet. The wiser among those surrounding her cited the inclination for her zeal to take a wrong turn. So powerfully did she assert herself to beliefs, that a belief in even slightly the wrong direction could gather hazardous momentum before it could be squelched.

She never got the chance, really, to cause these sorts of problems.

Isiesi also bathed in the power of the Sunwell. She believed in none of the humble regard of many Light priests (at the time, largely a shared Human/Dwarf/High Elf persuasion) but rather held that the Light so favored them that taking in and utilizing as much of its power as possible was the best way to honor it. She became, in this thread of her life, a capable healer. And inclined to glowing all of the time. Slightly-mythized rumor says that Isiesi was quite a bit paler in those days, and that her hair was darker.

Her now deep golden hair apparently began to bleach due to her wanton...healing. Her skin tanning from a dove's white over time. Again, it was hard to accuse her of any particular wrong doing---she even did things that some considered vestiges of greatness. Healing grave wounds, mass healings. Things that most priestly sorts could do, but possess restraint enough to know not to when there simply is no cause.

Pouring out light to heal ten lightly battered soldiers and invigorate them simply isn't necessary. All of them would have healed in time, and were out of danger entirely. That was never the point with Isiesi---it wasn't so much a should factor as a could factor. She was quietly addicted to the rush of using the light, would look for excuses, and had a knack for convincing others to do so as well. Her overzealous use could not even have been possible were it not for the magic affinity of her kind, and constantly taking in energy from their beloved Sunwell.

And then, the Sunwell was destroyed.

She began to 'slip' even before it was destroyed. Her 'greatest' moments were born of frenzy brought on by uncanny foresight---it struck her that as the Undead ravaged their people and lands, it would make sense to any foe to find a means of crippling what allowed them to put up so much a defense as they had. They had to protect the Sunwell. It is uncertain then, with her likely pouring blessings and healing light onto anyone who could hold a weapon, how exactly she survived. It was more than likely dumb luck.

People die in wars. Even more people die in slaughters, by right of the name. But there are survivors, and surviving is as random as death but seems too fortunate to warrant talking about. She survived, despite feverish and then frantic actions as the Sunwell came near to falling. It did fall though, and Isiesi's mental 'slipping'---she considers herself entirely sane, and has a moderately good argument for it---was accented by the agony of mana withdrawal.

She didn't know what to do. There had never been an ailment that she couldn't either heal with an outpouring of Light, or wasn't able to be healed and was thus in itself a judgment of the Light. Earning a blessing on the afflicted party and observers regardless, to honor the Light's decision to take a life. She couldn't heal her own agony though, and the fall from whatever grace there might have been was instant.

She despised the fact that fel energies became an apparent alternative. She resisted her hunger for as long as she could, through intense meditation---that lasted two days, apparently, after fel energy dawned on her as something to sate her need. Then she partook in the desperation move that many of her surviving kind did. Lost in desperation and nearly brought down by addiction, her precise whereabouts for a time are difficult to know.

She resurfaced, though, once she had respectable control over her need. That is to say, she could remain sane so long as she fed just like any other Sin'dorei. Her beliefs had not changed, however. She is a zealot, and not the sort in any regard to spare herself from judgment. A powerful disdain quickly flourished, leveled at herself and her kind. One would assume that being so unstable and self loathing, she'd have ended her own life. It just never quite happened, though it was likely an explored possibility.

She found an alternative. Somehow in her mind, the rush of wanton Light usage being replaced by the agony of need made sense. The Light had wanted her to feel its greatness, and use it for little-to-no reason when she had the energy reserves to do so without any consequence other than furthered dependancy. That was the will of the Light, for this to happen. In Isiesi's mind... she and those who were allies to her kind were favored. Obviously.

Why? Well, it's obvious. Obvious to her.

So now that suffering was what her faith called her to, she was going to do just that. She was going to suffer. And she was going to do it well, and she was going to encourage others to suffer as well. They were disgusting to her, tainted by fel energies---but they had to, so they could live, so they could suffer more. And the more taint, the more suffering was needed. It was a vicious cycle that she either didn't see or didn't care that it didn't make sense.

Why else would something like this happen other than to teach them? (Vaguely, one might feel pity for her on that note... maybe the subtle lack of sanity was brought on by not being able to understand their fate. But then, she was already unstable. So maybe she would've just found a better way to be crazy in the long run anyway. Addicts are like that.)

Her cycle, for a time, was simple. Rest, meditate (starve herself for a long as possible), crazed fel binge, one process or another of self harm justified by her now much more muted ability to heal (if she could heal herself after one form of self mutilation or another, then the light appreciated her actions), going about trying to convince other Sin'dorei that only if they chose to suffer more would their power somehow return them, followed by rest when she exhausted herself.

Then, someone fixed the Sunwell.

Someone fixed the Sunwell, and Isiesi nearly starved herself. She meditated on it for a full day and a half, thanking the Light for giving her race another chance. That wasn't what happened, but she didn't care what had happened---that's what the Light had done for them, and explanation wasn't really required. Eventually, on the edge of starvation, she partook in the energies of the new Sunwell. Only after she'd properly suffered to honor it.

Now, with eyes still green with fel taint and a mind twisted in various direction, she spends her time handing out pamphlets and looking for students. Her state stabilized by a steady flow of mana, she sees now as the perfect opportunity to encourage all members of her race to suffer fully and properly---if they suffer enough when their hunger is met, then there will be no cause to be starved again. They should demonstrate that they've learned their lesson.

In her handouts, she even has detailed instructions on how to maximize momentary discomfort, and ways to make sure it does not kill the sufferer but instead only makes them suffer a great deal. Instructions on how to make one who refuses to suffer, suffer. Instructions on how to heal without dulling pain. That sort of thing. She appears to have put a great deal of thought into it
Adding a bit more, don't worry a TON more to come!

Combat RP Systems

Combat-RP has two seperate systems we like to use on Coth.

Your first,

Roll fighting is a way to make it to where both players in the battle have equal chances to win, no matter their race/class/profession. Both players normally discuss a health in party pre-battle, to have a set limit intent of damaging the player until he/she has been killed, retreats, or is incapacitated. The way we use it is as simple as partying up, and then emoting your attack such as..

Zander brings his claymore over his head swiftly, and with a grunt, attempts to bring it down on the head of <Insert enemy here>.

Now, I, being Zander, roll for my attack by simply typing /roll in your chatbox, used like an emote.

That should produce a message such as..

You roll, 27.

Then my opponent, being <insert enemy here>, also uses the command, as a defence to my attack. He/she also types /roll in the chatbox.

<insert enemy here> rolls 84.

Because his roll was higher than mine, <insert enemy here> either blocked, dodged, or parried my attack, but try to do it in a realistic way.

<Insert enemy here> rolls out of the way of the claymore just in time, landing on a knee several steps away.

The fight will continue such as this until someone takes damage.

Zander thrusts his claymore foward, attempting to impale the enemy.
You roll, 96.
<Insert enemy here> rolls 88.

/cheer, it seems my attack has made it through, this time, using this as a system we expect both players to know and respect as the general rules, expect you to take damage, this, would normally be counted as 1 damage, since the rolls were so close together. This damage is deducted off of your health. You emote taking the hit accordingly.

<Insert enemy here> tries to back up in time, but the sword penetrates the leather armor easily, making a gash several inches deep in his chest, he yells in pain and stagger back a step.

This process continues this way until someone is killed/retreated/incapacitated.

This is the system we use mostly, to avoid conflict, the TrustRP system, often causes it unless you are playing with people you feel you can trust, and both players will not powergame.

The second system,

TrustRP is a system we noramlly use for fighting, it is much cleaner, and relies heavily on each players knowledge of the race, class, and power of the person they are fighting. Both players simply emote their attacks, without using the roll system, if you believe by what I like to use, facts that your character is going to take damage, you should take it, or, possibly, discuss it with the person atytacking you to see what they think. Example.

Zander brings his mace down at the Taurens shoulder, hoping to strike.

This is a perfectly normal attack, right? Well, the problem was, The Tauren is ICly not near-enough to Zander for a mace attack, how can we save this faux-pax for both players?

<Insert enemy here> was far enough away to dodge the attack, using the Paladin's attack as a chance to strike, the Tauren brings his own mace at the Human's now probably exposed back.

Well, <Insert enemy here> is right, I would be off-balance after a strong attack hoping to injure a tauren, his attack would most likely strike, and I have to take this into account.

Zander is hit across the back by the mace, he stumbles forward and lands heavily, his knee digging into the mud, armor cracked and streaked where the blow hit, he groans, and after a moment is able to stagger to his feet.

Factual evidence is the best way to RP, and it gets rid of alot of confusing the /roll system uses, but make sure to only use TrustRP with people you trust OOCly and ICly to use it correctly, Fighting is very fun RP, atleast for me, so I hope this little mini-guide will help you out!
This looks really neat man, hopefully everyone gets a chance to read this.
I second that message.
I third it.
Wow! Really awesome stuff right there. Puts my introduction to shame. LOL
Great guide Shade.
Great guide! Useful stuff, /movetoguides, /sticky.

Either way, draenei have a richer history on Draenor, it's just hard to find.
The draenei crashed upon Draenor with the spaceship they used to travel the planets, which the Orcs called Oshu'gun, Mountain of Spirits. There are sources that say that Tempest Keep did, but that would not make sense, since they crash-landed on Nagrand. They named the new planet Draenor for the fact that they were trapped there. They soon made some outposts and even a capital, Shattrath. The other prominent race on Draenor, the orcs, were suspicious of the draenei, but respected them to an extend.

It mustn't have been so, but even though Velen managed to keep their magic hidden pretty well, Kil'jaeden found them. However, Kil'jaeden saw great fighters on Draenor, the orcs. Therefore, he convinced or corrupted their spiritual leader to the fel, who got others into the magic, too. It was the ultimate test for the orcs, drive the draenei out of their planet. The orcs assaulted Shattrath, it was a fierce fight. Success to the orcs, draenei were all scattered over Draenor. Some believe they hid in Tempest Keep, but then again, there is lore against this. Some draenei were corrupted by the fel magic, but did not yet died, they became the Kurenai, the Broken Ones.

Later, the Sha'tar arose, Born of Light. The draenei gave the Sha'tar this name for the fact that the leaders' entrance, the naaru, involved a lot of light. The Sha'tar is an offensive against the Burning Legion and its followers, led by the naaru, followed by many draenei. United with the Aldor, they got their way back into Shattrath, and so, had retaken it.

Out of sudden, Draenor tore apart. The draenei have not participated in the event around the Dark Portal, and were even unaware of it. Well, they had to flee from Draenor. Velen and a lot of followers went to Tempest Keep, a dimensional ship granted by the naaru. However, upon arrival, there were blood elves inside the Keep. The draenei fought their way inside and took a wing of the Keep, the Exodar. However, the present Sunhawk disabled the Exodar's ability to "planeshift", or whatever that may be, causing the ship to crash upon Azeroth. Pathetically, it was the planet that the Orcs invaded. For the fact that they are hated by the orcs, they joined the Alliance.
If you ask me, this should be basically what new people should get smacked into their face when they first sign up, with a real bang, instead of a small ToS (as if anyone reads that anyway.. >_> Well, the majority doesn't. )
It really should be attached to somewhere where everyone can see it. If you give them this information before anything else, instead of having it on the sidebar (which is hard to see for new members) it could probably increase the quality of introductions here, and less questions asked to the GMs
I agree.
Being new to the site as of two or three weeks, this guide answers a few question i still had. Very nicely done :D
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